Last time on David Finley        

is yet to contact Tamuno and while she waits, she visits Akudo. Lady Mosette
also pays Caroline a visit which almost became fatal. Bode and Nkechi are
abducted at gunpoint by two masked men after leaving Caroline’s condo

(Leslie’s house) THE DAY AFTER THE ABDUCTION 7:09am
(Leslie still in her night wear sits on the kitchen island sipping hot
cocoa, while David sits on a stool facing her, sipping hot coffee)
(sighs) I have heard you clearly. Do you have anything to say?

David: why are you acting so
strange? We are in this together,

Leslie: of course we are in this
together, which is unfortunate. However, we can’t continue seeing each other.
Tuvi has taken it to the next level and I am ready to commit myself to make it

David: so…you will marry the jerk?

Leslie: (nods) he is a nice guy. He
will be here very soon to take me to see his Pastor. I suggest you leave

David: (sighs) you can’t be serious

Leslie: I am. I have tried. Tonye
was your woman and I was comfortable being the side chick even when I was in a
relationship with Tuvi

David: But…you were cool with it

Leslie: yes. At that time and even
in her death

David: what has changed?

Leslie: Nothing…really nothing. We
just have to move on. I mean… You have a daughter now.

David: (laughs) I knew it! You are
jealous. Oh! Baby… Akudo means nothing to me

Leslie: I hear her daughter is
beautiful and looks like you
(Tuvi enters)

Tuvi: (frowns) I got in with my keys

David: (turns in irritation)
Guy…how far?

Tuvi: Mr. Finley

Leslie: Babe…I will be…

Tuvi: I will be in the room (he
walks away)

David: (hisses) Douche bag!

Leslie: You have to leave

David: (stands) Yes… Thanks for
the coffee. Happy married life (he exits)

(Leslie’s room) 7:25am

(Tuvi comes out of the shower. Leslie sits in the bed staring at his nude body)
: (licks her lips) Get a towel and stop tempting me

Tuvi: Or you mean Mr Finley has
taken you on the kitchen counter and you are too tired to even be stimulated

Leslie: (shouts) what the f**k is
wrong with you?

Tuvi: what was he doing here so
early? (shouts) Tell me!

Leslie: It is not what you are

Tuvi: I have been able to put up
with it for five years, but I told you that the moment I decide to put a ring
on it, I won’t tolerate it

Leslie: I know! I was trying to make
him understand

Tuvi: I don’t want to see you around
him. Please respect me. Get dressed… We don’t want to keep Rev Ojo waiting

(Cokers Mansion) 8:03am

(Funmi lets in Akudo. Akudo has a sober face and look. She sits on the couch
while Funmi stands and folds her arms)

Funmi: So?

Akudo: I… I don’t know how to say
this. I was wrong to have dumped Princesa the way I did.

Funmi: So?

Akudo: I…just wanted David to know
that he has a daughter and knowing how hard he can get, I thought the best way
to go about it as to show up at your doorstep with Princesa

Funmi: okay? Princesa is with her
family no…what do you want?

Akudo: (sobs) I want to see my baby.
I miss her. I want to hold her in my arms.

Funmi: (smiles) its funny you would
say that…I mean you wanted to get rid of her so fast. It was the most
horrible thing I had ever seen. Princesa s fine and hardly misses you
(Lady Mosette enters)

Akudo: (stands) good morning ma

Funmi: (smiles) mum…good morning

Lady Mosette: (nods) morning
Funmi…please excuse us

Funmi: (nods) Okay. I will be in the
kitchen (exits)
Akudo: Ma…

Lady Mosette: its a good thing that
you are here. I’m sure you understand hat is at stake. We will be needing your
statement again. Get prepared to go through that phase again

Akudo: I came here to take Princesa,
not to discuss that. Whatever happens in the investigation is not my business.
I won’t be here

Lady Mosette: Child, don’t make me
mad. I am terrible

Akudo; You…
(Lady Mosette’s phone rings, she answers the call and walks away)

(In front of Finley’s Touch) 8:15am
(David’s car is parked in front of his closed barbing salon. The salon
hasn’t opened since Tonye’s death. He looks at the building and smiles)

David: Finley’s touch (his phone
rings, he hesitates to answer) Hello Ginger

Ginger: (American accent) at last!

