Vanity – Episode 36


Nana Yaw: Well sir judging from the time this barbaric incident took place my friend had been rusticated from the university for some examination malpractice and I never saw him again until about 6years ago when I came across him in a traffic jam.

Vanity – Episode 34


When Eddysongs got home he called Esi over to have a discussion with her.
Eddysongs: My dear so have you been hearing from your sister because I hardly hear you talk about her or even see you trying to communicate with her on phone.

Vanity – Episode 25

In the house of Adjoa Wusua the fumigating agency came over and with their experience in their job they smoked out 4 more kobras from the house which they killed immediately, one was seen under the bedsheet of Adjoa’s bed, another was seen in her wardrobe, then one in her kitchen cabinet then the last one…

Vanity – Episode 14

VANITY EPISODE 14 As Adjoa Wusua entered the eatry she spotted in the extreme corner Lawyer Ayibontey seated with a lady but the surprising thing was that lawyer had transformed his personality, he had visited the barbering saloon to trim his hair and moustache nicely. Lawyer Ayibontey was really looking…

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Vanity – Episode 10

VANITY EPISODE 10 Lawyer Ayibontey: Just imagine, this is preposterous, catastrophe, human malignancy, arrant nonsense my boy, this is unlawful detaintion of the highest order, are you aware my niece was supposed to be in the 3pm flight to the United States? Do you know the magnitude of harm you…

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