Tension – Chapter 4

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Two months after the Tornado, the streets were busy again, houses were becoming beautiful as they were repainted and school has regained its position as the most exciting place to be. (maybe just for me).
I enjoyed the break period because that was the only time I had to make trouble with Ola, Amaka, Fatima and Alero, they made up my cliq. I happen to be a very quiet student to my teachers but my friends say I’m a pain in the a$$ to them. Ola is like me, Amaka and Fatima are complete extroverts. Alero’s attitude was seasonal.
We bought food from the canteen and walked back to the class. It was a storey building and since we were in ss2 we occupied the top floor. We had already eaten half way when Johanna a girl in SS3 came into the class.
“Ola, you are done for.” I whispered to her.
“How are you?” she asked no one in particular. We nodded our head.
“Come here.” She motioned Ola to sit close to her. “ I sent someone to you in the morning for you to come during break, why didn’t you show up?”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, could you spare 10 minutes after closing after closing?”
“Yes.” She didn’t have the courage to say no
“Good, come to my class and I’ll tell you what to do.” She said and left cat-walking.
My cliq and I kept a distance from here while she went ahead. For a an SS3 student to summon you means you are not safe at all. Like a sheep led into slaughter, we watched as she got into the class and walked out with Johanna.
They moved like they were moving to the staffroom which was already locked, when there were almost there, Johanna took a sharp end to the back where the restroom was. I looked at the rest of my friends and they were as surprised as I was. I crossed the gutter and went towards the senior staffroom to spy what was going on, I didn’t want to assume.
“Jesus Christ is Lord.” I was shocked at what I saw. Ola was stripped naked and Johanna was desperately trying to kiss her and ……… I was so irritated but what could I do alone, 6 other girls were there, watching so me trying to be a heroine for my friend would only make me a prey. I turned to signal my friends to come not knowing someone else was watching me too.
“Baby girl.” He called.
My heart skipped as I saw the P.H.E youth corper Solomon smiling at me.
“Sir, I didn’t do anything oh, I was just……” I had to defend myself.
“Calm down, I’m not saying you did anything, it’s okay to be as nature wired you.
A frown appeared on my face, he was aware and he was in support of it. “My friend is been molested there and you would do nothing? Jeez….” I walked out on him angrily.
I was disappointed at everybody, my teacher, Johanna, senior students and any other person that was in support of this. I got to where Fatima and Amaka was only to find out that Alero had left because she was tired of waiting. I refused answering when they asked me what had happened. Ola was my best friend and I was ashamed of myself for not helping, but what could I have done when I was sure that my appearance there would only make me a victim.
“Mummy diwo.” I greeted mom as soon as I got in, she was sitting at the dinning with someone I think is a colleague.
“Vre’ do.” She replied. “How was school today?” she asked me
I pretended I didn’t hear, telling mom would only complicate issues  so I kept it to myself.


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