Last time on David Finley 

Lady Mosette and Nkechi are on the same team. Nkechi moves into the Cokers mansion. Bode was rescued by Inspector Njemanze. Ginger Finley and Austin bond over a cup of coffee spiked with hemp 

(Cokers mansion)
(Guest Room)

(Nicole knocks on the door)

Nkechi: Come in (rubs her eyes gently and yawns)

Nicole: (enters and smiles) Good morning madam…

Nkechi: Yeaaa…

Nicole: Morning food don ready for you. I been come knock for ya door before but you no gree answer. Every body don chop morning food, na only you remain.

Nkechi: oh! What time is it?

Nicole: ten thirty na him dey knack so…

Nkechi: Okay…I will be out in ten minutes…

Nicole: (nods) Okay. (exits)

(Cokers mansion)
(The dining table)

(Funmi has Princesa in her arms as Nkechi eats sliced bread and butter)

Funmi: You and Mum? That’s an unlikely friendship 

Nkechi: Well…Lady Mosette is a nice lady. She has helped me out in difficult times. She is a true friend. You should know…I mean she’s your mother 

Funmi: I know my mother…she wouldn’t align with the enemy for no reason. What is going on here?

Nkechi: I am not the enemy. I was just caught in the middle. Her vendetta against the Martins doesn’t concern me 

Funmi: (sneers) Yea right…something doesn’t sit well here…I smell a rat…I will be watching you closely

Nkechi: (smiles) Awww…my guardian angel, please watch over me… (laughs)

Funmi: (hisses) Yes..

(Lady Mosette enters)

Lady Mosette: (to Nkechi) I’m glad you had a good night rest. You should learn to rise up early and command the day 

Nkechi: (sighs) I couldn’t sleep last night 

Funmi: Do you have demons chasing you?

Lady Mosette: (throws Funmi a warning look) Funmi?

Funmi: I guess that’s our cue…(she leaves with Princesa)

Lady Mosette: Hurry up…we leave for Abuja in a few hours.

(Dr Ufot’s office)
(Drs Ufot, Vince and Ginger sip coffee with paperworks splashed across the large desk)

Vince: I guess all is set for Emily’s surgery. Chief Koko can’t wait for his daughter to get better 

Ginger: he has to be a Lil bit patient, I mean we have the kidney now. Procedural testing is the next step and it will be over very soon 

Ufot: (sighs)…I..I…the kidney…I mean that girl 

Ginger: (rolls her eyes) So?

Ufot: I mean…I can’t get it out of my head Dr Finley…I mean we killed…

Vince: hush! Dr Ufot…it is done and over, there’s no need for a reminder. Get hold of yourself

Ginger:…and fast.
(a nurse knocks on the door and opens the door)

Nurse: excuse me. Dr Finley, the MD needs you in his office now 

Ginger: (nods) Okay. Thank you 

(Director Jimoh’s office)
(Ginger enters to meet in Indian man sitting in front of Director Jimoh’s desk)

Ginger: (smiles) Director…you sent for me 

Jimoh: (smiles) Yes. Dr Finley…Meet Dr Chaudry from Ventura Hospital, Lekki.
(Dr Chaudry stands and shakes Ginger’s hand)

Dr Chaudry: Good morning doctor. MD Jimoh has told me about the wonderful work you and your team have done here. It is incredible..

Ginger: Thank you 

Jimoh: Dr Chaudry has a patient who needs an immediate kidney transplant. 

Dr Chaudry: Yes…his kidney was eaten up after he was poisoned. His kidney is failing…

Jimoh: we need to move him up the list 

Ginger: (sighs) It is achievable (smiles)

(Aso villa, Aso Rock, Abuja)
(Tamuno white aka Munota Tweih paces back and forth in front of the first lady. Lady Mosette and Nkechi enters. Nkechi has a briefcase in her hand)

Tamuno: You are late!

Lady Mosette: at least I am here now. Can we move on to other pressing issues
(Tamuno looks at the first lady. She nods. He looks at Nkechi with suspicion)

Tamuno: Who is she?

Lady Mosette: My assistant…any problem?

Tamuno: I don’t think so 

Lady Mosette: Good! Now…for this campaign, 1.2billion naira should be set aside for the mobilisation of the women. We will be visiting the women miniistry and some women organizations. We have to make the women folk very comfortable with the first lady. I believe having the women on our side would mean part of the election has been won 

(Eastwood Park Prison, Gloucestershire, UK)
(Phone booth)
(Caroline has the receiver to her ear as she awaits a response from the other end of the line)

Caroline: Hello. Inspector?

Njemanze: Miss Martins…how are you doing?

Caroline: well…I’m holding up…it is difficult

Njemanze: Stay strong, I believe justice will come your way 

Caroline: Thanks…how is Bode?

Njemanze: Well…he is the reason I tried to reach you earlier.

Caroline: (worried look) what is wrong? Is he okay?

Njemanze: He was poisoned by Nkechi and it damaged his kidney. He needs a transplant urgently

Caroline: Nkechi poisoned Bode? The witch has shown her real colour. Inspector, has she been arrested?

Njemanze: Sadly, no. Bode doesn’t want to press charges.

Caroline: is he insane? Why does he always have to be complacent. He let Tonye’s case go like that and now Nkechi! I see a pattern and I won’t let it thrive especially when I’m still breathing 

Njemanze: calm down…it will be fine 

(An Island off the Lagos coast)
(A beach settlement. Children play around a young lady)
Young lady: Jingle bells jingle bells…

Children: (chorus) Kosoro! Kosoro! Kosoro!

Young lady: Jingle bells jingle bells

Children: (laugh and shout louder) Kosoro! Kosoro! Kosoro!


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