By Afolabi Kayode

I have heard tales of ibadi aran
I have behold a lot of eleyin ju ege
I have been tempted by beautiful maidens
But none can compare to you my princess
Words are best when it is uttered
Birds triumph when they fly
If he is not endowed with wit he cant sip from the
god’s gourd
Only a dog’s meat can befit the plate of ogun
Love is what I see when I stare into your eyes
Your smile is the sunlight that melt my iced heart
no one knows the path of the forest like the ogboju
abike is the only spell that lightens atanda’s face
with a grin.
You are my fire when the world is Cold
The salt to my tasteless life
on her I lean
When the world leaves me forlorn
Tell it to Alara
Let Ajero be aware
Inform the owara ogun
That I have fallen for Abike’s allure

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