The Bet – Episode 21 (Finale)

THE BET EPISODE 21   ©Tisa Phiri   “You can’t scale a mountain in a single step, however, you can take on the challenge one step at a time. The same is true of most obstacles you face, no matter how mountain like they might seem to be, chose to…

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The Bet – Episode 20

THE BET Episode 20

©Tisa Phiri

“I don’t know what do anymore man, it’s hard for me to move on. the past week has been the longest and most lonely week of my life.

The Bet – Episode 19

THE BET Episode 19   ©Tisa Phiri   Dad and mom.. I have something to tell you. I want you to do something for me and I beg you to promise me this won’t be a problem.. What is it? Sonny Mr Kangwa answered as he stood next to his…

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The Bet – Episode 18

THE BET Episode 18

©Tisa Phiri

“Am ready now we can start off” Jack informed Lucy. She had insisted to go with him to the hospital. That afternoon she had taken time to prepare some food for James.

The Bet – Episode 17

THE BET Episode 17

©Tisa Phiri

“Oh no… you are Joking right?” James managed to ask Charity after minutes of being quite.
“I can’t joke over such a serious issue James.

The Bet – Episode 16

THE BET Episode 16

©Tisa Phiri

Months later….
Lucy had recovered and her pregancy was now showing, she was 7 Months up.

The Bet – Episode 15

THE BET Episode 15

©Tisa Phiri

James was still sleeping when his phone vibrated.. he sighed and opened his eyes to look at…

The Bet – Episode 14

THE BET Episode 14

©Tisa Phiri

“Do you think she’s really okey? ” Mrs Kangwa asked her husband when she hung up a call she had made to Lucy. she had been calling her since they left her.

The Bet – Episode 13

THE BET Episode 13

©Tisa Phiri

The whole week passed and James had not talked to Lucy. He could wake up early and prepare himself for work while she was still asleep or even ignore her whenever he was her up.

The Bet – Episode 12

Hey! Jack called Lucy, she sat on a couch her eyes focused on particularly nothing. She didn’t really feel at home..
In fact the moment the Kangwas left James got his keys to the car and headed out without a word.

The Bet – Episode 11

THE BET Episode 11

©Tisa Phiri

“Mama! Hey! ” The brothers called their mother as they got out of the vehicle. They had used Jame’s X5 that weekend.

The Bet – Episode 10

THE BET Episode 10

©Tisa Phiri

Welcome back Jammy, Jack welcomed his brother.. it was was almost getting dark when James walked to…

The Bet – Episode 9

THE BET Episode 9
©Tisa Phiri
Jack had left the farm after he had a talk with his mother. He had tried to buy his way out but she caught him up in his lies.

The Bet – Episode 8

©Tisa Phiri
Episode 8

He stood watching her as she talked, raising her hands and smiling broadly. she was great and beautiful…

The Bet – Episode 7

THE BET Episode 7

©Tisa Phiri

Jack woke up one morning after he had a fight with James.. he had insisted they both stopped playing the game on Lucy.. his brother wasn’t for the idea of stopping..

The Bet – Episode 6

THE BET Episode 6

©Tisa Phiri

A week passed and the game of the two brothers was getting intense everyday as they fought to get the attention of Lucy.
With James using his direct persuasion and Jack trying to play a gentle way of winning her over. for Jack however, it wasn’t a matter of the game. He had actually fallen in love with Lucy.

THE BET – Episode 5

“So how long are you guys visiting at the farm?” Lucy asked James as they moved.
“I thought of staying here for a week but since you are here I could spend some more time.. how about that? ” He smiled at her, his flirty eyes on her.

THE BET – Episode 4

THE BET Episode 4

©Tisa Phiri

“Good morning dear” Mr Kangwa greeted his wife the morning after the party. They had slept deeply afterwards being strained by the activities that took place the previous night.

THE BET – Episode 3

THE BET Episode 3

©Tisa Phiri

Lucy looked outside from here window as the vehicles drove in, “some visitors” she thought to herself.

THE BET – Episode 2

“Doc! Good afternoon,” Jack called Lucy from her back as she took her afternoon on the Ranch. She prefered calling it so cause the farm had more of cattle than any other animals, they had about 3000 heads and counting of cattle.

THE BET – Episode 1

On the cold Morning of July James and Jack walked along the road taking in the nice view of their big farm house and the environment.