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The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 Part 6

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Laura began to walk away slowly as Old John began to talk again, but she stopped as she heard something.

“…leave this house soon because we might just be partakers of the evil deeds of Don Pedro and Lord Frederick…” Laura froze and made a noisy turn, Old John quickly turned back in shock and the landline dropped off his hand.

Laura walked back towards Old John who was visibly shivering when he realised that Laura had heard what he said. Old John began to formulate different theories he was going to present as an excuse for Laura, he was yet to conclude on one when Laura asked the expected question.

“What do you mean by evil deeds of Lord Frederick and Don Pedro?”

“Errm Errm, what I meant was that” Old John kept on stuttering until they heard footsteps approaching the living room.

Mabel entered into the living room claded in her nighties too, as soon as she saw Old John and Laura standing in the middle of the room, she stopped in her tracks, yawned and wiped her eyes with her hands to ensure that she was seeing clearly. After she was really sure that it was really Old John and Laura, she moved closer to them.

“What’s happening here?” Asked Mabel.

“Ohh I wasn’t feeling alright so I asked John here to get me some sleeping pills that he once told me that he had some times ago” Laura quickly replied before Old John could say anything

“Ohh sorry about that, and has he given you the pills?”

“Yeah, I just used the pills and we were on our ways back to our rooms when we heard your footsteps approaching”

“Alright then but Laura, you don’t always have resort to using sleeping pills, it’s very addictive, in cases like this do make sure sleeping pills is your very last option” Mabel advised

“Thank you very much, this is  actually my first time of using it, i’d make sure I keep away from it henceforth”

“I was just going to grab a drink in the refrigerator, I feel so famished I don’t know why” Mabel

“Ma’am should I quickly make you a fast meal?” Old John spoke at last after standing silently there like a confused little mischievous child.

“Naah, don’t let me bother you about that” Mabel replied.

“It’s not a bother ma’am, it won’t even take time I promise” Old John argued.

“It’s fine, never mind. The drink will suffice, thanks anyways” Mabel smiled.

“Alright then ma’am, if there’s nothing else I could render, I’d like to retire back to my room” Old John said.

“Alright then, sleep well” Mabel replied as she walked towards the kitchen.

Old John quickly bent down to pick up the landline that fell from his hands and placed it at the appropriate place.

“Sleep well Miss Laura” Old John Greeted.

“We will continue with this discussion later” Laura whispered.

“I thought you were leaving for your room Old John” Mabel asked as she entered back into the room with a can of soft drink in her hand”

“Yes ma’am” Old John quickly replied “I was just leaving”

Laura and Mabel watched has Old John walked out of the living room.

“Very diligent and hard working” Mabel said after Old John was out io sight.

“Yes he is and quite loyal and honest too” Laura contributed.

“You can say that again, better get to bed before those pills starts making you dizzy” Mabel.

“Alright Aunty, I will do that right away. Sleep well Aunty”.

“You too darling” Mabel replied as they both made for their respective rooms.

Laura laid on her bed but couldn’t even close her eyes let alone sleep, she was so disturbed by what she heard Old john say, so much that she was tempted to go back to his room to ask him what he really meant by those things he said but decided against it because if Mabel should see her outside again, she won’t believe the sleeping pills story anymore. Her mind wandered on different things that Old John could mean by those words but she couldn’t picture her brother doing any of those things she thought about. She kept on wondering and wondering until sleep gradually came and took her away.

**Kanturai, Asia**

Akhil kept on walking around the room while Ajeet sat on one of the sofas bending his head towards one of the mini table, from time to time, he will put his nose on the white powder substance on the table and sniff the substance into his nostrils. The process continued on and on until they heard a knock at the door, Akhil rushed to open the door after confirming the identity of the person knocking while Ajeet continued with his sniffing.

“Rahmid My brother” Akhil said as he hugged the person that entered.

“It’s been a very long time my brothers” Rahmid replied as he hugged Akhil back.

“My great brother” Ajeet said as he stood up with his hands stretched open in a wing like manner “Come here my brother”

Rahmid also went to him and hugged him while Ajeet kissed him on the forehead “How long as it been my brother” Ajeet asked.

“Since the Weapon trafficking operation, we haven’t met since then my brothers, I wanted to reach out but I just decided to stay low. Now that my brothers have summoned me, I have no other choice” Rahmid paused as he also sniffed the content on the mini table into his nostrils “I have no other choice than to come out of my hideout”

Rahmid has always been the one that runs the dirty deals for Ajeet and Akhil, the last operation they ran together was some years ago when Rahmid helped them traffic some weapons into the country but in the process, he was involved in a gun battle with the Kanturai army, many of his boys died during the operation as well as many Kanturai soldiers, he was declared wanted ever since then and due to the shortage of his men, he had been in hiding ever since the. He had since been recruiting new people into his squad but hasn’t tested them in a real operation, he could bet that whatever Ajeet and Akhil called him out of his hideout for would surely be a very good form of test for his new recruits as he was sure that Ajeet and Akhil rarely deal in tangible deals.

“Rahmid my brother, we have got an operation for you” Ajeet said sounding serious and businesslike while Rahmid continued sniffing the substance.

“We are in a deal with some Airegin drug lords, and the deal involves a very huge some of money, so huge that we just can’t pay them and let them take it away just like that”

“Never” Akhil cuts in “We can never let them leave with that kind of amount, that would practically paralyse us completely”

“True” Ajeet continued “Which is why we have summoned you Rahmid”

At this point, Rahmid raised his head and placed his focus on both Ajeet and Akhil who were standing beside each other.

“I still don’t understand which part I will be playing” Rahmid said slowly as it seem like the drug he was sniffing has taken it’s toll on him.

“What you will do for us is very simple, As soon as we hand over the money to them and they hand over the stuff we are buying to us, your job is to just intercept them on their way back to wherever they are going because we will be paying them in cash which simply means they will be using Bullion van to transport the money” Ajeet explained the strategy to Rahmid.

“What will the mode of attack be like? Should I just get the money or should I kill anyone and everyone of them too?” Rahmid asked.

“If anyone tries to stop you, feel free to kill them” Akhil replied and Rahmid smiled.

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