The Missing File – Chapter 2 Part 4

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“Sorry guys, I just had to take that for inspiration,” Mighty Joe apologized after about ten minutes of smoking. The boys were staring at him, not in surprise of him being a smoker; for they knew he was an ardent one but in surprise of his insistence to take it for inspiration even when he saw that his guests; they were uncomfortable with it. Maybe it really gave inspiration, they thought

After two minute of resting, Mighty Joe couldn’t still think properly, he had rushed the weed and it seemed to have worsened his reasoning faculty. He had to wait for few more minutes for the effect of the weed and the heat he felt in his system to lessen, it didn’t inspire him after all.

“So, you said you were the one who locked the door before going to church and opened it after you returned?” He asked after a total of twenty five minutes break. It was already past nine pm.

“Yes, I was.” Nazaretha replied.

“Okay, there are three possibilities now; One is that your father never took the file from the office and his boss is lying, the second is that he might have lost it on the way while returning from work; in the ‘molue’ or on the road, maybe he didn’t hide it properly inside his bag…”

“But no one could have just stolen a file na,” Chinko cuts in. “They didn’t even know the content.”

“Calm down and listen to me,” Mighty Joe hushed him and waited for some seconds before he continued. “Maybe someone from his office knew what was inside and followed him. The third possibility was that the file was stolen in Nazaretha’s house.” Mighty Joe paused and waited for their reply.

“But nobody in the house could have gone to open my dad’s bag confidently,” Nazaretha said thoughtfully. “What could the person even be looking for?”

“You can never tell,” Mighty Joe put in.

“But no one was left in the house while we went to church for two hours. And after dinner, my dad spent the whole of the night in his room.” Nazaretha said.

“You all left the house for two hours right?”


“The file could have been taken within that time.”

“But the door to the house was locked.”

“Are you the only one who has the keys to the house?”

“‘Ermm… No. But nobody else took their own keys, we only used one key and I dropped it under the bucket outside the house where we always hid it.”

“You dropped it under a bucket in front of your house?”


“Then someone who has been watching you might have entered into the house,” Mighty Joe said.

Nazaretha paused to think, he wondered who could have been watching him or his family for the key. They had nothing valuable in the house that could worth breaking into; and if someone had entered their house, why did the person not touch anything else and only went straight to his father’s bag.

“You also have to confirm from your father who else knew that there was a file which had an open cheque with him. But everything will be settled if the bank only confirms the payee.”


The next day was a Sunday, Nazaretha had spent his night in Mighty Joe’s living room, on the three seater sofa.

“1] I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice; and he gave ear unto me;

[2] In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord: my sore ran in the night, and ceased not: my soul refused to be comforted.

[3] I remembered God, and was troubled: I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed…”

Nazaretha was still reciting Psalms Chapter 77 when he was distracted by a knock on the door. He decided to finish up with his prayers before answering but the knocks continued. Mighty Joe came out of the room and went to open the door. It was Chinko and Sunday, both were dressed neatly for an occasion.

“Good morning Mighty Joe,” Sunday and Chinko greeted in unison.

“How una dey na?” Mighty Joe answered.

“Fine,” they replied.

“Una friend dey pray,” he still said to them even though it was obvious with Nazaretha kneeling on the floor with his elbows placed on the sofa. “I dey come first,” Mighty Joe said and walked into his room.

“How far na?” Nazaretha greeted his friends as he got up.

“We dey jare.”

“Omo e no easy to comot for house today, shebi na Ministerial ordination una dey get for church today?” Sunday said.


“My mama talk say I dey like, say I no fit ever go church except den cook jollof rice.”

“You be devil pikin before na,” Chinko said laughing. “Even on Sundays you no dey go, how you wan con make dem believe you say you dey go ordination on Saturday? How ordination take concern Devil pikin?” Chinko jeered and then tried to dodge Sunday’s punch.

“Okay guys, where is the fourth person?” Mighty Joe asked as he came back into his living room, already putting on an armless shirt.

“Hin never come,” Sunday replied.

“Okay, but three of you would go into Nazaretha’s house like we planned,” Mighty Joe began, he paused and turned to Nazaretha. “Shey you sure say your people go don comot for house sha?”

“Yes, this na 7.30,” Nazaretha replied, glancing at the wall clock. “Them for don go the ordination.”

“Okay, so three of you would enter and search every corner of the house to see if you’ll find the file or if you’ll see traces of anybody entering into the house that day the bag was kept inside the room.”

“Okay,” the guys nodded and stepped out of the house one after the other, Nazaretha led the way.

Ten minutes later, they got to Nazaretha’s house. Charly had joined them too, he was also dressed in his church clothes. Nazaretha went to check under the bucket for the key but did not find it, he began to search by the windows and everywhere else it could be kept but didn’t see it.

“E be like say them no drop key today o,” Nazaretha said to his friends who were assembled at the doorstep.

“Why them no drop key na?” Chinko questioned.

“I know no, but maybe na to prevent me from entering into the house.” Nazaretha said.

“What’s happening guys?” Mighty Joe who had been watching them from a hiding place, approached them.

“Them no drop key today o,” Nazaretha replied.

“What do we do now?” Mighty Joe asked no one in particular. He thought for a while before he spoke up again, “make una comot for there.”

The boys made way for him to come closer to the door, “Shey na padlock na , una go break am enter o” Mighty Joe said.

All the boys looked at him with the same question in their minds, breaking the lock would work contrary to their plan of making sure that no one becomes aware of their visit to the place.

Mighty Joe wasn’t looking at their faces but was pacing around and searching the ground for something. Soon he found a small knife and a nail on the floor. He picked up the knife and nail and also a big concrete stone, then he went to the door again to check the padlock.

“Take,” he said to Charly, handing him the keys to his house. “You’ll find a bottle of oil by my widow in my parlour, bring it for me.

He bent down and placed the knife on floor, he began to deform the metal.

After the return of Charly in ten minutes time, Mighty Joe was able to open the padlock with the oil and deformed metal he created. “Oya, quickly, I’ll call Chinko on phone if I need anyone to come outside.” he said to them and returned to the hiding place he was previously watching them.

The guys entered and began to search the house like Mighty Joe planned with them but just after a minute they had gone in, the unexpected happened. Mighty Joe could see Ogbighe coming towards the house with three policemen.

…to be continued


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