By Kingsley Godstime

Our heart hurts carrying the thought
Our mouth can’t wait to utter dark words
We took pain as our bosom friend
Causing our gains a leap to the other end
Poverty became our neighbor
Sickness, our landlord
Our thoughts travelled million seas, mountains, valley and oceans
Our hearts eeried as pain gets the better part of us
In times of distress
Birds goes to their nest for solace
Rats, their hole
Snails, their shell
Eagles soar high
But our life is next to darkness
We hate to see the daylight
We hate to see the glowing sun
We hate to see when the moon smiled at our predicament
And the stars laughed at our nakedness
Our roses withered off
Our water sour
Our life in shambles
Our legs quiver
The unending pains eating us up
Turning our light, darkness
making our future bleak
We looked more and saw less
We talked more but heard less
We seeked peace
But what we got was war.

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