SAVAGE LOVE – Episode 73 & 74

{ ...Thief Of Hearts... }

{ …Thief Of Hearts… }

𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑴𝑬: 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒇𝒊𝒐𝒔𝒐’𝒔 𝑴𝒖𝒔𝒆


By, Ariel Mirabel

✰{ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐇 (𝟐) }✰

He brought out his gun, aiming it at Godfather head

“How could you do this to me!!” Aurelio said

His eyes was bloodshot, both in rage and the feeling of getting betrayed.

“Aurelio!!” Cleopatra exclaimed. One could see if care isn’t taken, he’s going to pull the trigger.

Godfather stared at Aurelio with a shocked look on his face. His lips got bursted and was bleeding

Amour barged in the room and rushed to the scene. The guards who went after her immediately stopped when they saw the scene before them.

“Aurelio, please bring down the gun” Amour held his hand but Aurelio was still obstinate.

“Everyone, leave” Godfather said without taking his eyes off Aurelio.

“But-” Cheetah who made to protest was stopped by Viper

“You heard what Godfather said” Viper said and dragged her out.

The rest followed, leaving just Aurelio, Amour and Godfather.

“Aurelio, drop the gun!” Amour pleaded and Amour finally relented.

Aurelio looked at Godfather and ran his hands through his hair.

“Let me guess, you found out I ordered that wretched woman to be kílled” Godfather smirked.

“How dare you!” Aurelio pointed back his gun at him then clicked the gun, ready to sh00t.

“You really wanna sh00t me because of her? Do you have any idea of who she is!! I instead did you a favor!!” Godfather yelled, standing up.

Aurelio and Godfather began glaring at each other. The tension in the room even became more intense.

“That woman… Do you have any idea of what she did to me” Godfather muttered, his voice lowering.

Aurelio clenched his fist tighter unto the gun.

“Did you ever ask me why I never approved of your relationship with this girl? It’s not just about her being a spy. It’s because I don’t want you do the same mistake as me!! Falling in love with someone who’ll only break you at the end!!” Godfather raised his voice.

“Huh?” Aurelio raised his brows.

“A couple of decades back when I was around your age, a lady arrived this clan as a maid. With the purest smile I’ve ever seen, eyes that could melt any cold heart. She became my personal maid and I fell in love with her. I loved her with everything in me, gave her everything she wanted and she loved me back too.. Well I thought she did” Godfather muttered.

“I woke up one day to see she ran away with some of the clan’s wealth and left a note behind. It was all just all a facade from her, it was all just a lie for a her to get to my wealth and once she had what she wanted, she left. So I did what I had to do, I ended her” Godfather said with a dark look on his face

The gun fell off Aurelio’s hand, making a thud sound of the ground as he looked at Godfather in shock.

No way, there’s no way his mother did all this. His mother was the sweetest woman ever, she wouldn’t do such a thing to him.

Aurelio’s eyes widened when another fact hit his head hard. His mind suddenly went to one of his discussion with his mother when she was still alive.



7 years old Aurelio could be seen resting his head on his mother’s thigh as she stroke his hair with a warm smile on her lips

His twin sister was seen playing with the flowers.

“Mom..” Aurelio suddenly call

“A family is made up of a the kids, mother and the father. Why is ours different? Why don’t we have a father?” Aurelio asked.

Evelyn smiled as she stroke his hair. A tinge of sadness could be seen behind that smile

“Let’s say our family wasn’t meant to be complete. Some bad guys were against our bond and in order for peace to reign sometimes you have to be the bad person” Evelyn said and Aurelio nodded, even though he understood nothing of what she said

“Lio..” Evelyn muttered.

“When you grow up and you one day meet your father. Please don’t hate him, okay?” Evelyn smiled

“Mom, why are you crying?” Aurelio muttered and Evelyn cleaned the tears, she didn’t know escaped her eyes.

“It’s nothing. Let’s join Amelia” Evelyn said and they joined Aurelio’s sister to play


Aurelio blinked twice, coming back to reality. He shook his head in disbelief, now it all makes sense to him

Without warning, he landed another punch on Godfather’s face.

“Aurelio!” Amour gasped.

“So because of that, you ended her life? Did you even love her in the first place!! What if she was forced to leave you? What if she was threatened! What if she actually had kids!!” Aurelio yelled, tears could be seen in his eyes.

Godfather’s eyes widened. “A son?”

“You killed my mother and my sister..” Aurelio said with a broken voice and Godfather’s eyes widened beyond compare.

Does that means Aurelio is his real son? He adopted his real son without knowing? Evelyn had a daughter too? He killed his own daughter too?


“I’d never had imagine this will be how I’ll get to know who’s my real dad. Had I known I’ll have never wished to have one” Aurelio said.

“You have no idea of how I despise you right now.. Believe me, the next time our paths cross.. You’ll díe!” Aurelio spatted and stormed out

“Aurelio!” Amour went after him

Godfather stormed on the chair with his eyes so wide, it was almost popping out.

Viper and the rest who were outside, waiting to know what will happen watched as the door swung open at full force and Aurelio stormed out of the room without sparing anyone a glance nor word

“Aurelio!!” Amour made to go after him but Flame suddenly held her wrist, stopping her.

“Just let him be. I don’t know what’s happening but I feel like he needs some alone time” Flame said

Amour looked at Flame before looking at Aurelio’s car that was already leaving the clan

Amour bit her lips and sighed loudly.



