Not Married

Why Are You Not Married?

WHY ARE YOU NOT MARRIED? – John Chizoba Vincent A famous animal does not always fill the hunter’s basket. Why are you waiting for the pension that never comes? You can’t complain about not having shoes while the person you are talking to has no legs. Why don’t you want to hear the patter of little […]

Crime To Be Poor

It’s A Crime To Be Poor Here

IT IS A CRIME TO BE POOR HERE The other day I was listening to Olamide’s song “Poverty Die”. The chorus got me, it went into my veins, to my bone marrows; and I remembered how being poor here is a sin, how being poor here is a crime because you will be denied of […]



THE REAL SCARCITY Written by Kayode Okikiolu The time was 8pm, just 2 days to Christmas and I was about 6 cars, 10 motorcycles and 20 jerrycans away from the fuel pump of a certain filling station. My hopes of getting petrol was rapidly diminishing mainly because the place had become rowdy. People were crowded around […]



Written by Merit Ogbonna Hmm, I have a confession to make; … I hate weddings! Yes I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the jollof rice, the sallad, the free drinks, the couple entrance, all the fun, glamour, prewedding everything and the preparedness that comes with it, but there is one part of the […]