SAVAGE LOVE – Episode 75 & 76

{ ...Thief Of Hearts... }

{ …Thief Of Hearts… }

𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑴𝑬: 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒇𝒊𝒐𝒔𝒐’𝒔 𝑴𝒖𝒔𝒆


By, Ariel Mirabel


“That’s enough, I think you’ve wasted enough oxygen on this earth. Don’t you think so?” Amour raised a brow

Cheetah smirked. “Make me stop then, if you can” Cheetah said, coming closer to Amour.

“Is it a challenge? I accept it then” Amour said and Cheetah immediately attacked Amour but she blocked her kick with her arm and let out a sly smirk before punching Cheetah’s face.

And like that a deadly fight began both of them as they threw dangerous blows at each other.



“Today is really boring” Indigo yawned.

“Since there’s nothing to do, I guess I’ll be going then” Vitto said before leaving the lab while whistling.

Indigo turned to Scythe who stood up to leave too. She immediately stood up and blocked his path.

“What?” Scythe asked confusedly

“Why are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?” Indigo asked.

“What are you talking about?” Scythe furrowed his brows

“Ever since we kissed, you’ve been avoiding me. You didn’t like the kiss we shared? Is it because I’m not your type” Indigo asked at once.

Scythe who looked confused at first slowly smiled.

“I’m not ignoring you, I’m just trying to set boundaries to what I feel for you” Scythe said.

“Huh?” Indigo muttered with her heart already fluttering in anticipation.

“I love you Indigo” Scythe said and Indigo’s eyes widened. “But I don’t want anything to ruin our friendship so I think it’s better I end it” Scythe said and smiled.

“Have a nice day” He patted her shoulder and began walking off.

“What if I love you too!” Indigo blurted out and Scythe stopped on his tracks.

Indigo turned to face him. “I love you too” She muttered.

Scythe turned and their eyes met. Indigo took in her lower lips before closer to him, looking as shy as ever.

“Let’s… Let’s da-”

Scythe immediately slammed his lips against hers, kissing her hungrily. He was about to interrupt her words but the moment she did that with her lips, he immediately lost it.

He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer, their chest slamming against each other.

Indigo’s eyes widened but it was just for seconds as she closed her eyes and began responding to the kiss with the same hunger.

Her hand got tangled in his hair as their lips moved against each other with her standing on her toes.

Scythe lifted her up and placed her on the desk before him so he relish better on those lips.

Their lips made sound as they broke the kiss, resting their forehead against each other as they caught their breath

“I missed those lips” Scythe breathed out with closed eyes and Indigo smiled.

“So… Does that means we’re, yunno a thing?” Indigo asked shyly.

Scythe couldn’t help but smile at how cute she looked. He cupped her cheek and pressed his lips on her forehead before nodding.

Indigo smiled widely, her heart couldn’t stop hammering against it’s ribcage.



“So you took me away because of this? Why are we even doing this?” Raven asked with a frown on her face as she glared at Saint who was before her.

A smile on was playing on Saint’s lips as he applied make-up on her face. The makeup was light and looked natural.

“I just want to know how you’ll look like if you decided to look like a girl” Saint replied her question.

“Besides, who thought you all this.” Raven said, referring to the makeup he was putting on her.

“I have a sister remember? So I use her face to do my experiment and with time I learned it” Saint said, opening the lip gloss.

He applying it on her lips and Raven froze when it touched her lips. She began staring at his face but immediately looked away.

“Done” Saint said and shifted away to take a look at her. He immediately bursted out in laughter.

“What?” Raven asked.

“You look even worse” Saint laughed.

Raven glared at him then immediately went to the vanity table to check her face. The makeup was actually nice on her but Saint laughter made her think it was bad.

She turned and glared at Saint who was still laughing at her. “You!!” She exclaimed and made to hit him but Saint dodged.

She made to hit him again and he dodged again. His laughter rented the room as he kept dodging her attacks till he stumbled against the bed stand and fell on the bed.

