• Bhoomi

    Bhoomi – Prologue

    Bhoomi Prologue . . Extract from the story “Bhoomi!!, Bhoomi.., come and take the sweets to the market before they…

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  • Unwanted Twin

    Unwanted Twin – Prologue

    UNWANTED TWIN ( We don’t want a female child) By Three star Prologue If you say that something or someone…

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  • El Antiguo Guerrero

    El Antiguo Guerrero

      The first episode. Tales from the past.     Centuries ago, (unknown p.o.v)   The whole mountain has now…

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  • Identical

    Identical – Prologue

    IDENTICAL (Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)   Prologue By: Faith Lucky. Read the story of three identical sisters (triplets) who were…

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  • The Accidental Bride

    The Accidental Bride

    THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDE (Who’s the cook ? who’s the bride?) .. … Written by :- Williams Kendall PROLOGUE —– Eighteen…

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    CODELIA Subtle:- (Oops she’s a sex worker)   Genre:- Romance   Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.  …

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  • Until Death

    Until Death

    Until 💀☠️ death   Synopsis. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you all to our brand new world. A…

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