The Super Lady Assasin

By Kingsley Godstime

The story of Tarasha is a must read for everyone

It involves a young girl who was raped, her parents equally killed at the same spot, her elder brother who could have protected them was also helpless, but as fate could have it she was kidnapped and taken to a deadly terrorist group called the Nefary clan. This particular group instilled on her the spirit of assassination, brutal killings, killing without mercy, killing loved ones Infact she can set a whole nation ablaze.

What amazes me most is how she could single-handedly take out any other assassin without stress not to even talk about the sophisticated computers, trackers and other accessories she uses in her tasks. She’s fearless, brave, words alone cannot describe her Prudence. lol I wish I was her boyfriend.

Some missions which any other assassin may tag impossible was possible with Tarasha. Imagine someone who went to kidnap a president not minding the heavy Security around but still went and made the impossible mission possible.

Even the mighty Agent, Agent Dakolo who never failed in nabbing criminals and terrorists created an history in Tarasha’s case.

But something terrible happened when she was about to stop the act of assassination and start to live a normal life, a male assassin who was her match showed up and killed her only surviving brother whose name is Jeffrey.

This made her more brutal and cruel, find out in season 2 what happened to her

A must read for everyone.


  1. wow wow wow
    I'm new here o but the writer of this thriller really catch my attention
    though I'm not a fan of stories but it won't be bad if I starts with this particular one #Tarasha.

  2. Honestly the thriller is indeed splendid. No wonder that song was sang by flaz Nd black magic #All d good girls has join gang….
    Nice one tho good write up. Sha hope say d actor no die

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