The Game Changer

The Game Changer – Episode 5

The Game Changer Episode 5 by Tisa Phiri     ” hello guys!” I raised my hand to greet the four men.   ” hello.” They all responded their seriousness evident.   ” This is Steven Banda, former Captain Zambian Army. Worked under special ops too” Ackim introduced me.   ” Steve, meet Jim, from […]

Nothing Like Love

Nothing Like Love – Episode 18

©Blair Immediately he left the station,he thought of his mother’s weakpoint.And he remembered his dad,the only one that could break her backbone His tucked his hand into his pocket as he dailed his father’s number. Hello dad,I need your help. Son what’s the matter? It’s mum she. . Cuts him short. Am at the airport,come […]

The Jailbird

The Jailbird – Part 60

® 18+ SNVL © -Agyeman EYRAM’S RESIDENCE BOYS QUARTERS Chris and Junior walk out hand in hand after Effe. Junior had spent the weekend with Chris, and he is going back to school. Effe is going to Takoradi for a UN Seminar. As usual Junior is holding one of Chris’ big middle finger tightly, and […]


Wedding Night

I have waited for so long And thank God I’m still strong. Today is the D-day Please, there should be no delay. I can’t wait to be taken to another world Where my rod will be my sword. It’s not easy to wait Please, open the gate. I’m seriously in haste Please, dear, no time […]