By Kayode Afolabi

Blessed is the day you were born
For there are a few of your kind
The heaven mourn your loss
While the earth rejoice
Cos you are a rainbow that brings color to our world
Adunni you epitomise your name
Exquisite is the sweetness you add to our world
The eyes can’t behold enough of you
Words fail the mouth in expressing your allure
My pen and its ink feel weak
To do justice to you in verse
The moon lights in reverence to your beauty
The sun rise to reveal your radiance
The sun set to make you glow
Adunni have seen a lot of beauties
But non is as full as yours
No wonder men run after you in lust
To take care of you regardless of the cost
Adunni you are an ommoluabi
Do not let anyone rob you of that
Only an ayan can decipher the words of the talking drum
To every other ears its just a noise
Only a star like you can twinkle
Adunni you are a Queen
Only deserving of a King

No one else will do

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