Tension – Chapter 7

Work had been fine at the factory, I was working with some set of intelligent guys. I couldn�t really say what we were producing but  I believed it was some technology that was going to be very helpful to humanity, it was able to find out things 20�000miles below the ground, it could fly and it could be operated from anywhere.  Something more unique about this particular instrument was that it could also read the human mind, it had so many functions in 1 and we were still working on more functions that it could have.
�Olu, I heard your dad is sick, have you gone to see him yet?�. Wesley asked me.
�First of all my name is not Olu, I�ve corrected that before, not all Yorubas man bear the name Olu and secondly I never heard my dad was sick. Where did you hear that from?.� I asked.
�I overheard that from somewhere, when last did you hear from the old man anyway?�
I hated this Wesley of a guy, a had no way of talking and he loved getting me angry, I hate it when someone calls my dad old, he might be acting annoying but I believe I alone had the right to call him any other name apart from his. 
�This is not a time for story telling gentlemen, back to work.� A chinese man told us. Surprised I�m working with a Chinese? We had workers from different places and works of life in that place and we could number more than 500,000. 
After work that day, I took a hot bath, the water was quite refreshing. It was 6 �0� clock that meant were could do whatever we choose to. I had a well furnished room to myself, the floor was made with a special kind of glass which radiates light at night, it had a bathroom inside and the food we ate was ordered, anything we wanted to eat. Everything needed was sold. I rested my back on the soft foam to sleep since I had nothing better to do.
I plugged my mp3 player to my ears and started playing to my favorite song, Nobody by Tribett. That was the song I usual played whenever dad was out yelling and I�ll usually go calm and serene, the lines of the song hit me this time, I wasn�t just comfortable playing them this time. They seemed to remind me of My Old man which I haven�t called for 3 weeks nor visited for 6 months. 
There was a knock on the door
�Yes? Who is it?� 
�Me, Wesley.�
I groaned, Wesley would not just let me be. He was such a pest. I dragged my legs to open the door to my nightmare who happily bounced in, grinning. I wished the look on my face could drive him out but he chose to ignore me.
�So what brings you to my room?� I asked him. �I was already on bed�
�I came to be with you, is that a crime?� He kept a straight face.
I scoffed � I�m not gay, Wesley. Get someone else.� I opened the door.
�And who said I am? We were sharing drink with some dudes so I thought it will be nice you come over, you�re always indoors.� He looked more relaxed.
�Well, Thanks but I�m not coming. I want to be alone�
�I know you don�t mean that, come on, some girls will be there.� He smiled mischievously. 
That was the bait, I hadn�t seen any beautiful girl at the factory since I got in except the receptionist I met the first time I came in. The ones that had been around are manly girls. No fashion taste, No curves, No smiles, Nothing apart from 2 oranges bulging their chests.
Outside was indeed livelier than I thought , drinks were flowing in, and the boards were active. Wesley pulled me to join a group drinking and gisting.
�Has any one of you here been home?� A guy was asking.
�Not yet. After 18 months.� Almost everyone was saying
Some argued why they should be going home when they were comfortable, they married men were worried about their families they left behind. 
The place was very noisy that I couldn�t hear my phone ring, I just felt the vibration in my pocket.
�Yes, who am I on to?� I asked
�Its me Eniola.�
That was my younger sister, she doesn�t call me except she was at home.
�You went home for holiday that was why you called, abi?� 
�No, not that. Mom just called that dad is sick, I cant come home till next week because I�m at London for a 2 weeks conference that will be rounding up next week so I want you to go home.�
�You want me to go home Eniola, you don�t just talk like im your elder brother at all.� I was getting infuriated. �Why don�t you leave your conference and attend to dad after all you were the one mom called. I�m at work and I cant leave till the next 18 months so call mom and tell her or you go yourself.� I was almost ending the call.
�Brother please, I�m sorry. Just help me. I can�t come.�
This girl can be so annoying. I thought about it, this will be a chance to go home and not wait like the others for 18 months. 
�Okay, I�ll talk to my boss.�
�Thank you, Kisses. I Love you�
I smiled. �All these your fake love, make sure you don�t stay too long though, I don�t know how long I�ll be permitted to stay out. Take care of yourself kiddo.� I hung the call.
For one minute I thought about how I could really get permission to go see my dad. At least 2 days will be okay, after all I�m not going to baby sit him. I stayed at the party for a while and quietly sneaked out from my nosy friend.
