The Riley’s Triplets – Chapter 1 & 2


{Sophie, Sonia and Summer}

THEME: Their Prince Charming


By,Mide L.





Sophie just finished preparing for school when her personal maid,Nova came in carrying a tray containing a cup of tea.

“Here’s your hot coffee ma’am.” Nova said and Sophie looked at it in disgust.

” What’s this? ” She wrinkled her face like she’d seen sh*t.

“Coffee and it’s just the way you like it.” Nova replied and Sophie came closer taking the mug of coffee from the tray and bringing it towards her mouth but stopped halfway before pouring it all on Nova’s left shoulder, Nova who never expected that, screamed out in horror as the hot coffee burnt her skin.

“The face of the coffee isn’t attractive enough, make me another one.” Sophie said calmly, not remorseful at what she just did.

Nova left the room in tears meeting Summer standing outside the room.

“Good morning ma’am” she greeted her tearfully before walking away to get Sophie’s order, Summer looked at her affected skin and she sighed softly not saying a word before she left there too, heading for school.

She met Sonia at the sitting room, busy making a live video on her Instagram page and showing off her new tattoo which is on her right arm.


“Why the hell are you staring at me?” Sonia asked when she noticed Summer’s presence and she stopped her live video, Summer never answered her question before walking out of her and Sonia scoffed.


“Is she deaf and dumb?” She wondered aloud


Summer came down from her red car when she got to school

🗣️Hey Summer

🗣️You look so pretty this morning

🗣️Mind we become friends?

Summer still didn’t say anything till she got to class meeting her two friends, Piper and Mary and she walked up to them drawing out a smile.

“Good morning girls” she greeted them

“Hey Summer, you are looking so pretty today, what’s the secret?” Piper teased and Summer smiled

” No secret anywhere, just been my self as usual” she replied

” So how’s your mum’s health now? ” Mary asked and Summer’s face turned sour.

“Still the same” she replied.

“Oh baby,that must have really been hard anyway will you be available this afternoon?” Piper asked.

” Available for what?”

” I and Mary wants to go for shopping immediately after school” Piper replied pouting.

” I won’t be available,I hope to visit my mum at the hospital” she said

” I guessed right. Summer we have a gist for you” Mary suddenly said,her face lighting up.

” Still it out already,I’m dying for one.”


“A new Guy came today,you should have seen this guy I’m talking about coz he’s just too cute,I’m really hoping he’s in our class” Mary said dreamily.


” Where’s the guy in question?” Summer asked.


“I think he’s in the school authority’s office” Piper replied.


” Where are your other sisters? School is so boring without them,” Mary said and Summer kept quiet as expected.




Outside, Sonia just arrived coming out of her Ferrari car in style,”hello bitches!” She shouted turning everyone’s attention on her


🗣️I enjoyed your live video this morning


🗣️I love your new tattoo


🗣️You are my role model


🗣️Oh look at that sexy curve


Sonia smiled satisfactorily enjoying whatever they are saying about her and it went like that till another Ferrari car halted at the school and Sophie came out of it.


“What madness is going on here?” Came her voice and Sonia looked at her


“What do you mean?” Sonia asked back looking so ready for whatsoever is to come, students has already surrounded them already with their phones since they are so sure a fight will ensue as usual.


“I don’t repeat myself twice” Sophie said flipping her hair back and forth proudly.


“You really gat some nerves huh?” Sonia scoffed.


“And why should you bring like my car today?”


” You are so unbelievable,so because you brought a Ferrari car today,no one else should bring theirs?” Sonia asked


” Yes coz nobody competes with Sophie” she said and Sonia laughed out


” And who the hell are you?”


“I’m Sophie Riley,the first child of the Riley’s,the most beautiful and also the brilliant one, does that rings a bell?” Sophie said proudly.


” I seriously hate the fact that we bear same surname” Sonia said in disgust


“The feeling is mutual baby,I have more important things to do than talk to you,you don’t worth my time and saliva,whore” She added and that got Sonia furious that she didn’t hesitate before giving her a slap which Sophie returned immediately and a fight started between them,both dragging each other’s hair until Sonia pulled away.


