Afraid to Love

Afraid To Love – Episode 20

By Patience Ahworegba 59 FEW DAYS LATER “Ma’am, so you’d be resigning after your marriage to Mr. Broderick?” Heather asked with inquisitive eyes. Purity laughed softly. “Yes. The distractions would be too much for me and I can’t work under him.” “Distractions?” Heather repeated. “I don’t understand.” With squinted eyes, Purity scanNed Heather intently. “Who […]

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By Miracle Quist Ayomikun I remember the times of mornings wherefore I awake with the hope of seeing your face that reflects the true beauty of the sun. . Ayomikun images stored in the crevices of my heart are driving me crazy as I long for a soothing balm provided by the warm kisses of […]