�Good day sir.� I greeted the guy who has been introduced to me as the regional manager. Ashor
�Good day Mr Christian, what may I do for you?� He asked looking straight into my eyes. I also felt a kind of vibration from this guy. He was so cute �I uhm want to request for permission sir, my dad is sick and I�ve been sent for.� I was a bit shaky. I didn�t understand, the last time I checked I wasn�t gay. I laughed at myself 
He peered into my eyes. �Can�t someone go instead if you? you know the policy of this company, you are not supposed to leave this place until the next 18 months�
�I know that sir but my presence is urgently required.�
He was silent for a while. �Okay, you are to spend just 3 days, nothing more or you will be fired. Do not bother to write a letter because I do not want anyone to know you went out of the building for anything, You will tell your friends I sent you to get some equipments from the city. I don�t want others to start taking permissions.  And another thing, do not mention anything about this place. Is that understood?�
I nodded.
    Episode 2
Early the next morning, I packed my back bag with everything I knew I would need. A security guide that had received instructions from Ashor was with me. I eventually arrived at the main compound where there were just 2 caravans as I had seen the first time. �This place is just a wonder.� I thought. I stopped a cab to take me home.
�Mom, Good afternoon ma.� I postrated to greet my mom. �Why are you not at the hospital with Dad?�
�Come in, your dad is inside. Who said he was sick?� She was already pulling me in before I could say jack.
My dad was lying on the bed but he wasn�t looking so sick but he wasn�t looking healthy either.
�Good day ba mi. What is the matter? You don�t look too okay.�
�I�m not so sick, I�m just tired.� He looked at my mom. �Please shut the door, I need to tell him about our discussion yesterday�
�I don�t understand daddy, is anybody after your life?� I asked. 
�No son. You see, I realized I haven�t been the best father to you these years. I want to make up for all the years we have missed. I want the both of us to go on vacation for a week� He stared at me for a reply.
�But you know I can�t dad, I have work to do and I took permission from work for just 3 days.� I tried explaining but it looked like he had expected that from me.
�Okay Okay, why don�t we go on a stroll this evening. I know you are tired so you just take your bath and take a nap. Okay?
�Okay.� I replied and left
Dad didn�t waste much time on frivolities as we walked.
�Now you have to listen very carefully to me.� I was the one that told Eniola to tell you to come, she�s not at any conference or wherever she told you she is. I don�t know the kind of job that would prevent you from coming to visit your old man, you keep sending me money like money is same thing as seeing you alive.�
�Dad, my job is��..�
�Shhh, I didn�t ask you to explain. I�m having a situation that you need to handle.�
I smiled. So that has started seeing my worth after I got a job, huh?
�I never really thought you as useless as I made you feel, I only wanted to train you for what you are about to start. If you can remember I told you that my father your grandfather was a Christian scientist. Several years ago, he and some 6 other men foresaw an impending danger that was coming into the world, the world was going to fold up like a curtain but before that will happen some demons will invade our planet and try infuse a serum that would prevent many from escaping the destruction. The 7 of them formed this.� He showed me a wristwatch. �They made 7 of this thing, it is called a p-watcher, when the right persons wear them it will show where each other are by a blinking light and it will show the exact latitude where the other persons were. They might not be able to meet but each of them controls their continent and we have been quite fortunate that 2 representatives are from Nigeria, with the p-watcher the 7 people will be communicating .�
�How can 7 people fight for 6 continents Dad, it is so impossible. They will so loose, they are bound to loose.�
�Yes, ordinarily they are bound to loose but when they wear the watch, they get wisdom, strength, able to differentiate the weak from the strong, the good from the bad and they will form their own army. There are so many more things you need to know son. I am really tired. Tomorrow I will give you a video that you will watch to get the remaining information, you must study intensively. Until then, you are to protect this with your life. You are the only one I trust.� He said giving me the p-watcher and closed his eyes.
I was losing it, was dad going crazy? All what he was saying looked like some American movies I has watched. P-watcher, earth folding up bla bla bla. Why was he telling me anyway?  I got out of the room to meet mom. I needed to understand what was going on before I lost my mind.
Mom was watching a home movie in the sitting room but she didn�t seem to be paying much attention to it, her mind was definitely somewhere else and that I was about to find out.

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