Perception – Episode 13 (Finale)

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By Dr Ogonna Okeke
“Yes!yes !,I would love to be your wife” she replied with excitement.

He took her into his arms and kissed her. Nicky looked up at him and whispered” I love you so much William”.

“I love you more Nicky ” , he replied. They enjoyed the rest of the ride and walked back to the hotel.

William followed her into her room. They sat together on her bed talking about how he planned the proposal successfully .

Nicky looked at the ring on her finger and said” I don’t believe I am engaged. I can’t wait to tell my family and close friends”.

“Thanks to Amoge and Arinze, they were responsible for making sure that you made the trip.When Amoge told me that your parents were travelling out of London, I had to plead with her to give me Arinze’s contact number. I called him and made my honorable intention known to him.He was difficult initially but later on her was cool with it and involved your parents” William explained to her.

“Don’t tell me my mum was pretending when I told her about the different dates of departure?” She said to him .

He laughed and said “believe it or not darling, it was all staged”.

“I booked your flight and made the hotel reservation. Either Arinze or Amoge must have sent it to you.I had to book an extra room for my self though just in case you turned my offer down” he said to her with a mischievous smile.

They talked till early hours of the morning. Nicky slept off on the bed and William tucked her into the duvet and went to his room to sort his luggage out.

The following day they went sight seeing before her parents arrived. Mr and Mrs Okafor were delighted to hear that she accepted the proposal.

They spent the rest of the day exploring the city and enjoying the delicious cuisines.

William and Nicky spent only two nights in Santorini. They eventually went back to Aberdeen via London.

Nicky spent the next 3 weeks moving into a studio flat in Aberdeen and attending series of job interviews.
Her relationship with William blossomed as they began gradual planning for their traditional and white wedding.

Lola and Jason were having lunch on Sunday in Lola’s house when Jason’s phone rang. It was a number unknown to Jason which he saw on the screen of his phone.

“Hi bro” , the male voice said to Jason.

“Is this not Arinze?”,bros how you dey?Jason replied.

“I am great. Infact we are awesome”, he said in excitement. “Amoge gave birth to a set of twins last night. We have a son and a daughter now” he said to Jason.

“Wow!this is great news. I am so happy for you guys.You are now a father !Please send my love to Amoge. Lola and I will definitely give her a call later today” Jason replied.

“Meanwhile how are you guys planning for your wedding? You know you have barely 3 months left to put things in order?” , Arinze asked Jason.

“It’s been a bit tasking but we have a good wedding planner. Hopefully everything will be sorted out as at when due”, he replied. They talked for a little while and ended the conversation.

“Your friend Amoge has given birth to a girl and a boy Jason “said to Lola.

“Awesome news .I am so thrilled for her” she replied .Lola quickly called Amoge via the Internet and luckily she was available to receive her call.

They spoke for a while and said their good byes to one another.

It was some days to the much anticipated wedding between Jason and Lola. All their friends and family flew in from all parts of the country and beyond.

Most of the guests lodged in hotels close to the wedding reception.
Lola was so excited that she was getting married to her soul mate some hours time. She woke up with mixed feelings because she was anxious about how the wedding ceremony would be. Lola prayed in her heart that the wedding planner and the hired vendors would not disappoint her.

She dressed up , had her face made up and went to the Church with her bridesmaids. The other guests sat on the church pews. They watched with admiration , the exchange of vows between Jason and Lola.
The vows , so unique and heart felt, moved many to tears especially Lola.

The church ceremony ended and they spent some time taking pictures outside the church before proceeding to the wedding reception.

It was a beautifully decorated Marquee. There were fresh flowers on every table. They had a chocolate fountain with fruits peripherally arranged around the fountain. An ice sculpture which bore the couple’s name was in another corner.

There was a bar at a corner of the entrance of the marquee where guests were offered cocktail drinks and finger snacks before entering the marquee.

Amoge sat with Arinze. Arinze carried his adorable daughter while Amoge carried her son. They shared a table with Obinna, William, Nicky and William’s female cousin.

It was a reunion indeed.The five friends were together again. After so many years, this wedding brought them all together again.

The couple finished their first dance and other guests went to join them on the dance floor. William asked to carry one of the twins. Nicky and Arinze went to join their cousin, Jason on the dance floor.

“Amoge they are simply gorgeous”, William said to her as he sat beside her .

“Thanks dear”, she replied.

William looked at her with a smile and said” real love never dies.I am glad that even though I lost you as a girlfriend, I still gained by having you as my sister “.

Amoge smiled and said” that’s the circle of life .Every person that comes into your life , has a part to play in your destiny”.

Amoge looked at the blessings of God in her life. Her awesome husband and kids .She said to herself “I am glad that You fixed all the puzzles in my life Lord”.

She smiled as she continued to watch the couple on the dance floor .

The end.

Copyright © Dr Ogonna Okeke

Thanks to Dr Ogonna Okeke for sharing with us this wonderful story, more ink to your pen.

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