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Dr Gilbert’s son -Louis visits the Cokers mansion to seek justice for his late father, Funmi receives him coldly. Louis confronts David in jail and stabs him.

(A hut on the Island close to Lagos)
(Tunmise enters the dark hut)

Tunmise: (shouts) Maami…ni bo lo wa!

(there is no reply, but someone sings in the dark)

Tunmise: Who is that? Ta ni yen?

Kosoro: Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way…

Tunmise: (puts on his torchlight to reveal Kosoro sitting in the dark, she looks at him unmoved)

Kosoro: jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way…

Tunmise: Oh what fun it is to ride in…

Kosoro: in one horse…

Tunmise: open sleigh.

(Kosoro jumps to her feet)

Kosoro: (looks around) what am I doing here? Who are you? What place is this? What is going on? Who are you?

Tunmise: Calm down…I am Tunmise. I am maami’s son. This is her hut. I came to visit. Who are you?

Kosoro: My name is Ogadi. I am Ogadi 

(Cokers mansion)
(Inspector Njemanze presses the doorbell and waits for the door to be opened. Mama Ogadi opens)
Mama Ogadi: (smiles) ha! Inspector…good morning. Come in 

Njemanze: good morning (he enters) thank you. (they head towards the living room) 

Mama Ogadi: What brings you to the mansion, inspector?

Njemanze: Naomi was attacked in her house. She is in a coma at the General hospital.

Mama Ogadi: Ye! Who did this?

Njemanze: investigations are still going on…we don’t know who attacked her?

Mama Ogadi: Oh my God!  (shouts) Lilly o! Austin o! Where are you people!

(Lilly and Austin run out confused)

Austin: Mama wetin dey happen?

Lilly: Inspector…good morning. What is going on?

Mama Ogadi: Somebody attacked Naomi. She is in coma at the General hospital…let’s go and see the poor girl 

Lilly: oh my goodness!

(Military Hospital)
(David is chained to the hospital bed. Funmi and a prison official are at his bedside)

Funmi: (sobs) Why would you people allow an armed man into the prison? David must not die 

Prison official: It was an oversight and we are truly sorry. Mr Finley won’t die. The doctor said its a minor injury. The bread knife was blunt and didn’t cause more than a scratch…

Funmi: Should that make me feel better? Try again 

(David opens his eyes)

Funmi: (happy) Oh! David! You are awake!

David: What are you doing here?

Funmi: Come on brother…

David: Please leave! I don’t want to see you! Leave! I don’t want you near me! Leave!

(the morgue)
(Ginger enters and her nose is greeted by a stiff and unpleasant smell. She gives the morgue attendant a smile)
Ginger: Hello 

Attendant: Good day Dr Finley. It is so nice having the famous doctor down here 

Ginger: (nods) Fame isn’t synonymous to my name. I am just doing my job 

Attendant: You do it very well 

Ginger: The medical director needs you to get these supplies for the morgue. (hands him a paper)

Attendant: (collects and looks at the paper) Hmmm…we don’t really need these supplies, but then again, who am I to complain. (laughs)

Ginger: (laughs) Exactly…I will man your post while you run those errands

Attendant: That’s so kind. Thanks Dr Finley. I will be on my way now. I won’t be long 

Ginger: (smiles) Take your time 

(the morgue attendant picks some items and leaves)

Ginger: where do I start from?

(Ginger inspects some fresh bodies on the steel tables, occasionally touching them with her fingertips. She goes to the body refrigerator too and inspects there too. She locates and empty steel table and mentally selects five bodies to use. She struggles to lift a body to place on the steel table. She produces her operating tools and makes a flank incision to harvest the kidneys. She puts the kidneys in an organ cooler. She does the same for the remaining bodies and was about returning the last body to the refrigerator when the morgue attendant enters. Ginger’s white scrub was bloody and her hair unkempt)

Morgue attendant: What the hell happened here?

Ginger: (shocked) em..em…you are back 

Morgue attendant: (moves closer to Ginger) what is happening here!

Ginger: (spits in his face and grabs his neck with her two hands) Stop asking me!

(The morgue attendant struggles to set himself free from Ginger’s grip. She overpowers him and had him on the cold floor. He kicks her buttocks and she loses grip momentarily. He scampers to get to his feet, but she pulls him down. She pulls out a stethoscope and ties it round his neck, holding the ends tight. He gasps for breath and stretches his right hand towards the door, grabbing the thin air. His breathing slows down as her grip grow stronger. He dies. She releases the stethoscope and licks her lower lip. She harvests his kidney)

(Tamuno’s house, Abuja)
(Lady Mosette’s phone rings. She looks at Tamuno and Nkechi)
Lady Mosette: I have to take this call. It is Funmi (answers and walks towards the bathroom) Hello…Funmi…Yes…what is wrong with David? how is David? (enters the bathroom)

Tamuno: Family troubles right?

Nkechi: (shrugs) I guess so…

Tamuno: You look exquisitely beautiful in that blouse…

Nkechi: (smiles) for real? I thought it was hideous at first…thanks boss 

Tamuno: (frowns) I am not your boss. Your boss is in the bathroom

Nkechi: awww…don’t get mad at me dear 

Tamuno: (smiles) Mad at you? I don’t get mad at angels

Nkechi: (winks) Really? Even when the angel is as naughty and annoying as me 

Tamuno: the naughtier the better…(winks) I love naughty angels

 (lady Mosette enters and sense she had walked into uncharted territories)

Nkechi: Problems Lady boss?

Lady Mosette: (sighs) David was stabbed in prison…I need to get him out of there 

(Eastwood Park Prison, Gloucestershire, UK)
(Visitors room)
(A warden escorts Caroline to a table where a dark handsome man sits. He removes his contact and gives his best smile as Caroline sits)
Warden: You’ve got twenty minutes…(walks away)

Caroline: I told Holly that I didn’t need a lawyer. Mr Feldman has done a great job with my case. I got a fair sentence. So..Mr Shola Johnson, there is no case here and there is no need for me to cough out money that I don’t have paying your sorry ass! 

Sholly Jay: Call me Sholly Jay okay…and I don’t need you to pay me. I have spoken with Feldman and we’ve really looked at your case critically.

Caroline: …so?

Sholly: You will be getting out of here in two days with full compensation.

Caroline: (surprised) excuse me? How?

Sholly: Apparently, a top government official in Nigeria was able to pull a few strings that got you here. It was an organised scheme from the start. Mysteriously missing tax compliance documents and all that…we shouldn’t go into details…you will be out in two days

Caroline: (smiles) wow!

Sholly: Thanks for smiling…You will be all right from now on. Trust me. Your cellmate, Holly really likes you. She had me working even when I thought it wasn’t necessary since you had already given up 

Caroline: (nods) Thank you…

(General Hospital, Lagos)
(Mama Ogadi, Lilly and Austin are at Naomi’s bedside. Mama Ogadi strokes Naomi’s hair. A nurse enters)

Nurse: Hello people…

Lilly: Hey…

Nurse: Visiting hours are over. You can return tomorrow. I need to prep her for the night 

Mama Ogadi: Will she be all right, Nurse?

Nurse: Mama…she will be fine. The doctor has said so and I think you should believe him 

Mama Ogadi: (nods) Okay (stands) We will be back tomorrow.

(Mama Ogadi, Lilly and Austin leave while the nurse preps Naomi. Felicia enters with a club and the nurse turns)

Nurse: I’m sorry…you are in the wrong room 

Felicia: I don’t think so! (swings the club and hits the Nurse in the head, knocking her out and sending her to the floor)

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