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I Fell In Love – Part 7 - Youngicee

I Fell In Love – Part 7

By Toyin Taiwo
During the course of Wemmy’s leave, the couples spend most of their time at home, except for one or two occasions that they went to the cinemas. At a time like this it was their friendship that kept them together. They play games, especially scrabble, they both love the game, watch tv together including football matches. Even without sex they still bonded well.

“Wemmy was in the bedroom with her husband making preparations for the next day. Her leave was over.

“Feranmi, u know I’m resuming tomorrow and I don’t want you to stay in the house alone, do you have anywhere you can go, in order to while away time?
I don’t want you to start thinking when you are alone, the last thing I need now is a husband with high blood pressure”

“Thanks for your concern baby, It’s like you know what’s on my mind. I have an old friend who runs a small construction company, he just started it, I got to know this while chatting with him online, maybe I can go to his sites and pass time”
Let me get his number from Facebook, then I’ll call him”

Feranmi called his old friend, Segun Adebayo and explained everything to him, they talked for some time and he ended the call.

“How far, what did he say” she asked

“He said I can come, he even wished he had a vacant spot, but I told him all I want for now is to leave the house in the morning and come back in the evening.From there I can still go for my job hunt and attend interviews when I’m called upon for one”

“Good, I’m happy to hear that, I know you won’t go there for long before you get a job by God’s grace”

“Amen, you can take the car to work, I can always catch a bus to the site”

“In no circumstance will I allow you roam the street of Lagos on foot when you have a car”

“Hmm wifey, you like this your hubby too much. Ok let’s do it this way, I’ll drive you to work in the morning and pick you when you close. Deal?”

“Deal, that’s better. Thanks darling, I love you hubby”

“I love you more wifey” he said and kissed her.

The next morning, they woke up very early, had their family devotion and started preparing for the day. Feranmi dropped his wife off at her work place and headed to the site.

Segun Adebayo introduced Feranmi to the workers on site including the site engineer and supervisor, he told them he’ll be assisting the site supervisor for now.

He left the site at 4pm to pick his wife. They got home around 7:30pm, trust Lagos traffic.

“So tell me about your first day in office as Mrs Feranmi Adesanya” he said while helping her out in the kitchen

“It was great, everybody was just shouting iyawo here and there, they said I’ve added weight, one of my female colleague even said that’s its a sign of having good sex”

“For there mind” he said
Speaking of sex, you know there is a verse in the bible that says the wife does not have power over her body, but the husband”

“Hope you read the part that says except with the consent for a time” Wemmy countered

“Yea, and the latter part says “….that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency”

“Feranmi, can we not talk about this now, thanks”

“Oookay, I get it” he said raising his hands in surrender.

After dinner, Wemmy went into the guest room to start cutting the clothes she wants to sow for some customers.

Four weeks later, Feranmi approached the site supervisor and told him he’s tired of just sitting around doing nothing. He told him he needs to start doing something on site. He already open up to him and told him how he lost his job. The supervisor declined at first saying he can’t handle a labour’s work, that it’s tedious but he agreed after much plea.

He joined the labourers, he realized how tedious the work was, but he already made up his mind, he needed the money, a man shouldn’t depend solely on his wife.

At the end of the week, he was given #10,000, he’s friend also gave him #5,000, he said he should use it to fuel his car. Feranmi was so happy.

He left the site and drove straight to the market he bought meat, pepper,
vegetables and beverages. He’s so happy he’s providing for his family for the first time since he got married.

He left the market and went straight to his wife’s office to pick her up. They got home, he opened the car trunk and brought out the stuff he got from the market.

Wemmy was surprised when she saw them.

“Sweetheart, where did you get all these from?” she said pointing at the food stuff.

“From the market ofcourse” he said smiling.

“Don’t tell me you are working on site”

“Can we go into the house please, then I’ll explain”

She gave him a stern look, opened the door to their flat and went inside leaving him to sort out himself.

Feranmi went to the kitchen to drop the food stuff, he joined his wife in the sitting room.

“Yes, I now work on site, see baby I can’t just sit around doing nothing on site, so I joined the laborers, that’s the only job available on site” he explained

“You did what? Feranmi, Am I complaining? no wonder you lost weight. You don’t have to do that, my salary can still sustain us” she said, now crying.

“Baby, pls don’t cry, I’m a man, you can’t expect me to fold my hands when I can still help in a little way, Or do you prefer me going to my parent for money? God forbid. Baby you need to see how happy I am today when the money was handed to me” He moved closer to her and wiped her tears, “please don’t be upset, don’t let us ruin our weekend”

“I can see you are very happy sweetheart, I know you’ve always wanted to provide for us, but please promise me you’ll quit if the job is getting too stressful”

“I promise” he later explained to her that he was paid #10,000 and his friend gave him #5,000 to fuel is car.

