The Brutal Assassin

By Precious Emmanuel
When politicians hears the name, Tarasha, they grip their hearts in fear. Tarasha is a young girl who has been trained to have no feelings by the Nefary, she kills without thinking twice because that was what she was trained to do all her life to do. 
Chief Gab who she works for fears and respect her greatly. During her work for him, she meets with Henry who fell in love with her and tried his possible best to make her feel love but instead of reciprocating his love, she starts to hunt him but as fate would have it, Henry survived every attempt she made on his life. 
Tarasha while throwing the whole nation into confusion and fear also runs into her elder brother who she thought was long dead with the help of Henry. She thought of killing him so he won’t step into her way but the love she has for him and the strong desire to be with a member of her family stops her. 
As time goes on, Henry gets into trouble for Tarasha’s sake and is hunted by the police. He was later caught and taken to prison, he tries his best not to implicate Omotara even though he was tortured. 
Tarasha becomes finally broken by Henry’s love and decides to heed to his advice to her to live a good life.  But sadly, when she decides to stop killing, Inspector General Rikau who was the same person who killed her parents and raped her when she was young kills her brother. The Vice President has also invited another tough assassin to help him fight her. 
The season two is a must read for all, I’m set to see how she will unleash terror on the Inspector General and how she will take care of Rex who is also a crazy assassin. I also hope to see her relationship with Henry become more romantic.



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