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Mama Ogadi visits London Blues inn and doesn’t meet Ogadi or Felicia. Akudo refuses to cooperate with Lady Mosette and David Finley, she is held captive at David’s barbing salon. Dr Gilbert frees her and David kills him. Munota finally contacts Caroline and she is in Abuja for the footage. Bode’s abductor is also Munota

(Cokers Mansion) Second Day of Bode’s Abduction 7:42am 
(Leslie,Lady Mosette and David are in Lady Mosette’s room)
David: (crying) He wanted to ruin everything
Leslie: Crying won’t solve anything
David:(shouts) Shut up! What is she even doing here? Go and meet your Tuvi
Lady Mosette: Leslie should be respected boy! Stop raising your voice. You should be concerned about Akudo who is on the run 
Leslie:…and Dr Gilbert’s body is still in the salon 
David: (falls to the ground dramatically) what do I do?
Lady Mosette: You had better stand up and be a man. You are just uncontrollable. If you had contained your anger, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I am getting tired 
Leslie: Dr Gilbert didn’t deserve to die 
David: he did! Traitor!
Lady Mosette: I have a flight to Abuja to catch. I need to see Mr President 
David: Ha! Thank you mum 
(Akudo’s house) 8:23am 
(Mama Ogadi calls Austin into her room)
Mama Ogadi: Austin…you no go vex o. Abeg you go help me go bank go deposit some money 
Austin: Oh! Mama you know how them dey waste time for una bank 
Mama Ogadi: Please my son… Biko. The money is on the shelf in the parlour 
Austin: Okay…(makes to leave)
Mama Ogadi: Wait! Did Akudo return home last night?
Austin: No 
Mama Ogadi: Where that girl carry her life waka sef? Call her numbers NA 
Austin: She no gree pick 
Mama Ogadi: I sure say she dey do bad thing 
(Akudo’s house) 9:32am 
(Naomi and Mama Ogadi sit facing each other in the living room)
Mama Ogadi: Austin will be back from the bank very soon 
Naomi: Okay. I guess I have to be quick about it 
Mama Ogadi: yes 
Naomi: London Blues Inn owned by your sister is actually a masked brothel and girls that you see at the inn are prostitutes. Even the receptionist is a prostitute 
Mama Ogadi: Chineke! Felicia is a prostitute business owner! Oh my God!
Naomi: Yes…and Ogadi is her treasure. She charges senators and other big men as high as three hundred thousand naira for a night with her. Ogadi spent two years in Italy also servicing white men. She is not allowed to mingle with other girls. She cries a lot and alays ask of you. Ogadi is unhappy and her mental state is deteriorating
Mama Ogadi: (shouts) Felicia has killed me! Ogadimo. My precious jewel o!
Naomi: She is also working closely with someone in your family who is aware of the truth. An informant. Do you know who that is?
Mama Ogadi: (shakes her head) Informant…how am I supposed to know? Jesus…if there is anybody that can do this thing to me…it will be Akudo, that one doesn’t like Ogadi at all 
Naomi: Felicia knew you were coming that yesterday. Who did you tell?
Mama Ogadi: Nobody…it was just me and Austin that were at home and…chineke! Austin?
Naomi: That is your insider informant. He works for Felicia
Mama Ogadi: No way!
Naomi: Just remain calm and observe for yourself. Act like nothing is happening…pull yourself together
Mama Ogadi: (sobs) Ogadim o! Ogadim!
(there is a brief silence, Austin enters)
Austin: Mama (sights Naomi) Good morning 
Naomi: Morning 
Mama Ogadi:Yes?
Austin: People no plenty for bank o
Mama Ogadi: Good. I will meet you in the kitchen 
(Austin hurriedly goes into the kitchen, brings out his phone and attempts to dial Felicia’s number. Mama Ogadi and Naomi enter the kitchen)
Mama Ogadi: If you try am, I go use that pestle scatter your brain!
(London Blues Inn, Ebute Metta)
(Three police vans halt in front of the inn. Fifteen officers, mama Ogadi, Austin and Naomi alight from the vans. They force their ay into the lobby. Inspector Njemanze is in charge)
Insp. Njemanze: (to the receptionist) Where is your madam?
Receptionist: Inspector calm down 
Insp. Njemanze: (slaps her hard) Thro this fool in the van. Officers go into the rooms and arrest everybody. sh00t if there is any resistance, Mama Ogadi and Naomi, follow them in order to identify Ogadi 
(As they are about to move, Felicia enters with a cigar in her mouth, Ogadi by her side and a tall pot bellied Alhaji beside Ogadi. Ogadi looks hypnotised
Felicia: (shouts) Police! Wetin dey happen here? (they look at the entrance, Felicia spots Mama Ogadi and shock takes over face)
Naomi: (shouts) that is Ogadi!
Mama Ogadi: Ogadim o
Insp Njemanze: (points a gun at them) Freeze. If you move, I will blow your head! 
