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Hey guys! I am Caroline Martins. I am the last of my parents three kids. I am a fun loving and adventure seeking person. I love taking actions whenever I think it is lacking. I used to look up to my big sister Tonye and it really broke my heart when I got to know about her death. I was in my apartment in London eating cereals from a bowl when I got the call that changed my world. It wasn’t even Bode that called me.

Well…my first boyfriend at the age of 16 said my mouth tasted like sour milk and it waned my confidence and I didn’t want to be close to boys again. I haven’t really dated much since then. My last relationship before I came to Nigeria was wonderful and I had to ask the poor guy if my mouth tasted like sour milk, he was surprised and said a big NO.

I sleep with my makeup on(I know some beauty experts will condemn it, I don’t care!) I might die in my sleep and don’t want to look like a scene from the American Horror Story

I eat twice daily. I think it keeps me fit. I have been to my village once(its in Edo state). I hated it!

I am a fan of the Williams sister (Venus and Serena). I have been to five Wimbledons (to watch ni o, before you will go and think that I am a pro tennis player)

My favourite place on vacation is my room with all the necessary live ins (food, constant light, binge movies, internet) and I’m okay. I love Uber!

Famous people I have met…eeem…Lady Mosette! (that one is a witch) can you imagine that one sitting in the dark in your living room.

I think David Finley is the most handsome murderer alive…Lol (no wonder Leslie wanted to die there)


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