Last time on David Finley 

Lady Mosette has an encounter with Munota at the presidential villa. Caroline and Lady Mosette are pawns in Munota’s game and the plan to ki*ll Bode didn’t materialize. Lady Mosette chose to walk away. Bode is free 

Four days after Bode’s release 
(Podington hospital, OSHODI) 9:15am 
(Caroline and Bode visit Nkechi with beverages in a basket. Bode sits beside her on the bed, while Caroline stands with folded arms)

Nkechi: (smiles and pecks Bode) I can’t wait to get out of here. This leg has to heal fast o (points to her elevated leg) It feels as if I’m losing my leg. I mean…the numbness is increasing 
(Bode and Caroline exchange knowing glances)
What is going on? Bode tell me…what is it?

Bode: (looks at Caroline) eeem…it 

Caroline: We just left Dr Ubong’s office and he said some things about fermural arteries being ruptured by the bullet. Its all medical jargon. Bottomline is…you are losing your right leg fast…

Bode: Temoporarily…there are wonderful physiotherapy clinics with good recommendations that we will try and you will be using that leg in no time 

Nkechi: (laughs)You two must be joking

Caroline: we know that you are not happy with this, but then there is still hope 

Nkechi: Bode…are you listening to her?

Bode: Calm down baby

Nkechi: (sobs) She caused this…it is all her fault. I won’t be here but for stubbornness! Look at her standing there with no feeling 

Caroline: (shocked) how can you say I don’t feel your pain? This is unfair 

Nkechi: (shouts) shut up! Go home! You’ve ruined everything

Bode: (softly) calm down…you are not being fair to Caroline. None of this is her fault (he hugs Nkechi, she burst into tears)

Caroline: I will be outside (she leaves)

Podington hospital, oshodi
(the parking lot) 10:00am 
(Caroline meets Detective Charles)

Caroline: thanks for meeting me here, detective 

Charles: it is nothing. You don’t look too well 

Caroline: I will be fine. How is the prosecution going? When will David and Leslie be re arrested

Charles: This afternooon. The footage was very helpful, I must confess 

Caroline: I know…how many years do you think he will be gone for?

Charles: it depends on the judge…and with Dr Gilbert’s murder case too, I don’t think David will be walking the streets of Lagos in the next two hundred years

Caroline: wow! I want to have faith in our justice system…(looks away)

Charles: (holds her left hand) Are you okay? You look sad 

Caroline: (flinches and withdraws her hand) I will be fine 

(Akudo’s house) 10:23am
(living room)
(Mama Ogadi is on the floor. Her eyes are swollen from crying. Austin rests his back on the wall close to the corridor that leads to the room. Naomi sits on the sofa close to Mama Ogadi. Funmi and Lilly are also present with Princesa in Lilly’s arms)

Mama Ogadi: You people want to take away my grandchild. I have lost to daughters in one week and my life is over 

Funmi: (gently) Mama…we are in pain too. No one has to go through what you are going through 

Mama Ogadi: Why can’t I be with Princesa?

Naomi: Yes…why? It is unfair 
(Funmi and Lilly look at each other)

Lilly: there is something you must know…

Mama Ogadi: what? Tell me…

Lilly: I usually play with little Princesa in the nursery. She loves her rubber balls. Princesa is the most beautiful baby in the world and when I call her ‘beautiful Princesa’, she usually smile and wave her hands. Very cute…

Naomi: so?

Lilly: two days ago…I called her ‘beautiful Princesa’ and she did not respond. I felt she was aware that things weren’t the same with the incident 

Mama Ogadi: You are still dancing around

Funmi: Mama…Princesa is deaf. When Akudo pulled the trigger, Princesa  was still strapped to her mother. She was just too close and it affected her ears. Arrangements have been made for her to get the best treatment in Germany 

Mama Ogadi: (slowly) My grandchild…is deaf (she stands)

Naomi: Oh no… (looks at Mama Ogadi) Mama…take it easy 
(Mama Ogadi walks towards the corridor and stops in front of Austin)

Mama Ogadi: (smiles) Austin, how far? (sobs and walks away)

Austin: mama…

(Cokers mansion) 10:45am 
(The living room)
(Nicole serves lady Mosette a glass of pawpaw juice and turns to leave when David enters)

Nicole: Oga…

David: (draws her ear) are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me call you?