Raven straddled him and placed a hand on his neck, pinning him down while her other hand was raised up in tight fist as she glared at him

“Laugh one more time and I’ll ruin your face” Raven said

Saint whose eyes was wide in surprise at first, slowly smiled. “You look beautiful” He muttered and Raven’s eyes widened

She immediately forgot she was angry as all she did was stare at him. Saint held her hand on his next and swiftly switched positions with him on top.

He cupped her cheek and Raven immediately froze. She couldn’t understand why she always feels this way each time he compliments her or smile at her. She always feel weak, like her brain temporarily stopped working.

“You might find it weird but I think I love you” Saint said and Raven blinked her eyes.

“What is love?” She whispered

“This” Saint said and closed his eyes, claiming her lips in a soft kiss.

Raven’s eyes widened when she felt like some sort of electric wave course through her body. Her heart raced as Saint moved his lips on hers.

He pulled away slowly, maintaining eye contact with her. Raven’s gaze went to his lips before looking at his face

“Do… Do it again, what you just did” Raven said.

Saint immediately pressed back his lips against hers and Raven closed her eyes.


“Argh!!” Cheetah spatted out blood when Amour landed a kick on her tummy. She crumpled to the floor

Amour cleaned the blood coming out of her mouth while breathing heavily as she advanced at Cheetah.

“You were trained for years by Godfather yet you’re so weak. Is it with this strength you expect to beat me?” Amour smirked and stepped on Cheetah’s back.


Amour pulled Cheetah up by her hair, so Cheetah could look at her.

“You were on the phone with someone, who is it?” Amour asked and Cheetah smirked despite the traces of blood on her lips.

“You’ll soon find out” She said and swiftly brought out the knife from her pocket then swung it at Amour

Amour was swift to dodge but it took her left arm, leaving a long cut on her arm that bleed. Cheetah stood back up and held her knife tightly. With a smirk on her lips she launched at Amour, swinging the knife at Amour

Amour dodged each of her attacks and grabbed her hand the moment the knife was coming for her face.

She twisted Cheetah’s arm and hit the knife off Cheetah’s hand before hitting Cheetah’s face with her elbow.

Cheetah staggered back and before she could recuperate from the hit Amour gave her a punch on the face

Cheetah punched Amour’s face back before she tackled Cheetah down.

Cheetah’s gaze went to the knife beside her and she immediately picked it then stabbed Amour’s hand

“Argh!!” Amour staggered back as her arm bled.

Cheetah stood up with a smirk on her lips. She dipped in her hand to bring out another knife.

With great pains, Amour pulled out the life from her arm and flew it at Cheetah.

Cheetah who distracted for a splitting second didn’t see the knife flying her direction and before she could see it_

“Aaarrrggghhh!!!!” She let out an agonizing cry when the knife hit the bullseye… Or should I say Cheetah’s eye

“My eye!!!!!!” Cheetah screamed when the knife fell down with Cheetah’s left eye bulb sticking at the tip.

Blood began pouring down from her eye that way gorge out. She looked up at Amour who was advancing towards her

Cheetah placed her hand on her bleeding eye and immediately ran away. Her phone off her pocket as she ran like her life depended on it.

Amour tore a piece of her clothing and tied it to her wound to stop the bleeding she picked the knife and smirked when she saw Cheetah’s eye sticking to it.

Cheetah’s phone began ringing and she glanced at it. She took the phone and picked the call

“We’re here already” Rexton’s voice was heard and Amour’s eyes widened.

No… Does that means Cheetah is now working with Rexton?

Amour immediately threw down the phone and ran after Cheetah

“Hello? Hello? Hello!” The voice came from the phone that was on the ground.



Aurelio paces to and fro in his room. The man just told him everything about his sister and the asylum she was kept in.

He was shocked, excited and happy. If it’s true then that will be the greatest news of his life.

