Blinkered – Episode 18

He shook his head with so much empathy as he remained fixed at the door staring at his elder brother who held on to the window facing the city like a life-saver boat so lost in thoughts that he didn’t notice him come in. He had a slight inkling what is going on right now on Jerry’s mind and he could virtually feel the pain as well.

Blinkered = Episode 16


“Truly Jerry, you shouldn’t have bothered to drive me home” I said as Jerry pulled up in front of my gate. It was some minutes after 10pm. The ride has been quiet ever since, so I thought perhaps I could just break the deafening silence by saying something, anything!

Blinkered – Episode 12


Earlier this morning…
Tosin dragged himself into his bathroom slippers and headed towards the door.
“MTN Number you are trying to call is currently switched off, please…” Came out loudly from the speaker of the android phone in his hand. He hissed while the voice rattled on. He was really pissed off this time, maybe by that automated female customer care representative’s voice or by the painful fact that he is getting that answer for the umpteenth time this morning.

Blinkered – Episode 2

BLINKERED EPISODE TWO “Jake, you remember l have always told you to come back here. There are better opportunities here ?” Professor Arome Abuh beamed with ecstasy as he spoke into the receiver, joining his wife in the garden beside their house. The garden is small but it’s beautiful and…

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