The Riley’s Triplets – Prologue



🥀{Sophie, Sonia and Summer}🥀

GENRE: Highschool and College Romance

TAGS: Unrequited love, high school, competitions, obsession, hatreds, S£x,betrayals, secrets, death, Romance, Love triangle, Love, Music

THEME: Their Prince Charming💕

By, Mide L.



•Sophie Riley, the first of the triplets, she’s very beautiful and anyone can attest to that , and to top it all she’s also very brilliant but what spoilt the whole thing is that she’s a bully and a spoilt brat.


•Sonia Riley, the second of the triplets, the baddie herself and the queen of CrownStar High School.


She’s a type of person who finds joy in drinking and smoking, she just can’t do without it.



She has sexy curves that drives almost all the guys crazy and a almost perfect face that looks so adorable


It isn’t surprising that she’s not a Virgin at the age of 18, well she lost it when she was 13 though not intentionally.


•Summer Riley, the last of the triplets, the cool and most quiet among them all,she prefers to be indoor all day as long as she’s with her phone





The there sisters are also the daughters of one of the richest men in California. The triplets aren’t identical in anyway, infact they detest each day especially Sophie and Sonia. There’s no single love among them and that worsened when something came into their lives…


Who is the person?


How did the person worsened the relationship of the triplets?


Will the triplets learn to love one another?


Let’s find out together and let me take you on a ride to eternity 😉


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