How to leave comments on this blog (and other Google Blogs)

Hey! For sometime now, I’ve been getting emails and comments on other social media platforms from people about how they find it difficult making comments on this blog. Well, it’s not peculiar to this blog alone; if you can’t comment here, you won’t be able to make comments on some other top blogs like Linda Ikeji’s blog, Ogbonge Blog etc. It’s a problem all Google blogs have, we hope it’s rectified soon.

Now, let’s establish this fact; most people having issues making comments are people using the Operamini Browser or very small mobile devices, people using browsers on PCs or mobile browsers like UC browser, Safari, Google Chrome, Android mobile browsers etc. do not find it that difficult to make comments.

Okay, what’s the solution?

– To make comments on Google Blogs using operamini, first you have to disable the “Extreme Savings Mode” on your opera, then you follow the other steps I’ll outline in this post. If you can’t find “Extreme Savings Mode” on your operamini, it means you’re using a very low version, upgrade or just use one of the other top browsers I’ve mentioned.

– If you’re using other browsers on mobile devices like blackberry, Android, iPhones etc. which I’ll recommend you use instead of opera,  just read on.

Steps to make comments.

1. After reading the post, scroll to the comments box or click on “Add comment” or “Post comment” at the end of the post.

2. Choose the profile you want to use by clicking on “select profile” . I’ll suggest you choose the Google profile, if you don’t have, create one. But you can also comment with other accounts or even anonymous.

3. Type your comments and click on publish. If you didn’t choose the Google profile, it may ask you for verification (that’s why I advise you use the Google profile option, it’s easier and you won’t have to keep verifying always).


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So for verification, it may require you to just click on the box.

Or it may require you to also verify using images which may sometime be tedious at first but would be easier as you keep making comments.

After you click verify, it would show you if your verification was successful. Then your comment would be published.

If you can’t still make comments or the picture verification method is not displaying properly with other browsers (high mobile devices e.g blackberry, Android etc.), disable any “Data Savings Mode” and reload the page (Don’t worry, you can always enable your “Data Savings Mode” after making the comment.

This post would be updated if I find any new solution to add.

Try it now and let’s see if it works.


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