But that wasn’t actually what making his pace through the room. He has been dialing Amour’s number non stop and she isn’t picking.

He was getting more worried as the minute passed. She should be back by now right?

Something felt off and when Aurelio couldn’t longer handle it, he grabbed his car keys and rushed out of the room immediately



Godfather could be seen drinking whiskey as he sat on the couch in his room. Ever since the incident at the meeting room, his mind has been running wild.

Aurelio is his actual son?

What if what Aurelio said was true and Evelyn was threatened to leave him? Does that means he kílled the only woman who had ever loved him.. He kílled his daughter too?

Guilt began to eat him up at that thought. He adopted Aurelio to ease his pains not knowing that he was the one who caused him pain.

He was still lost in his thoughts when a gunshot was fired, jolting him up. He began looking around

“What was that?”


Cheetah kept running while placing her hand on her eye that didn’t stop bleeding. Her blood had already wetted her body and it was now wetting the ground.

She turned and her eyes widened when she saw Amour chasing after her.

Some troops of guards were passing and they stopped when they saw Cheetah’s state


“What happened to you”

Almost immediately Amour caught up with Cheetah. The guards immediately aimed their guns at Amour.

“What did you to Cheetah. Spy!!”

“She’s the spy, she’s the one who set Rexton free and is working for him. They’re planning an attack on this clan!! We need to-”

Amour didn’t finish her words when they heard gunshots outside and almost immediately, screams rented the whole of the clan as people ran helter skelter

👥 Help!!

👥 We’re getting attacked!!!

Cheetah used that opportunity to run away.

“F**k! It’s too late” Amour hissed.

“Give me your gun” She said to one of the guards.


“Give me your f**king gun!!” Amour cut him off.

He immediately gave her the gun without further question.

“They’re maids and gardeners in this clan. Evacuate then safely out of this clan and inform the others about the attack” Amour said and they nodded.

Amour immediately ran off.


Cheetah stopped to catch her breath when she got at the open air. At this rate she was losing too much blood plus the excruciating pain coming from her missing eye weakened her a lot

For the first time in her life, she experienced what was fear and it was none than the fear of Amour

She touched her pocket and her eyes widened when she couldn’t feel her phone.

“Looking for your phone?”

Cold chills ran through her spine when she heard that voice. Like a slow mo, she turned to see Amour pointing the gun at her with a devilish smile on her face.

“Please… Have mercy” Cheetah immediately muttered and Amour laughed

“Mercy? Since the day I came in this clan, have you ever shown me mercy?” Amour smirked

Cheetah immediately went down to her knees.

“Please spare my life. I beg you, please” Cheetah began begging.

Amour clicked her gun, advancing towards her.

“Say your last words” Amour muttered

Cheetah placed her hand on the ground, looking down. When Amour was about to pull the trigger, she Cheetah immediately scooped sand in her hand and threw it at Amour’s face.

“F**k!” Amour hissed when the sand entered her eye.

Cheetah immediately stood up and launched to grab the gun from Amour but Amour wasted no time in pulling the trigger

Cheetah’s eyes widened when the bullet took her tummy. She stood frozen on her spot, staring at Amour with wide eyes.

“B*tch!” Amour spatted and shot her on the forehead then on her heart.

Cheetah immediately drop down déad with her eyes wide open.

Amour breathed heavily as she looked down Cheetah’s body. “Finally” She said.

Amour immediately froze when she felt a gun pointed at her forehead from behind.

Who is it? She didn’t even hear him come? Only one person can be able to move in silence.

The figure smirked and leaned for her neck

“We meet again… Lady of my heart” He whispered.

“Rexton…” Amour muttered without turning

Rexton smiled, holding his gun pointed on her head from behind

➪… 𝗧𝗕𝗖🩶…➪


  1. Aurelio,viper and the rest should come on time to save Amour from Rexton before it will be too late

    And goodbye to Cheetah and all her nonsense

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