No Room For Love – Episode 2

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No More Room For Love – Episode 2

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Andy sat two meters away from the bar, stole a few glances at the four friends sitting chatting happily.

He tried a number of times to stand up and pull a chair beside his ex-girlfriend who thought he was dead but failed to do that hence ruining his plans.

I really need to get Kate somehow signing my cheque again. I thought she would leave a lot of money for my fake family I introduced her to while we were dating, but she outsmarted me and all my plans faded into the darkness.

My new girlfriend, which I left Kate for, ditched me because I got nothing out of the game I played. She disappeared into thin air with the little money Kate paid for my fake surgeries and chemo. I thought she loved me. I should have hanged on to Kate.

I was in deep thought, when the waiter tapped me on the back, the men and lady on table four you asked me to watch are about to leave.

Just then, I knew I lost another chance. Andy you are a looser I said so many times in my head.

Clearing my tabs, I looked back and saw the back of someone who looks like Kate rushing out, I took one step forward in order to pursue her, then I saw a gentleman rushing out after her.

I followed suit. I got there and stood at the extreme end closer enough to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Hey Miss, I guess you were looking for this. He flashed the phone in Kate’s face standing a distance from her. How do you have my phone? Kate queried! You should be thanking me with a drink because I found this on time. Thank you, can I have it now, am already late, She said to the gentle man who insisted Kate had to buy him a drink. After several persuasions, they walked back in.

Still standing at my earlier position, I used the back door and quickly got to the bar before they had a sit.

I started cooking ideas in my head, as the smart Andy I am. I settled on a plan that I always used on Kate those days and she signs the cheques for me without even knowing it. I smiled wickedly to no other person than myself.

Bar man, one shot of baileys. Baileys was her favorite, when she is happy. I thought for a while and spiked the drink just enough to keep Kate slightly awake while I use my Andy tricks on her and get my cheque signed. If possible, I get to enjoy her and live her to the wolves. I hit my chest two times and said silently to myself; Andy you are finally rich.

I watched while she drunk the spiked drink, for a moment I thought they exchange drinks because the dude was just staring at her like a doll. I watched keenly for some few more minutes and Kate had stood up to leave.

I asked myself why the baileys has not taken effect on her yet. I followed just then I noticed the man he was with earlier was paying someone to drive her car to a destination I believe that was his or her next destination. Kate sat on the front seat, while holding her head in her hands, and then I knew the drug has started taking effect. I made to walk to him and say something so he release her to me but before I know it, he zoomed off.

Andy you cannot lose this opportunity, I assured myself. I got in my car and followed them, suddenly a tanker crossed us on a busy road and they disappeared to God knows where.

That was the last time I saw her, but I still have hope I may chance upon another plan, since the first before this one did not work.


I walked out of my room, feeling so lost as to how I got home after last night, then it dawned on me I was out with the boys and ended up laid by a total stranger.

During breakfast, I kept eating in bits while I thought about the events of last night; I remembered his face, which I want to forget. I cannot believe I finally screwed someone after 4years.

I want to forget, I murmured to myself and hit my head so hard, that my parents just stared at me, of course mum rushed from where she was seated with her spoon still in her hands, Darling are you okay, yes mum, just a hangover, I think I need coffee rather.

I excused myself from the table; I put a call through to my trio friends, who have become everything to me since my trio girlfriends betrayed me.

I had no man in my life, my dad would have been great to share my secrets with but he choose to be cold. I thought to myself silently.

Kate, you said it was important, yet you are silence as if we are in a cemetery. Anthon asked with so much anticipation in his voice.

Drake I think slept with someone last night, I said quickly avoiding his gaze. “Finally” Anthon and James blurted out. Drake on the other hand was sounding funny. How Kate! I mean we left together.

Remember you called and I did not pick up! Drake nodded to my statement with a little fury in his eyes.

Why is he getting worked up? I thought to myself. Then he resumed his speech.

