A WOMAN’S PROBLEM How I wish I could solve a woman’s problems with equation(s)… Each time I try, there is always no solution Their problems are like an equation: having multiple variables; You could only express one variable in terms of other variables. How I wish someone could just give me an explanation! Why are […]



HAPPY NEW YEAR A new year has come so soon It broke out of its shell with a deafening sound -booom!!! Autumn leaves have started falling The day which was benighted is now morning It didn’t come as a surprise As we’ve been expecting it like we’re expecting sunrise It will be a year everyone […]

Blue Light

Blue Light – Episode 2

Other Episodes Of Blue Light   A Story By Abhynha Yankey We drove home and left to our individual rooms. She came knocking on my door very early in the morning that she needed money for groceries. I gave her some unknown amount of money without asking her how much she would be needing. I […]

Tarasha Season 2

Tarasha 2 – Chapter 15 Part 2

Other Episodes Of Tarasha 2   ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel 10:45am NIS UNDERGROUND FACILITY Dan and the third man were now in the office with Dave. All three of them were seated quietly and working on their different tables. ‘Dave,’ Dan took a pause and looked at Dave’s face. ‘Yea?’ Dave replied. […]

The Jailbird


Other Episodes Of The JAILBIRD   ® 18+ SNVL © -Agyeman Crankson cannot believe what he has just seen. No, it can’t be possible. No man can do what Chris has just done to Bobo. Bobo Black is an expert, a power freak who also doubles as Mike’s sparring partner. He is strong, he is […]

Blue Light

BLUE LIGHT – Episode 1 (Romance)

  A Story By Abhynha Yankey The club glowed with red, blue and green laser beams emitting from the diodes rotating from the ceiling. One could but only admire the angular movements of these club girls for a moment. It was an usual Friday night where all clubs in Takoradi were jammed with clubbers. Some […]