The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 4 Part 7

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“Where the hell have you kept my wife?” Frederick barked as his phone call was answered. He just entered into his car to make the phone call after several minutes of pacing angrily behind the scene of the kidnap where the murder of two guards had also taken place. The police had barricaded the place to stop people from coming closer after taking away the lifeless bodies. Inspection and clean up of the place was still on.
“Release my wife to me and maybe the kidnappers of your wife may be gracious enough to give you your wife,” Don Pedro replied him in a cool and calm voice.
“You’re playing a dangerous game Pedro, Silvia is heavy with child you know?” Lord Frederick replied.
“Get me Mabel and you may be lucky to get Silvia from her kidnappers,” the reply was calm but Lord Frederick could still feel the insincerity in his voice.
“Pedro,” he shouted in a loud voice, not bothered about his voice been heard outside the car as the windows were firmly closed. “I will destroy you totally if anything happens to Silvia.”
“Come on, shut up!” Don Pedro slammed back. “You can’t do anything, I’ll make sure I cut you into pieces.” He threatened back.
“We shall see,” Lord Frederick replied from the other end and the call ended.
Don Pedro cursed under his breath as he took the phone off his ear, he bit his lips as he began to ponder on the next step to take. A thought popped up in his mind as he took slow heavy breaths, he turned on his phone’s screen and navigated to the dial pad, the idea was to call back Frederick and begin a negotiation with him. He would agree to release Silvia in exchange for Mabel. But one thing he knew for sure was that there’ll be a bad follow up effect if Frederick did not get Silvia according to the deal or if he found out that Silvia died in his boys’ hands. But he had to risk it anyway, Mabel’s life was still very useful to him. He was going to leave the city immediately he gets Mabel. He dialed the number and placed the phone to his ear.
“Come on, move, move!” Vicker barked at the rest of his men as they lifted the dead body into the car.
“Where are we taking the body to?” One of the men stopped near Vicker and asked.
“Let me get directions from General,” Vicker said and took out his phone. He remembered something as he swiped open the screen and paused.  “Hey!” He called back the man who had just questioned him. “What about the maid that was with Mrs Silvia?”
The man eyes went blank for a moment, as he tried to figure out where they left the woman. “She was…was upstairs,” he stuttered.
“Come on, go get her.” Vicker barked, motioning for other guys to follow.
Rhoda carefully walked past the theatre halls, trying her possible best not to attract attention to herself. She got to a stairs leading down and stopped to look around again, she wasn’t sure of where she was going to or where she was coming from but she was sure that escaping from those men was the only thing that could save her from death.
She had been so lucky that they had almost completely forgotten about her while deeply engrossed in the discussion on what to do about Silvia’s death. She had seen them whispering to each other with the doctor who earlier announced the death of Silvia, she could make out that what was being said was how to discard Silvia’s body without suspicions from the authorities.
Somehow the man who was assigned to keep an eye on her was completely distracted and Rhoda left the room where she was seated timidly. She followed the backdoor first to the ward where Silvia had given up the ghost. The lifeless body was already covered with a neat blue cloth. She proceeded closer to the bed and stood beside it for a few seconds, cold shrills were sent down her spine as she took the covering off Mrs Silvia’s face. The once full-of-life and healthy looking face of the young mother had turned pale and cold. Rhoda’s bladder became full all of a sudden and tears began to stream down her face but she stopped as she heard footsteps and voices approaching from the same entrance she passed through. She quickly exited through the other door that led to the corridor, instead of walking forward, she decided to proceed backwards to eliminate any chance of the men seeing her again, that was how she continued wandering about the facility looking for an exit to escape through.
In less than a minute she was on the last floor and began to head towards the reception from the back, through a corridor similar to the one they had taken upstairs but just at an opposite side. She peeped from behind the corridor walls to see what was happening at the reception. It was full of activities; a lot of patients were waiting there and some of Don Pedro’s men were also there. She began to think of what to do, there was no way she was going to leave that place passing through the reception without Don Pedro’s men seeing her.
She began to think of giving up on escaping, if she could just find a way to communicate to the Frederick’s house what has happened.
“Have you found a pregnant woman who can represent her?” Don Pedro barked at Eric, dressed and standing beside his car with some boys, ready to move.
“Yes, she’s in the car.” Eric replied, pointing towards the car he had come out from himself. He signaled to the men beside the car to bring out the woman. The men opened the backdoor and carefully ushered out a heavily pregnant woman, she looked distressed and afraid as she had been picked from a slum forcefully. “She’s almost the same height as Mrs Silvia and their baby bumps don’t look too different.”
Don Pedro scrutinized her from her head to her toes with his eyes, a look of dissatisfaction appeared on his face.
“Let her change into better clothes,” he said aloud and then turned to General. Some of the men led the pregnant woman away. “I’ll take control of the situation, I’ll go with only three cars once the woman is ready. You stay and organize the house. We’ll leave Bextord immediately I get Mabel.”
“We’re going to the second board room,” Lord Frederick said again to the driver’s hearing. The second board room had to be the new meeting place as the first had been disorganized due to their fight earlier that day.
“Yes sir,” the driver flashed a look backwards and drove on.
Lord Frederick had to finally give in to Pedro’s proposed deal of exchanging Mabel for pregnant Silvia. His spirit didn’t quite agree with the deal but he had no choice, he couldn’t afford to loose Silvia like he lost Laura, especially now that she was pregnant.
Don Pedro had told him of how the doctor had confirmed his wife not to be in labour yet but only suffering from the effects of recent stressful activities. Lord Frederick of course thought, “the recent stressful activities” was in every way connected to this war with Pedro. He wondered if Silvia wasn’t going to die in Pedro’s hand especially as he knew that there was no way the stress was going to stop as long as she was in Pedro’s custody. Even Pedro had threatened him with it.
His phone rang, distracting him from his thoughts. He checked the screen to see the caller’s ID, “General, why the hell are you taking so long to get her?”
“Sir, there’s a problem.” General replied shakily.
“What problem?” Lord Frederick asked in a low voice, narrowing his gaze.
“She tried to run and one of the boys shot her,” General replied.
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  1. Lolz really 1 – 1.
    The God of Ajeet nd Akhil is fighting. Best friends turn to enemy over night even went far to kidnapping each others wife now d innocent women who does any crue of wat happed die alone d battle. Dis cool one.

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