Cracked Sources – B02E05

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The time clocked 7 a.m., and the Grandfather’s time-piece in Andrew’s
home rang. He had just returned from Ramon’s place and was rightly feeling
sleepy. Last night was awesome – it reminded of the many reasons he appreciated
Ramon for being in his life. His reminiscing was caught short by Mother’s introduction.
She cleared her throat to fully draw his attention to where she sat.
Andrew immediately wore a numb look. He tried hard to devoid his face
from any translatable emotion. “Look at me!” Mother commanded him, her
stern voice resounding in his ear long after she had spoken. According to her,
Andrew kept her worried when he left after their encounter and wasn’t picking
his call.
“I slept at a friend’s,” Andrew said. Not to quell her worry but
to avoid another round of argument this early in the day. He feared what she would
do if provoked now.
Mother smiled. She opened her arms for a hug and like a magnet, Andrew
was attracted to them. He channeled his concentration to the flower pot that
stood behind her, rather than listening to her rant about her non-existent love
for him and total concern for his well-being. He wondered why she always had to
rub the sacrifices she’s made to his face all the time.
Mother broke the embrace. “I want to meet Anna.”
Andrew was surprised. His attention was drawn once again. Mother was
trying to mend fences not cause more damage, but Andrew wasn’t really playing
along and it had started to piss her off; though Mother held her end better
than usual, her facial expression had begun to betray her.
“I’ll make it happen,” Andrew finally budged. Mother found
herself smile as she looked forward to meeting the intriguing Anna.
Mr. Malik casually walked into the conference room even though he was
late. He held in his hands more files than any briefcase could contain. He was supposed
to be the first to address everyone in today’s meeting and had kept everyone
waiting for a while, including Andrew. By the time he finally took the stage, some
of the Directors had lost the zeal to listen.
Malik announced he now controlled 40% of the firm’s shares on behalf
of Mr. Akin, making Akin the largest shareholder of the firm again, even after
the momentary set back he had suffered. He urged the many investors present to
see reasons why Akin was still the best choice for CEO of Akin Chambers, the
more reason they needed to vote wisely once the court cleared him of all
charges related to his son’s case.
After urging Andrew twice to say something without success, Dimeji was
the one to interrupt Malik; with Huey out of the firm and Patrick away for his
wedding anniversary, this was his opportunity for him to get closer to Andrew,
to make meaningful contributions in support of the CEO.
“Caution Mr. Dimeji,” The Moderator called him to order,
while Malik took his seat having finished his address.
Andrew looked around in silence. He was becoming better at being a
leader, and as such had learnt to always let subjects air their views and react
to it themselves. For the better part since he arrived the conference hall,
there was someone who caught his eyes. A beautiful lady who sat next to Mr.
Dimeji he was certain he had never seen before. She was fair, thick and very
beautiful – An appealing sight to behold.
“Who’s this beautiful lady?” Andrew finally asked.
Dimeji stood to introduce her, “This is Imelda, my goddaughter,” he
said. She was joining the firm on contract for six months, and he expressed
hope that her performance interests the firm enough to retain her as a
permanent staff. He beckoned her to greet the house. She swiftly rose to her
feet. Andrew found his naughty personality he had come to call, Drew, salivate at the sight of her
heavy assets. He noticed her buttocks were far thicker than what he imagined
when she sat. Her weaponry made Ramon’s look like child’s play.
Anna sipped her tea with caution. From the little information Andrew
gave her upon invitation, she didn’t want to do anything to piss his mother,
the iron-lady. Every sentence Mother made caused her to smile, even the ones
that held no humor in them. She wanted to be done with the lunch before it even
started. Worst off, Mother requested they meet Andrew’s home: Every inch of his
place held memories for her; recent memories that were painful. It was so bad
that even the couch Mother sat opposite her position, reminded her of the drunk
sex they once had there. She tried with great difficulty remain focused on
Mother’s face.
“I thought you wouldn’t come,” Mother said. Her words sounded
passionate. But Anna wasn’t fazed; she knew if she hadn’t come as agreed Ms.
Jasmine would have been more angry than worried. Thanks to Andrew’s briefing,
she knew better than to fall for the well-articulated words of the elderly
woman. Strangely, Anna found herself trusting every warning Andrew had given
her prior to her arrival.
“I had no reason to refuse you invitation Ma,” Anna’s time to
talk arrived, she noticed her slip in the use of Ma instead of Mother, her host
noticed it too.
Mother wore a frown, she didn’t know if it was out of disgust for Anna’s
use of Ma, or because the young lady had just lied to her. Mother asked if Anna
came because she didn’t want her digging into the history of her relationship
with her son. Anna was stunned. Mother claimed to know a lot of things. What
she found especially interesting was how Anna gained employment into the firm.
Anna cut her short. That was something she thought she’d never discuss
with anyone – her secret to the grave. Mother laughed sarcastically, and
reiterated that she knew a lot more about Anna, which was why she found the
ambitious paralegal particularly interesting. Anna agreed to the awkwardness of
their conversation, and said she honored Mother’s invitation out of respect to
the sweet old lady she met at the mall that rainy day.
“You’re a wonderful girl,” Mother remarked, she pointed that must
be the reason why Andrew liked her, and wondered the real reason they broke up.
Anna’s voice was shaken, her strength diminished by the resurfacing
memory of how she began her career at Akin Chambers. “I broke up with Andrew,
not the other way around.” She finally found the strength to say. Mother
was stunned, and Anna momentarily used the opportunity to gloat, she thought
Mother said she knew everything.
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