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Ogadi is Kosoro. Ginger harvests kidneys from the morgue and kills the morgue attendant in the process. Sholly Jay visits Caroline in prison and vows to get her out in two days. Naomi is in a coma at the General hospital. Felicia enters Naomi’s room and knocks out the nurse with a club.

(General Hospital)
(The nurse sips water from a disposable cup in the hallway. She has a plaster on her temple. Inspector Njemanze and a Doctor stand in front of her)

Njemanze: can you describe this person that walked in?

Nurse: She…she…

Njemanze: its a woman?

Nurse: (nods) Yes…she looks like a lady in her fifties or late forties…


Nurse: She looks like the mama that visited the patient, but slightly younger

Njemanze: Are you sure about this?

Nurse: I can’t say for sure…I don’t really know…maybe I might be wrong 

Doctor: I don’t think a lady could have moved the patient unnoticed without causing a scene. It looks too clean

Njemanze: (frowns) I don’t know what you mean, but I’m shocked that a patient can be removed from this hospital without the security men noticing

Doctor: (sighs) well…things happen 

Njemanze: Really? (hisses and walks away with a clenched fist)

(Outside the hospital)
(Ace broadcaster Paul Imole and his news crew interview Mama Ogadi and another lady)

Paul Imole: The body of Naomi, a key person in the disappearance of Ogadi and Madam Felicia has gone missing. Naomi was attacked in her home and was brought to this General hospital where she had been in a coma. Her body was removed from this hospital by an unknown person after her abductor knocked out the nurse who was prepping her for the night. How did this happen? How did the security team let this occur under their watch? With me is the mother of Ogadi and human rights activist, Professor Debra Odunayo. (to Mama Ogadi) You were here last night…can we have your view point 

Mama Ogadi: (sobs) I am confused. What did that poor girl do to this wicked world? You should have seen her last night…she was looking bad. Let the government come and help us find Naomi. Biko!

Paul Imole: (to Debra) Prof…what do you have to say about this incident?

Debra: Firstly, the security here is nothing to write home about! there should be a total overhauling of the system. Everyone here is a suspect! The nurses, doctors, matrons and cleaners. This goes to show a deep rot in the system where anything can happen unnoticed. I saw some Police Personnels here and I’m sure that they are on top of the matter 

Paul Imole: Don’t you think the laxity in the system is a general thing 

Debra: It is…and I don’t want to nurse the idea that our state and country isn’t safe anymore

(Ginger’s office)
(Dr Vince storms in and Ginger flips sending some papers to the ground)

Ginger: (holds her chest) Jesus! Vince …you scared me.

Vince: What is this I hear about you using an untested kidney for Emily’s transplant. Chief Koko and his daughter deserve the best. What if she dies?

Ginger: (sighs) Come on! Nothing will happen to her…moreover you should look on the brighter side of things. What if the kidney is actually her fit?

Vince: You want to gamble with a young lady’s life? How callous! You should know better!

Ginger: What moral justification do you have to question my ways? What has come over you? Remember we are in this together. Why the sudden display of holiness? Weren’t you at the National theater hunt?

Vince: I regret it! We can’t carry on with this madness and carnage! I want out 

Ginger: (smiles) I understand that you are scared. But think of the two hundred and fifty million naira we get for this surgery! It should be your motivation Vince!

Vince: (shakes head) No…no…You better stop this madness! I will expose you (walks out)

Ginger: (inhale and exhales) Dr Vince! You are getting on my nerves… (grunts) You!

(The cafeteria)
(Ginger and Dr Ufot share lunch at a table)

Ufot: I’m really sorry about Vince’s outburst…I didn’t know…

Ginger: You shouldn’t have told him about our plans. He is a weakling. 

Ufot: I didn’t know 

Ginger: Read body language next time…Dr Vince has to go 

Ufot: (coughs) Excuse me?

Ginger: You heard me loud and clear…He needs to be silenced.

Ufot: (sighs) wow!

Ginger: Are you with me?

Ufot: (nods slowly) Yes…

(Bode and Dr Chaudry are in MD Jimoh’s office)

Dr Chaudry: We are ready for the surgery. It is very urgent as the poison is eating up the kidney daily. I haven’t been able to identify the kind of poison it is, but it is very deadly and causing havoc in Mr Martins body 

Jimoh: (nods) I understand…the thing is…there is this huge line of patients for transplant and it might take months before it gets to his turn 

Bode: (puts a polythene bag of money on the table) This is ten million naira…move me up. I can’t die.

Jimoh: (looks at Dr Chaudry) eeem…this… (inspects the bag) 

Dr Chaudry: Dr Jimoh…this should be enough to have him in the theatre in a few days right?

Jimoh: (nods slowly and smiles) Definitely…definitely

(Emily’s room)
(Dr Ufot enters to meet Chief Koko and Emily engrossed in a chat)

Ufot: (smiles) I’m sorry for disturbing father and daughter bonding. 

Chief Koko: Dr Ufot (smiles) How are you?

Ufot: I’m fine my chief…I want to conduct some final tests on Emily before the surgery (looks at Emily) How are you Emily?

Emily: (nods) I’m alive

Ufot: that’s the spirit!

Chief Koko: Doctor. Did I hear you say that this is the final test? Do we have a match already?

Ufot: (sighs) Yes!

Chief Koko: Yes! Thank you lord! My baby is gonna live! (laughs) Emily…this is great news…soon this pain and suffering will be over! Thank you Doctor 

Emily: (slowly) Thank you doctor…soon I will be on my feet again and start my fashion house 

Chief Koko: Yes…baby…I am investing fifty million naira into your fashion house. You will live to be a global brand my daughter 

Emily: I will have stores in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Capetown, Melbourne and Lagos…charity begins at home 

Chief Koko: Yes my baby girl…

Emily: Lekki will be the location…

Dr Ufot: (sighs and smiles) I would like to proceed with the tests. Great plans by the way.

(Military Hospital, Ikoyi)
(David packs to leave the hospital. A prison official is with him. Nicole enters)

David: (shocked) What is she doing here?

Nicole: Oga David…NA madam say make I come carry you go house.

David: what is this one saying?

Nicole: She talk say na house u go sleep this night…I came to escorted you.

(the prison official moves close to David and wears him an anklet)

David : what is this?

Official: it is a tracker anklet. A supreme court judge has ordered that you serve your remaining term at the Cokers mansion for security reasons.

David: (surprised) I can’t believe this…

Official: You are going home from here.

(Nicole’s phone rings, she picks and gives David the phone)

David: (hesistates and collects it slowly) Hello…

Lady Mosette: welcome home son 

David: Mum?

Lady Mosette: (laughs) Yes son…welcome home. 

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  1. what have come over Dr.Ginger
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