(Cokers mansion)
(The living room)
(Nkechi sits on the settee as she awaits lady Mosette. Her hair is unkempt and her make up smeared.)
Nkechi: Where are you? (bites her lower lip)

(Lady Mosette enters and sits on a sofa opposite Nkechi)

Lady Mosette: Why do you look so haggard? What is happening to you?

Nkechi: I…I need your help again 

Lady Mosette: (sighs) What is it this time? Can’t you and the Martins let me be… Caroline has been punished…

Nkechi: I killed Bode…I..I…he disrespected me and called off the wedding. He chose his sister over me! Me! He found out that I orchestrated Caroline’s deportation and incarceration.

Lady Mosette: Are you out of your mind? I’m sorry I can’t help you…what is with you kids and murder! (stands to leave) I am not the police…they know how to deal with cases like this.

Nkechi: (stands and runs towards her) No! (kneels and grabs lady Mosette’s leg) Please…I have no one to run to. Help me (sobs) I will do anything for this Favour…help me.

Lady Mosette: No…I can’t get involved in this mess. This is just out of my league. I’m tired of cleaning up.

Nkechi: No..I will do anything ma. Have mercy…(sobs)

Lady Mosette: (sighs) stand up. Let’s get that body out of there…

(Bode’s house)
(Nkechi and Lady Mosette stand over the dining table. It was still messy)
Nkechi: (points to the table) I left him there…see the table is still messed up.

Lady Mosette: So…where is he?

Nkechi: Let’s check the house 

(they begin to enter every room and corners of the house. They retreat in the living room after ten minutes)

Lady Mosette: Your man is definitely not here. If he made it out in that state, I mean with the poison inside him, he couldn’t have made it that far.

Nkechi: (bites her finger) what do we do?

Lady Mosette: Just calm down. Let’s go back to the mansion

Nkechi: will I be caught?

Lady Mosette: You dragged me into this. I can’t let anyone catch you. I have a name to keep. Now let’s go…

(Inspector Njemanze and Dr Chaudry watch Bode who is in the bed with his eyes closed)

Dr Chaudry: Inspector, If you had been a few minutes late, this man would have gone. The poison was on its way to cause a fatal havoc.

Njemanze: I am still in shock. I got a call from him when I was at the mall. Off duty. He groaned in pains and I just did the needful to save a friend in distress.

Dr Chaudry: Why would he try to ki*ll himself?

Njemanze: we can’t make conclusions until he is strong enough to talk to us.

Dr Chaudry: You are right. Meanwhile, more tests will be done to ascertain the amount of damage the poison must have caused. It is just procedure and hopefully he will be out of here very soon 

Njemanze: Thank you Doc.

(Cokers Mansion)
(It is close to midnight. Ginger knocks on the front door. Footsteps from inside approach the door. Busty Nicole in her night gown opens the door to let her in)

Nicole: Madam…you late o! Why? Oyinbo like you no suppose to dey waka for outside like that. NA dangerous tin be that o

Ginger: (speaks in low tones) Is everybody asleep

Nicole: Everybody don enter room tey tey…

Ginger: (smiles) Okay 

Nicole: (sights a shade of red on her collar) No be blood be that? Wetin do you 

Ginger: Blood…oh! Don’t be silly! I am a Doctor remember?

Nicole: okay…sleep dey my eyes…make I go complete my dream abeg…(walks away)

Ginger: (sighs and checks her collar for the blood stain) Bullshit! (she tiptoes down the hall way to her room. Funmi peeps from her room and watch Ginger open the door and enter, gently closing the door behind her)


(An small island off the Lagos coast)
(Passengers board a boat in turns. Some are traders with their goods close to them, others are office people working on the mainland. A middle aged woman enters next with a basket of smoked fish on her head. She is accompanied by a young lady. They sit close to a man dressed in suit. The middle aged woman places the basket of smoked fish on her laps and looks at the young lady)

Young lady: Jingle bells jingle bells…jingle bells jingle bells… Jingle bells jingle bells 

Middle aged woman: da ke! (shut up)

(Cokers mansion)

(the kitchen)

(Ginger makes a cup of coffee, Austin appears at the kitchen door unnoticed. Ginger brings out a wrap of hemp from her bra and adds to the coffee. She sips and turns to see Austin, she freezes)

Ginger: (stutters) Austin…umm…hey!

Austin: (smiles) hey!  Is that what I think it is?

Ginger: what do you think it is?

Austin: (laughs) You be sabi babe o… Can I join you?

Ginger: (stretches the cup to him) Gladly…I could use a company 

Austin: (moves to collect the cup, sips and returns it to her) Delicious coffee…

Ginger: (smiles) the right fit for a bright morning.
(they laugh)

(Cokers Mansion)
(Nicole goes to open the front door. She meets Nkechi standing with her bags)
Nicole: (smiles) You are welcome. Madam been dey expect you since morning 

Nkechi: (smiles) Thanks. I had a little problem getting my things ready 

Nicole: enter house na…
(Nkechi enters with her bags. Lady Mosette appears from the hallway)

Lady Mosette: (frowns) You are a time keeper. How prudent!

Nkechi: I’m really sorry ma 

Lady Mosette: (to Nicole) show her to the room she will be staying in..

Nicole: (nods) Yes…madam


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