Last time on David Finley 

Akudo exposes David Finley to Funmi and the
Police. Dr Gilbert’s body is found and David is arrested. Leslie is also
arrested. Caroline finds the footage. Akudo tries to escape with Princesa to
Dubai, but detective Charles stops her. She kills herself

(Aso Villa, Aso Rock) 1:49pm 
(Lady Mosette enters the lobby. She makes to enter
the main building but armed officers stop her)

Lady Mosette: (angry) Do you know who I am? You
had better disappear 

Officer 1: Report to the front desk (points to the
front desk where a steward sits)

Lady Mosette: How dare you insult me? Who let you
two into the villa? What nonsense!

Officer 2: Madam…just report to that desk 

Lady Mosette: (slaps him) You must be stupid!
(turns to the steward) Abayomi!

Abayomi: Ma! (he runs to meet Lady Mosette) Lady
Mosette ma…

Lady Mosette: What is the meaning of this?

Abayomi: it is the new security procedure ma, you
have been removed from the exclusive list 

Lady Mosette: (shocked) By who?

(Munota enters with his personal assistant and
walks past the whole commotion into the main building)

Lady Mosette: Who is that? Is he on the list?

Abayomi: that is the first lady’s cousin

Lady Mosette: Oh! I have never seen him before 

Abayomi: He knows you very well, ma 

Lady Mosette: who doesn’t know me fool! Was that
why he couldn’t greet? I need to see Mr President now 

Abayomi: I will call his office through the
intercom (goes to the front desk while Lady Mosette stays at the entrance
looking at the officers like a wounded lion)

(Aso Villa, Aso Rock) 3:15pm 
(Lady Mosette sits on the visitors bench as Munota
comes out. He tips the armed officers and makes for the exit)

Lady Mosette: Excuse me!

Munota: (turns) Hello?

Lady Mosette: (stands and moves closer to him)
emmm…you are the first lady’s cousin?

Munota: Correct

Lady Mosette: How come I haven’t heard of you?

Munota: (laughs) I don’t like the spotlight. I
really love my privacy 

Lady Mosette: Okay. Do you live here or in Yenagoa?

Munota: I moved to Abuja two years ago. I used to
stay at Isove estate in Lagos. Trouble was brewing there and I didn’t want to
be involved.

Lady Mosette: (confused) Isove estate? Two years

Munota: (winks) You should be loyal to those who
are in power. You shouldn’t go behind them and dine with the opposition

Lady Mosette: what are you talking about?

Munota: I doubt you would be able to see Mr
President today. You should go home and sort your troubles. Power and loyalty
can do you some good (he makes to leave, she grabs his shoulder) what?

Lady Mosette: (looks at him closely) where is the
footage? Its you…You are…

Munota: (smiles) Ms Martins has it now 

Lady Mosette: Ms Martins? Caroline?

Munota: (nods) You should stop her. I mean your
last two attempts to stop her were shambolic and it doesn’t do well for your
portfolio. If you want to talk better…Meet me at 6pm. Kavaka warehouse

Lady Mosette: You gave Caroline the footage? Whose
side are you on?

Munota: (laughs) I didn’t want to play. You women
brought me into this. I have something to show you at the warehouse (he leaves,
she walks back to the front desk)

Lady Mosette: Is Mr President free?

Abayomi: No ma…

Lady Mosette: (bangs the table with a clenched
fist and walks towards the entrance. The two armed officers try to stop her,
she hit one in the groin and bites the other in the neck. She force her way
into the building and run fast)

(Police Command) 4:16pm 
(Funmi and Lilly wait in Detective Charles’
office. He enters with his blue shirt stained with blood)

Funmi: Thanks for coming sir, I was told that
David and Leslie will be set free in a few hours

Charles: (sighs) I don’t understand myself

Lilly: The justice system is messed up 

Charles: Akudo just shot herself in the head at
the airport

Funmi: (shouts) what!

Lilly: how?

Charles: she was leaving the country and I tried
to stop her. She grabbed my gun, panicked and pulled the trigger. She was so
scared of Lady Mosette 

Funmi: (a tear drops) This isn’t good 

Charles: her baby is with the social services

Funmi: Oh! Little Princesa. We need to get to her

Lilly: Oh dear!

(Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja) 4:21pm 
(Caroline is on her way to Lagos. Her phone rings)

Caroline: (she picks) Hello? Inspector Njemanze

Njemanze: where are you?

Caroline: (smiles) on my way to Lagos. I have the
footage. I am on my way 

Njemanze: I am with Nkechi now. There are so many
things happening now. Akudo is dead 

Caroline: (shocked) oh no!

Njemanze: She shot herself. David and Leslie will
be released soon. In a few hours

Caroline: I thought…Akudo’s testimony was enough
to convict them all 

Njemanze: Apparently the video will be the icing.
Get here fast 

Caroline: okay (she hangs up) Akudo…(her phone
rings again) Hello? Munota?