A month later, Wemmy got a call from the sitethat he’s husband has been rushed to the hospital. She hurriedly took permission at the office and rush to the hospital in tears.

“Feranmi I told to quit this job but you won’t listen, do you want to ki*ll me, you are not use to this kind of life, why are you doing this to yourself”

“Easy my love, I’m fine now, its normal, I will get use to it”

“You are not going back to that site o”

“I’m going back, those who work there are men like me, don’t worry nothing will happen to your husband”

“If this happen again, then I’ll make sure you won’t step your foot in that place again”

“Yes ma, as your Lordship pleases”

“Anyways the doctor said you’ve been placed on observation till tomorrow”

“ God I hate hospital”

“Oh! you should have taught of that before over working yourself”

“Baby I said I’m sorry, it won’t happen again”

“Let me rush home to get some things, I’ll be back” she said

“Don’t worry you can stay back at home”
he said

“Stay back at home while my husband is lying on the hospital bed, and you think I’ll be able to sleep?

“Really, so you can’t do without me for one night” he said teasingly.

“Whatever, I’ll be right back”

They spend the night together at the hospital, Feranmi was discharged the following day.
Few months later, Feranmi was about leaving the site when he got a call from his mother.


Hello…. good evening ma

“How are you doing?”

“I’m fine ma”

“And your wife?”

“She’s fine ma”

“How’s work too?”

“Work is fine, thank you ma”

“Feranmi its almost five months that you got married now and you people are not yet pregnant, your wife was here last week and I did not see any sign of pregnancy, hope all is well”

“All is well ma, it was intentional, we want to wait for a while before making babies”

“Who’s decision was that?”

“Ehm….It was actually mine ma”

“Ha, what you’re doing to your wife is unfair o, every woman’s prayer is too have her own child nine month after her wedding”

“Mummy its just for a while, our marriage is still young, some people even stay for a year before starting a family”

“Children of nowadays…..You know what, tell your wife I’m coming tomorrow, hope you don’t have any functions to attend tomorrow”

“I don’t think so”

“See you tomorrow, good night”

“Good night ma”

They were about to sleep when Feranmi remembered his Mother’s message.

“Baby my mum called, she’s coming tomorrow, hope you are not going out”

“I need to fix my hair tomorrow, that means I will go to the salon early so I can come back on time”
she replied

On Saturday morning, Wemmy prepared breakfast, she made extra provision for her mother in-law in case she comes in before her.

She came back from the salon and met her mother in law.

“Good afternoon ma” she knelt down to greet her.

“Omo mi(my child) good afternoon, welcome”

“Thank you ma, how’s everyone at home?”

“We are all fine”

“I’m sorry you did not meet me at home, I needed to fix my hair, in fact I left early because of you”

“No problem my daughter, the hair style looks good on you”

“Thank you ma, have you eaten? I prepared your food before I left”

“Wemmy I want grand children, that’s why I’m here”

“Mummy please give us little time ma, its our decision and we want to stick to it for now”

“Who is lying here, your husband said it was his decision, while you said you both decided. I thought you are not part of it that’s why I’m here, so we can talk him out of it” she explained.

Wemmy and her husband exchanged glances.

“Ehm ehm …. Mummy what I mean is that, it was his idea and I’m in support of it too”

“Ehn ehn! The two of you want to put me in the middle abi, that is why it’s not good to interfere in husband and wife’s affairs.

“No o Mummy, we did not put you in the middle o” she said playfully.

“I was worried for you before, but since you are in it together, no problem”

“Mummy thanks for your concern ma, my wife and I are grateful, don’t worry your grand kids are coming soon” Feranmi said with his hands on his mum shoulder.

Wemmy entertained her and they shared some gist. She left two hours later.

“Sweetheart, why did you tell Mummy that it was your decision?”

“Oh! I should have told her that it was yours right?”

“You should have said it was our decision, that was what I told my mummy too”

“She said she was sure you can’t be a part of it, that every woman wish to carry her child nine month after her wedding, so I said it was my idea”

“Feranmi! Thank you”

“For protecting my family? You don’t have to thank me” She hugged him.

“It’s OK, I need to see a match, will you join me”

“No, I have clothes to sow. I must deliver them on monday”

“Ok, please pick the clothes we’ll be wearing to church tomorrow, I will iron them when I’m through with the match”

“Native or English? She asked

“Hmm, tomorrow is first Sunday of the month, let’s go for native”

“Copy that” she said with a smile.

… To be continued


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