(Felicia grabs Ogadi as a shield and runs out with her. Alhaji has his hands in the air as the Police make to nab him)
Mama Ogadi: She dey escape o! Make una stop am!
(Felicia and Ogadi are in a car before the officers make it to their vans. Felicia’s headstart is covered by the Police vans as soon as they get to Eko bridge)
Felicia: They can’t get me! No way!
Ogadi: (looks away) Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way…
Felicia: Shut up dummy!
(the police vans catch up with Felicia. She swerves to her right and plunges into the ocean. The Police vans stop and the officers come out to watch the car go into the ocean. Felicia comes out, head first and laughs)
Felicia: (shouts) You can’t get me!
(Hotel Bernada, Abuja) 1:28pm 
(Caroline eats lunch at the restaurant in the hotel. She sights Lady Mosette who enters to check in at the lobby. She has a small luggage)
Caroline: what is she doing here?
(Lady Mosette looks around as the desk lady attends to her. She sights Caroline in the restaurant)
Lady Mosette: (frowns) what is she doing here? (her cell phone ring) God damn it Sankura! (she answers) Hello?
Sankura: why are you ignoring my calls? I can’t go down alone…I know you are in Abuja. Do something fast or I will expose you and your son 
Lady Mosette: Now listen to me Sankura! Nobody dare threatens Lady Mosette! I will crush you…You better watch it
Sankura: Empty threats! If I lose my job and my fortune, your political career is dead. Not even the Presidency will save you. Forty eight hours is all I can give you (he hangs up)
Lady Mosette: You won’t be alive twenty four hours. Idiot!
Desk lady: (smiles) your presidential suite 15 is ready 
Lady Mosette: (smiles) wonderful 
(Caroline’s phone rings)
Caroline: Hello? Munota?
Munota: how are you enjoying the city?
Caroline: where are you?
Munota: or where is the footage?
Caroline: Yes…
Munota: Presidential suite 15. Under the bed 
Caroline: here? Hotel Bernada?
Munota: Are you surprised that it is so close to you? I made it so easy. I will call you soon (he hangs up)
Caroline: How the hell am I supposed to get there?
(she watch Lady Mosette enter the elevator with her luggage. Caroline stands and goes to meet the desk lady)
Caroline: (smiles) Hello dear?
Desk lady: how may I help you?
Caroline: Please…how much do the presidential suites go for?
Desk lady: Oh! Two hundred thousand naira per night 
Caroline: Oh! Wow…that is quite on the high side 
Desk lady: we offer the best. You saw that lady who just walked in? She is one of our good clients. Only uses the presidential suite. Same room for the last ten years
Caroline: wow! Faithful client…
Desk lady: Yes 
Caroline: Is suite 15 empty?
Desk lady: It is so strange that you would ask for that suite specifically. I just gave out that suite to her
Caroline: (shocked) Okay? I…I…I…You know 15 is my lucky number. It brings me good luck (winks) I am really superstitious
Desk lady: (laughs) I understand
Caroline: Thanks (she steps back to make a call)
Desk lady: Do you still want a room in the presidential suite?
Caroline: I will get back to you 
Desk lady: okay 
Caroline: (dials Munota’s number, no reply) this is not funny!
(Cokers mansion) 4:15pm 
(the living room)
(Funmi looks through a diary, Lilly enters with Nicole)
Lilly: I have put Princesa to sleep 
Funmi: (doesn’t look up) okay 
Lilly: You have been looking through that diary all afternoon. You can’t get anwers until you do your investigation or ask questions
Funmi: I have been asking, but nobody is answering me. I kept this diary to understand Tonye’s death, but it doesn’t matchup. There are loopholes everywhere
(the baby cries)
Lilly: Oh no! Nicole go and be with her 
(Nicole leaves)
Funmi: I am convinced that David killed Tonye and my mum, Leslie, Dr Gilbert and Detective Sankura were accomplices. I need to reach out to Caroline.
Lilly: You need to be certain
Funmi: what do I do?
(Gerda bar, Lekki) 6:00pm 
(David sits on a bar stool as she sips beer from a tumbler. three police officers enter and approach him)
Detective Charles: I am Detective Charles from the Police command. I am the ne detective assigned to the Tonye Martins case 
David: I don’t care 
Charles: you should sir. You have also been indicted in the missing of Bode Martins
David: Jokes!
Charles: Follow us to the station for questioning 
David: You put charm for mouth?
Charles: You are under arrest 
David: (laughs) where is your arrest warrant? Dummy!
Charles: (shows him) Please cooperate with us
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  1. David is real crazy but Funmi be careful oo. Munota is getting mysterious oo,why he want Caroline to go to the Presidential suite 15 were Lady Mosette is going to lodge in? Sankura u be mumu. I wish police should have got Felicia that b***h. Thanks for another nice episode.

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