The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 10

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“Drive fast guys, we have to get to Ellex before the cops.” Eric shouted at the boys before entering into the car. The man at the driver’s side started the car immediately and drove out of the Pedro’s compound. Four other cars followed behind. 
Just as they drove out, an ambulance drove in speedily, Eric noticed the ambulance and wondered what casualty had taken place inside but going out to get Laura was more urgent to him so he fixed his gaze to the road and urged the driver to move faster. 
They had not driven more than five minutes when he spotted some familiar cars at the other side of the road. It was Lord Frederick’s convoy and Eric was sure they were headed for the Pedro’s house. He pretended not to see anything and focused his mind on getting Laura and taking back the baby to her parents.
“Where is my baby?” Mabel asked as she opened her eyes in Don Pedro’s arms. They were still in the baby’s room and Pedro was kneeling on the floor with part of her body in his arms.
“Calm down Mabel, Eric has gone after Laura. They will bring back our baby safe and bring back Laura.” Don Pedro replied her. 
“Why did she leave with my baby? Why is she running away?” Mabel asked, a tear rolled down her face.
“We’ll know that when they bring them back,” Don Pedro said. 
A maid rushed in at that moment, she curtsied shakily, “My Lord, the ambulance is here,” she said.
“Who called the ambulance?” He asked giving her an angry look. “My wife  is up already, we’ll go to the hospital later.” 
“Understood my Lord,” the maid bent bowed and hurried out again. Another maid entered, she looked more advanced in age, the cap on her hair resembled that of a medical personnel. 
Don Pedro lifted Mabel up and helped her stand to her feet. He began to lead her towards the door. The maid stepped aside as Don Pedro approached him with Mabel. A guard entered in through the door almost running into the couple. 
Don Pedro stared at him with a disgusting look, “What do you want? Have they gotten her?”
“No Sir, I don’t have information about that yet but Lord Frederick is in the building and he demands to see you right away. “
Don Pedro stared at the guy’s face thoughtfully for a second, then he glanced back at the maid standing behind. ‘Please take her to her room,’ he said to the maid and then looked into Mabel’s eyes before releasing her to the maid. He followed the guard and they walked briskly to the lounge where Lord Frederick was waiting.
“Where is Laura?” Lord Frederick asked immediately Don Pedro stepped into the lounge with the guard. General was standing at alert behind his boss.
“Calm down Fred, your sister has left the house with my little kid. What you should do now is to pray that she returns with my baby untouched or I’ll do something you can never imagine to her.” Don Pedro answered, walking closer to Lord Frederick boldly.
“You dare not touch her,” Lord Frederick blared.” If you dare lay a finger on her, I’ll…”
“You’ll do what Frederick? What would you do?” Don Pedro cut in. Both of them were standing in front of each other now, staring into each other’s eyes with anger in their hearts. 
Lucas’ apartment was at the second floor of the ten storey building, so he and Laura climbed up the stairs. He opened the door and ushered her in. 
Lucas’ apartment was a large and well furnished one but it wasn’t the time to admire an apartment, Laura released the baby from the carrier and placed him in her hands as she sank into one of the sofas. 
He walked away from the living room a returned seconds later with a bottle of water and a glass cup. He sat beside Laura and poured in water from the bottle into the cup. 
“Take this, it’ll help you calm down,’ he said as he handed the cup to her. 
” Thank you,” she said and gulped down the content of the cup. She handed back the cup to Lucas and let out a breath, stroking the baby’s hair gently. Lucas got up and walked away to return the bottle and glass cup. 
Laura was calmer after taking the cup of water, she took advantage of his absence and took a quick stare around the living room. Her eyes with a large beautiful sketch of a lady hung at a very open place. Then her eyes hovered around more, she saw the picture of the lady whose sketch she had seen first. The lady was undeniably beautiful, she had an attractive set of eyeballs and dimples. Next to the picture was one of the lady and Lucas, they looked extremely happy in the picture. The lady had a beautiful smile on and Lucas also flashed his complete set of teeth. 
She quickly took her eyes off the walls as she noticed Lucas’ entrance back to the living room. She began to rub the baby’s forehead gently.
“So can you talk to me now?” Lucas asked as he approached her. He settled beside her and slanted to face her directly. 
“I think I need to confirm that I wasn’t been followed here first,” Laura said, her facial expression which was turning calm already change to a disturbed one again. 
“Followed by who?” Lucas asked, a frown forming on his face.
“Their men, ” Laura replied shakily.
“Whose men?” Lucas asked, he took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. “Please talk to me,” he said in a pleading tone.
The baby who had been quiet but making slight movements began to cry, Lucas released Laura’s hands to allow her attend to him. She lifted him up and placed his head on her chest, placing a hand at the back.
“Here,” Eric announced as the got to the location. The car parked somewhere off the road and the other two cars followed. Eric was the first to come out of the vehicle. He stared around the place, trying to locate the car. Finally, he saw the car in front of a large ten storey building. He gritted his teeth in anger as he thought about the size of the building, there would be over fifty apartments; offices, stores and residential sections in the building, he wondered how he would find out which apartment Laura had entered into.
“Hey guys, we’ll go there and introduce ourselves as men from the insurance cooperation.” Eric said to the rest of his men who had stepped out of their vehicles. He had a total of twenty seven men in his team.
They crossed to the other side and approached someone, soon they were directed to the residential section of the building. 
“Hey guys, the residential parts are not more than ten. We’ll locate them and ransack every one we enter.”
“Have you seen any of their goods?” Lucas asked Laura who had just finished telling him what she discovered. 
“No, but I think what I saw is enough evidence that they are really into drugs.”
Lucas rose up from his seat shakily, he seemed flaggerbasted at the news. He never thought the popular business tycoons, Don Pedro and Lord Frederick could also be drug dealers.
“So do you know if any of them is aware of your knowledge of their drug dealing?” Lucas asked. 
“I’m not sure but I know one of Don Pedro’s men saw me. He wasn’t one of those that knows me.”
“Maybe he didn’t report to Don Pedro like he should do,” Lucas suggested.
“No, I think he reported, I felt there were some people coming after me.”
“You felt but you didn’t see them.” 
“I didn’t see them but I’m very sure they followed me home, but I don’t know if I was followed here.”
“Hmm… So what do we do now?” He asked. She was yet to answer when the doorbell sounded, startling Lucas. 
“Are you expecting anyone?”
“No but it probably is one of my neighbours sons.” Lucas said as he proceeded to the door.
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