Munota: (whistles) Is this sisi Caro?

Caroline: Stop this Tamuno!

Munota: Calm down baby. Lady Mosette has your
brother. He is here in Abuja. Kavaka warehouse. 6pm. Don’t call the police (he
hangs up)

Caroline: Hello? Damn it! What do I do no? (she
dials inspector Njemanze’s number)

Njemanze: Hello?

Caroline: Bode is in Abuja. He is being held
captive by Lady Mosette. What do I do?

Njemanze: Detective Sankura

Caroline: Sankura?

Njemanze: He is on our side now. He has been
helping with the investigation too. I will have him call you 

Caroline: thanks 

(Aso villa, Aso Rock) 4:35pm 
(President’s lodge)
(Lady Mosette stands in front of the President. He
looks into a newspaper in order to avoid eye contact with her)

Lady Mosette: Sir, you are not saying anything 

Mr. President: Mosette Coker. You are one hell of
a woman and I have always known you to be ambitious. Your ambitions can pitch
you against certain forces and that includes me 

Lady Mosette: sir, I was instrumental to your
first term in office and your election for a second term had my full support. I
went all out for the presidency. I have been a faithful follower 

Mr President: You decided to join the opposition
to challenge my choice for the forthcoming elections. I just pretended like I
didn’t know what was happening

Lady Mosette: Is that why I am being hunted. I
have served you well Mr President

Mr President: (nods) I know 
(the first lady walks in)

First lady: Mosette. I am the President’s choice.
You must have seen my cousin. He is my running mate. If you choose to remain
stubborn, it is your call. you can contest for presidency after eight years

Lady Mosette: (exhales) I will be sixty by then 

First lady: So? Its your choice…choose well 

(Kavaka warehouse, Abuja) 5:39pm 
(Lady Mosette meets Munota at the side A of the
Munota: You are quite early

Lady Mosette: I am not in a good mood VP. What do
you have for me?

Munota: (laughs) Oh! VP …you spoke with Mr
President at last. I have to get used to being called VP o…

Lady Mosette: I guess you have nothing important
to say 

Munota: Come on…why the rush? Mr. Finley will be
out of jail in a few hours, if that is what is bothering you (points to the
door) walk in…My ushers will lead you straight to bliss 

Lady Mosette: Will you stop this nonsense?

Munota: Just go in (he walks away)
(Lady Mosette walks in, hesitant at first)

(Kavaka warehouse, Abuja) 6:01am 
(Caroline meets Munota at the side B of the

 Munota: why did you come with Sankura?
Sankura hasn’t learned enough, I guess.

Caroline: Where is Bode?

Munota: just walk in…

Caroline: is this a trap?

Munota: You asked for the video footage and I gave
it to you. No hiccups 

Caroline: (sighs) are you coming?

Munota: (shakes head) Nope…someone will usher
you. Just walk in…

(Caroline walks into the warehouse. It is dark
inside. Someone grabs her tight, she jerks in fear. Caroline notices his masked
face in the darkness)

Masked man: Calm down…I will lead you 

(They walk for a while towards a door. He opens
the door and they are greeted by a flood of blinding light. Caroline shields
her eyes from the sudden light with her hand)

Masked man: Move…this is it (he gives her a gun,
pushes her gently and retreats into the darkness closing the door)

Caroline: (eyes still adjusting to the light)
Where are you going? What is this for?

Lady Mosette: Hey!

Caroline: (looks ahead and sees Lady Mosette with
Bode in the middle of the warehouse. Bode sits on a metal chair, legs and hands
bound) Bode!

Lady Mosette: (laughs) Can you imagine? Caroline,
can you imagine?

Caroline: What is funny?

Lady Mosette: (holds up a gun) He gave me a gun.
He gave you one too. We ought to ki*ll ourselves (laughs) we’ve been played like
puppets (laughs) Oh my God!

Caroline: don’t harm us. You don’t have to do this.
David has to pay for his crimes and the footage will make that happen. You can
walk away 

Lady Mosette: (frowns) Do you think I care about
that stupid video? Right now…I don’t care. I have been played and betrayed. I
need to return to the drawing board. Do you actually think that I will get
blood on my hand and do this dirty job? Munota doesn’t know me 

Caroline: So?

(Lady Mosette smiles, drops the gun and walks away)

Bode: (sweating) Caro! (Runs to meet him. She hugs
and untied him) let’s get out of here


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  1. I think lady Mosette is more pained by her visited to the President which didn't turn in her favor,and now ready to surrender in other for her to reinforced and come out to fight not only on Caroline but as well as the President who she betrayed her . I see david going to jail but will be out after his Mom got hold unto power. Nice episode as usual. Thump up.

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