David: this is not the right time

Ginger: why have you been avoiding
my calls? Pops is sick

David: sick?

Ginger: he has cancer

David: Ginger I can’t do this now. I
will call you later

Ginger: Da… (he hangs up)

David: (takes a deep breath) I need
a break (his phone rings again, he answers) Hello, mum.

Lady Mosette: where are you?

David: close to the house

Lady Mosette: Get to the house fast.
Detective Sankura is off the case. Things are getting out of control

David: (tries to contain his anger)
I told you to contact the presidency! Damn it mum!

Lady Mosette: don’t talk to me like
that. Get here now…let’s re strategise. Brace up for whatever you will meet
on your arrival

David: what do you mean?

Lady Mosette: just come


(Leslie and Tuvi go through some of the church’s publication as Rev Ojo arrives
with a tray of coffee in white china cups to go with biscuits. He puts the tray
on the desk)
Rev Ojo: (sits on his revolving
chair and smiles) Help yourselves

Tuvi: (smiles) Thank you

Leslie: (nods) Thank you
(they pick their cups of coffee and sip)

Rev Ojo: As I was saying, the
marriage committee will meet you every Sunday, after service for just an hour.
The duration is just six weeks. You can start this Sunday

Tuvi: We are more than willing to
meet with the committee
(brief silence)

Rev Ojo: (to Tuvi) Can I speak with Ms
Okonkwo briefly? Privately?

Tuvi: Oh! Why not? Gladly (he
stands, puts Leslie on the shoulder and exits)

Rev Ojo:
(smiles) Leslie

Leslie: You are doing well for
yourself, Frank

Rev Ojo: You still look stunning

Leslie: Thank you reverend

Rev Ojo: I never forgot you

Leslie: I tried so hard to forget
you too. The scars between my thighs are a constanr reminder of the savages you
and your friends turned out. Look at the savage in a cassock trying to
officiate my wedding. Life can be so twisted!

Rev Ojo: (sighs) It was never my
intention to hurt you

Leslie: You stood and watched.
Didn’t you? Pervert!

Rev Ojo: I have chastised myself and
God has forgiven should do the same.

Leslie: (spits in his face) Rot in
hell! (stands and leaves)

(Cokers mansion) 10:09am

(Lady Mosette watch as Akudo plays with
Princesa. Funmi flips through a newspaper. The doorbell goes off and Lilly who
is in the kitchen goes to open the door. She opens the door to let in David)

Lilly: (smiles) Good morning sir

David: (takes in her features)

Lilly: Sir?

David: (shakes his head vigorously)
Excuse me (shoves her gently and walks into the living room) Mum… (he stops
when he spots Akudo with Princesa) What is this? What is she doing here?

Lady Mosette: I told you to brace
up. Madam wants her baby

Funmi: brother calm down…

David: (looks around) what is she
doing here! (shouts) Akudo! What do you want?

Akudo: (calmly) I miss Princesa

David: (shouts) You miss her! (he
sees a flower vase on a stool, he picks it up)

Lady Mosette: (shouts) Put that

David: (throws the vase at Akudo. It
hits Akudo in the head and Princesa falls from her hand)

Funmi: Jesus!

(LESLIE’s HOUSE) 11:32am 

(Leslie sits in a yoga position on her leather settee in the living room. Tuvi
stands in front of her)

Leslie: I have told you, I don’t want
a church wedding. I am fine with the court

Tuvi: You won’t deny me this. What
is it? Did Rev Ojo say anything that got you upset

Leslie: Look… I have decided and
I’m not going back on it!

Tuvi: Can you reason with me for
once? What is wrong?

Leslie: Nothing

Tuvi: So… You just want to be
impossible, right?

Leslie: If you don’t agree with me
on this, I’m sorry we just have to end this now.

Tuvi: (shocked) Did you just say
that? Are you serious? Just like that?