“Don’t you ever call me a whore,I hate you!” She yelled you her and walked away angrily.


” I hate you more” Sophie said back while arranging her already scattered hair




Back in class, everyone has come on since the bell has been rang for first period. Their English teacher came in with a new boy and everyone couldn’t stop murmuring


🗣️Wow who is he?


🗣️He’s cute


🗣️A newcomer?


🗣️Now I see a reason why I should come to school everyday


“I want perfect silence”Mrs Grey said and everyone kept quiet.


” Good. Here with me is your new classmate,I will leave him to introduce himself to y’all” Mrs Grey said and the new boy took over.


” I’m Jeremy Kingsley” he simply said.


Mrs Grey looked around for a vacant seat until Sophie spoke up,” There’s a vacant seat here” Sophie said and everyone looked surprised since she doesn’t like sharing her seat with anyone.


“Go on and seat with Sophia” she said and Jeremy did as he was told.


” Hey” Sophie greeted immediately he sat down


“Hi” he greeted back without looking at her


Sophie didn’t stop stealing glances at him throughout this teaching.


“Good day everyone” Mrs Grey said and left the class.


” Did you enjoyed her teaching?” Sophie asked turning to him fully.


” Yes”


” I’m glad you did” Sophie said and he smiled slightly


” Why don’t we hang out later after school,just to know each other better?” She suggested


” It’s not possible,I have somewhere to be”


“Wait you just rejected my offer?” Sophie asked looking disappointed


” Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?” He asked looking lost


“I guess you don’t know me, I’m Sophie Riley” she introduced but he didn’t seem fazed


” So?”


” Wait what?”


“Stop forcing yourself on him, he’s clearly not interested” Sonia said coming into the scene.


” And who invited you here in the first place?” Sophie fired at her


” Ain’t here for you but the new boy,hey new boy my name is Sonia. I don’t have friends but I’m friends with everyone so you aren’t exceptional” she introduced and Jeremy stared at her.


“Okay” he said before walking out of the class.


“If you are trying to seduce him,just know it can’t work” Sophie said and Sonia rolled her eyes at her before going to her comfort zone.




At the library, Jeremy was reading a novel when Summer came in. She saw him seated at a table and she decided to join him.


“Hey can I join you on this table?’ she asked quietly and he nodded


“So you read novels?” She asked him after 10 minutes of silence.


” Yeah why not?”


“It’s rare to see guys read novels. So which school were you attending before you came here?” Summer asked trying to keep the conversation going.


“A school at Florida,I moved to California just recently with my family” he replied


” So you are from Florida?” She asked


” Nope but I was born in Florida and now I’m back to my hometown” he said


” Sounds cool,your girlfriend will really miss you though”


” Too bad I don’t have one” he said pouting and they laughed.


” Hey I didn’t even catch your name”


“Oh I’m Summer by name”


” Hmm… Summer” he said thoughtfully.


Sophie entered the library with her friends,Emma and Raven and she frowned when she saw Summer and Jeremy together


“Wow your sister is talking to the new boy already” Emma said


” Summer wants me and I to fight” Sophie said fuming in anger


” Do you like the guy?” Raven asked but Sophie ignored her question walking towards them. Summer looked up to see Summer coming closer to them.


“What right do you have to talk to him? You should stay away from me coz he’s mine” Sophie said possessively


” Is this playing? How am I yours when I barely know you, in fact I’m out of here” Jeremy said packing his stuffs before leaving


“Sophie what’s your problem?”


“You are my problem. Summer let’s not start this,stay away from this guy coz I know what you are planning”


” What am I planning? So I can’t talk to someone in peace anymore”


” It better be just talking between you guys or else” Sophie warned before walking back to her friends


Summer also left the library and she met Sonia on her way out, just staring at her she felt really guilty and her conscience was really pricking her


“What is it?” Sonia asked


“I’m sorry” she said and left leaving Sonia confused


“Sorry for what exactly?”









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