So what happened that you had to reduce yourself to a total stranger? He was sounding now like my Dad. Drake I do not remember owing you an explanation as to who I sleep with. I said rather rudely.

Kate am sure drake is just concerned about you. James said looking to Anthon’s direction as if he wanted him to support his earlier reply. I shrugged and continued.

I went back after discovering I left my phone on the table on which we occupied that night but someone else booked the table. One thing led to another, I cannot remember all the details but I woke up realizing I just got laid. But I feel within me he acted on my permission.

You call that permission! Drake finally spoke up. I had forgotten he was still around. What then do you call it? I asked trying to piss him off.

Well I would blame it on the fact that i got drunk, but I was so sure I consented to whatever happened between us. I said shyly fidgeting with my fingers, while they looked on.

I will kill that son of a b**** who took advantage of you Kate. Drake relax no need to make a mountain out of a molehill. Drake’s funny attitude actually made my day.

Kate you could have landed in much bigger problem by following an unknown man into God knows where. he said sternly

The drive home from our chill out joint was rather silent. They dropped me home and Drake kissed me goodbye on the cheeks. I just smiled and went right ahead.

Blaming myself while i walked in over the fact that I broke my own set of rules when I was doing just fine. I hated myself since then, I did not want to sleep with a random person, but I reassured myself since I was not in love or about to move in with him, then am fine.

I was still in my thoughts when my dad’s voice came through, young girl; see me when you are free.

I instantly asked. What for? Is that how to talk to me. Daddy asked!

Dad I have all the time now, so go ahead, he started walking away, I followed repeating myself, talk to me now, or I will never be free Dad.

Sometimes I wonder if you are even my child, because you are stubborn just like your mum. He said hurting my ego.

That is why I want you out of this house, be prepared to meet your husband and his family tomorrow, he said again with a strong face and walked away, I just rooted at one point and my mouth opened wide.


I was so annoyed within myself after what dad said, mum kept smooching my back to remain calm.

Who is he to tell me who to spend my life with; I mean I have my own life to live.I do not need a man to add up to my baggage, some of these men are just out there to hurt you.

As he does to you all the time, Kate that is enough! My mum said with anger. Am sorry mum.

However, that is the truth mum; I do not know why you refuse to see it. I told my mum sternly.

Just tell me what you plan to do now because your dad is not going to take your rebellion this time slightly. He better does mum because I might kill him. You will do no such thing; you want to make me a widow? If it comes to it mum.

You do not know what you are saying she said rather so sure. Mom said. Mom why are you always on his side, I asked sadly but got no answers as usual.

Work the next day was so uncomfortable, as I kept thinking about the pig my Dad is bringing home. James however advised I should move out, which I cannot do leaving my mum behind.

It has been two weeks, and I thought when mum said she will talk to him, she succeeded and the matter had died down. I came back from work one evening, so exhausted to the point that, I just needed to sleep.

As soon as I entered, I saw three figures in our sitting room, at first I thought they were just dad’s friends; I greeted with my head down focused on my phone. Then Dad’s voice startled me.

Young girl, I believe you know how to greet properly; I raised my head that was when I saw him.

I stared confusedly for a while, and then I said sorry, Good evening!

Have a seat; my dad commanded in that his tone. I hesitated for a while, looked at my mum then I sat down.Per our discussion the last time, he is the man I want you to marry. Dad said pointing to his direction.

I did not utter a word, they kept exchanging pleasantries, and when it got to his turn to mention his name, I retorted, we already know each other.

They all glanced back at us, I could not tell which of us they were looking at but I could feel their gazes all over my face.

I heaved a deep sigh, probably staring at everyone seated. Sorry to disappoint you all, there is no way iam going to marry this man LovePeddler here, who follows everything in skirt and takes advantage of innocent ladies.

I finally said, looking in my mum’s direction. I saw the disappointment on her face and I mouthed am sorry in a regrettable manner. She just took her eyes off me as she normally does when she is so pissed off at me.

Kate! My dad shouted, would you shut that your filthy mouth before I do that for you.

To be continued



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