Nicole: (squeezes her face in pain) Oga…no vex…it is madam she say make I carry jewese come to give her. I hearing your called, but I answer after I serve madam. No vex sir 

David: Dummy! Go and wash those clothes in the laundry basket!

Nicole: (gives a military salute and shouts) Yes sir! (hurriedly leaves)

Lady Mosette: (sips juice)

David: (frowns) Mother!

Lady Mosette: Son…

David: How can you sit there when your only son will be carried away like a common criminal in a few hours?

Lady Mosette: (smiles) Oh!

David: Mum…

Lady Mosette: It is bitter in the tongue, but my son is a common criminal. A murderer. He should be punished

David: (shouts) how dare you!

Lady Mosette: (throws the glass at him, it hit him in the head) You think you have every right to lose your temper, shout and act foolishly. David I can shout too! (shouts) aaargh!

(David touch his forehead to feel dripping blood)

David: (slowly) How dare you..

Lady Mosette: will you have me murdered too? Go and face the music! (stands and walks away)

David: (shouts) Mother!

(Leslie’s house) 11:00am 
(Leslie’s kitchen)
(Leslie rests her elbows on the island as she reads the newspaper. Tuvi is in a hurry to leave)

Leslie: (frowns) Tuvi…I don’t like this.. you’ ve put Rev Ojo in the spotlight. I am already getting enough bad press with Finley’s case and now, this!

Tuvi: (shrugs) the whole world has to know that he is a rapist 

Leslie: it was in the past 

Tuvi: Leslie…I need to do this 

Leslie: (sighs) Tuvi…

Tuvi: (pecks her) I will be right back. Don’t go anywhere

Leslie: Hurry o! (he leaves) the police will be here soon (he phone rings) Rev Ojo?

Rev Ojo: (sobs) I can’t even leave my house! Leslie why? 

Leslie: I am sorry…I didn’t mean…this wasn’t me 
Rev Ojo: I begged you. I apologised and you still went ahead to smear my name in the Press 

Leslie: can we meet somewhere to talk calmly? Please…

Rev Ojo: White Rain hotel. Thirty minutes

Leslie: white rain hotel? Okay…

(white rain hotel) 11:27am 
(Leslie and Rev Ojo are in room 32. From where Leslie sits, she has a view of the balcony. Rev Ojo is in tears on the floor)

Rev Ojo: Tuvi…Tuvi shouldn’t have…

Leslie: (slowly) I guess he was trying to prove a point. You men are just alphas and like to do your will. I mean…look at you and your rapist friends in the varsity

Rev Ojo: (shouts) It was in the past 

Leslie: Please don’t raise your voice at me!

(Rev Ojo rushes at her, grabs her by the shoulders and drags her to the balcony. She struggles to break free, but he overpowers her)

Rev Ojo: Die jezebel! In Jesus name!

Leslie: (shouts) Stop! What are you doing? (screams)

(Rev Ojo throws her three storeys down)

Podington Hospital, oshodi.  12noon 
(Nkechi’s room)
(Bode pecks Nkechi on the forehead)

Bode: I have to run some errands. I will return in an hour or two 

Nkechi: (frowns) okay 

Bode: (smiles) Haba! Nkechi smile for me 

Nkechi: Don’t be too long o

Bode: I cross my heart. I won’t 

Nkechi: (smiles) okay. Buy something for your baby o.

Bode: (laughs) Okay my baby (he leaves)

(Nkechi picks up her phone and dials a number)

Nkechi: Hello? Lady Mosette. It is Nkechi 

Lady Mosette: what do you want?

Nkechi: emm…I think I have something you might need 

Lady Mosette: I don’t think so. I am not interested

Nkechi: No! Wait…Caroline can be deported and I have facts to back this up. Tax evasion 

Lady Mosette: I’m listening…

Hey family! you are the reason I keep writing. I read and I love all your comments. Special mention to darus S. dangana (i hope i spelt it right)



  1. What is Nkechi upto ? I hope she didn't do something she will regret later. I real felt for Mama Ogadi losing two growth up children in a week is not easy,I hope she didn't committe suicide oo. Rev.Ojo Jezebel killer , u will rot in jail . David prepare for prison life. Thanks for the special mentioned, I feel honour and yes u spelled d name corrected. Nice episode as usual, keep it up bro.

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