Leslie: (sighs) My head is pounding.
Let’s talk tomorrow

Tuvi: don’t do this to us. Leslie
not now (he exits)
(Leslie watch him shut the door. She picks up the remote control and turn on
the TV. She go through channels and stops at channel 108)
Leslie: what is this? (she increases the volume of TV)

Paul Imole: We are at the Podington
hospital, oshodi where Miss Nkechi ibe is receiving treatment for a gunshot
wound to her thigh. Nkechi is Bode Martins fianc�e. The two were abducted last
night in front of Caroline Martins house on the island. She was found along the
Lagos Ibadan expressway by good Samaritans. The kidnappers still have Bode
Martins and contacts are yet to be established with them. This incident is
happening on the heels of the re-opening of the investigation into the death of
Tonye Martins as a new detective has been assigned to the case. Tonye Martins
died in the compound of her boyfriend � David Finley and present at the scene
were heiress to the Okonkwo fortune, Leslie Okonkwo and the relatively unknown
cook, Akudo. With me is Caroline Martins

Caroline: It is a sad
moment for my family. Ever since the quest for justice began, we have been
under threats and I want to reach out to Bode, my brother, if you are listening
or watching this, be strong. Justice will prevail. I would also like to make a
Paul Imole: What is it?
Caroline: Can the camera
follow me to Nkechi�s ward where she is in pains? I want Nigerians to see the
evil that has been done
Paul Imole: Sure� lets go
(the camera trails Caroline and Paul as they walk the hallway to Nkechi�s
ward. At the door, Caroline knocks and enters with the crew. Nkechi is in the
patient�s green gown and is startled. Caroline goes to her side and strokes her
hair gently)
Caroline: Can Nigerians see?
Look at her thigh
(the camera captures her wounded thigh, dressed in bandages)
Nkechi: what is this? Caro,  what is the meaning of this?
Caroline: it is fine
Nkechi: No! (shouts) No!
is this a show? My baby is missing. You should be out there looking for him. They
will ki*ll him
Caroline: (gently) calm
down dear
Nkechi: (shouts) turn off
that camera! This is not fair! Don�t touch me! (screams) get out!
Caroline: (surprised)
Nkechi calm down. We are in this together
Nkechi: No! you don�t care
about Bode or anyone else. You just want to be guilt free! Well� newsflash
fool! Tonye is dead and can never come back to life
Caroline: turn off the
camera! She is just upset
Nkechi: you are a
monster! Selfish and callous woman! Bode should be your priority. Monster!
(Caroline runs out)
(Mama Ogadi is dressed in a
flower print gown. She has a black purse in her hand and her hair is made in a
bun. She also compliments the outfit with black sandals. Austin is on the couch
watching YouTube videos on his phone)
Austin: (removes the
earphones in his ears) mama�. Are you going to the market?
Mama Ogadi: No my son (takes
a deep breath)
Austin: where are you
Mama Ogadi: i dey go Felicia side for ebute metta. I wan
go see Ogadi�you know say since that dey wey Akudo friend come, she just remind
me of Ogadi and my mind no dey at rest
Austin: Mama, you too dey disturb yourself. Na ogadi
suppose come find you�shey she no get brain? You wan wahala yourself o
Mama Ogadi: leave am like that. Ogadi na my pikin and I suppose
wahala myself. Till any mama die, she suppose wahala herself with her children
matter. Inugo?
Austin: I don hear you
Mama Ogadi: Make I dey go so that I go quick reach house
cook soup. If Akudo come, tell am say NEPA 
bill don come o
Austin: okay
(Mama Ogadi opens the door and leaves. Austin dials a number on his phone)
Austin: hello�aunty
Felicia. Maale dey come ebute metta o
Felicia: For wetin na?
Austin: She say she dey find Ogadi
Felicia: Why she dey do like that? She no fit tell me
say she dey come. Austin thank you (
she hangs up)


  1. This Austin na mole oo . Bode I pray u return safe.Nkechi sorry , pls get well soon. David u beast u will soon face the wrath of the law with ur evil mom. Caroline I dey ur back. But with the way David dey treat Akudo hmm it just a matter of time before she is sold to Caroline side.

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