Aurelio’s car roughly drove inside the mansion and he got down the car. Tears was still blinding his eyes as he walked to the entrance of the building but before he got to the entrance, he fell to his knees as he cried even more

There’s nothing he has ever thirsted for more than vengeance, to kíll all those who were responsible for the déad of his mother and sister and now that he found out, it turns out to be his father whom he had also wished he knew.

Aurelio looked up at the sky as the memory of his childhood flooded his mind with the tears dropping off his eyes.

What does he do now?

The only thing that could calm his anger is if he transferred his anger to something and luckily there’s something,, or should I say someone.

Aurelio stood up and immediately walked in the mansion



Amour walked through the garden in the mansion, she didn’t know she was ever going to miss this place but strangely she does

“Amour!!” Someone screamed her name from behind and before Amour could turn the person jumped on her, hugging her tightly

Amour smiled and hugged her back. “CoCo” Amour smiled.

“I missed you so much!! You had no idea how scared I was, I thought something would have happen!! I thought I would have lost another friend!!” Coralyn said loudly, already crying.

“I’m fine, don’t worry” Amour rubbed her back soothingly.

“Are you sure you’re okay? What about those bruises they gave you?” Coralyn asked, checking her out.

“I’m completely fine” Amour smiled and Coralyn smiled too.

She looked up to see Raven who was standing not far from them, looking at her. She immediately looked away and began leaving when Amour looked at her.

“Give me few minutes” Amour said and immediately went after Raven

“Sis!” Amour suddenly hugged her from behind

“Get away from me would you?” Raven pushed her away with a deep frown on her face

“Is it me or do you look flustered” Amour grinned and Raven rolled her eyes.

“Thank you for trying to help me.” Amour smiled

“Don’t think too much, it’s because of Boss Demetrius I did it” Raven rolled his eyes and Amour bit her lips.

“Raven.. He is déad” Amour muttered and Raven’s eyes widened

Raven made to speak but Saint suddenly appear

“Hey there” Saint smiled and Amour smiled back

“Can I take Raven with me? I want to show her something” Saint said and Amour nodded

Saint immediately took Raven away. From the look on her face, she had something to say but was too shocked to speak

“Amour” Flame walked to Amour who smiled

“I didn’t realize I missed you all so much” Amour muttered.

“I’m glad you chose him over the mission” Flame said

“And I hope you do same Flame, you deserve to be happy. Besides Demetrius is history” Amour held Flame’s shoulder

“Yes, but with him gone another menace has risen… Rexton” Flame said

“What?” Amour raised a brow

“Rexton escaped and with Demetrius gone means he’s now the new leader. You know he has this unhealthy obsession with you right? Besides it’s not just it, I feel like someone helped him escape” Flame said

“It’s Cheetah” Amour said without hesitation and Flame furrowed her brows.


“Cheetah told me herself. She helped him escape” Amour said

“You guys should keep an eye on her. Her obsession for Aurelio and power will lead her to a place that will be the end of her” Amour said.

“I need to go now. Aurelio might be-”

“Cheetah was the one who poisoned you” Flame muttered and Amour’s eyes widened

“Cheetah poisoned you then. She’s the one responsible for your miscarriage” Flame muttered and Amour’s eyes widened even more

So it’s Cheetah, she’s the reason why she lost her baby. The reason why she almost lost her life

Amour folded her fist tightly and before Flame could speak anymore, she walked out

“Wait, Amour!”



“Please, don’t do this to me. Please spare me, I beg you” Arthur begged Aurelio who didn’t look like he was going to give him a listening ear

A small cage was placed on his belly with three huge mouse on his tummy. His hands and legs were tied down and he was made to lay on the table.

The man had so many bruises on his face and body, given to him by Aurelio.

“Godfather ordered you to kíll just my mother. Why did my sister do to you then?” Aurelio sneered angrily

He place a hot iron on top of the cage. The heat made the mouse to become alert as they sensed danger so they began finding a way to escape the cage and the only way to escape was to eat through the man’s belly so the began biting and gnawing on his body

“Please!! No!! I beg you!!” The man began screaming and struggling and screaming in vain

In no time the mouse are going through eat out his intestines.

“Stop!! No!! She’s alive!!” The man screamed out in fear.

Aurelio looked at him. “What?”

“Your mother died, but your sister is alive. The bullet didn’t ki*ll her, I noticed at the last minutes that she was alive so I took her at the hospital!! She’s currently at an asylum!!” The man said in a rush

Aurelio’s eyes widened. His sister is alive??



At the hallways of the cellroom, Cheetah could be seen standing there making a phone call. It was the only place that had nobody around anyways

“There’s chaos in the clan and Godfather is not stable too. So I think this period of time is the best moment to attack, don’t worry I’ll take care of Viper” Cheetah said on the phone

“Great, anything else?”

“Not really, it’s just that-” Cheetah stopped talking when she heard noise behind her.

She turned to see Amour approaching her slowly with a smile on her face, a smile that held nothing but danger in it

“You” Cheetah smirked, lowering her phone.

“Constantly trying to sabotage me, you tried to turn Aurelio against me, you even lied on me and I was almost beheaded, now I hear you made me lose my baby” Amour laughed. Her laughed fell completely the next second.

“That’s enough, I think you’ve wasted enough oxygen on this earth. Don’t you think so?”

➪… 𝗧𝗕𝗖🩶…➪

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  1. This episode is very interesting
    So many mysteries unraveled

    But I don't want to think of what Amour could do to Cheetah right now
    And happy that Aurelio's sister is still alive

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