Never Been Kissed – Chapter 1

Never Been Kissed by Daisy Sam

Chapter 1

A crimson blush bloomed across Amelia’s cheeks as she watched Ethan Walker saunter down the hallway. Sunlight glinted off his golden hair, and his smile, a secret code only a select few ever cracked, was on full display. Amelia, however, remained firmly on the outside looking in. At seventeen, she was the only girl in her senior class who had never been kissed. Not a peck on the cheek, not a clumsy middle school smooch, nothing.

Ethan was the epitome of high school royalty. Captain of the football team, effortlessly charming, and rumored to have a different date every Friday night. Amelia, on the other hand, was perfectly content hiding behind the stacks in the library, nose buried in a fantasy novel. Their worlds rarely collided, except for during English class, where they were inexplicably assigned as partners for a Shakespearean sonnet project.

Dread coiled in Amelia’s stomach as Mr. Davies announced the pairings. Ethan’s smile faltered for a brief moment, his eyes landing on Amelia for the first time all semester. She braced herself for a smirk, a joke, anything. Instead, he simply shrugged and muttered, “See you after school, Shakespeare.”

The rest of the day crawled by. Amelia envisioned the project turning into a social minefield, navigating Ethan’s confident charisma with all the grace of a baby giraffe on roller skates. After the final bell, she lingered, hoping Ethan would forget their meeting.

Of course, he didn’t. He found her huddled behind a bookshelf, rereading “Romeo and Juliet” for the hundredth time. “Ready, Juliet?” he asked, his voice devoid of its usual arrogance.

Amelia mumbled an affirmative, surprised by the gentle tone. They settled at a table in the empty library, an unspoken truce hanging between them. To her further surprise, Ethan turned out to be surprisingly insightful, his comments sharp and witty. Their shared passion for Shakespeare created a bridge, leading to a conversation that flowed far more naturally than Amelia anticipated.

Hours melted away before them. When the library closed, they blinked in surprise, the outside world bathed in the orange glow of sunset. Ethan, uncharacteristically flustered, offered to walk her home. As they reached her doorstep, the awkward silence returned.

“So,” Ethan began, scratching the back of his neck, “about that sonnet…”

Amelia forced a smile. “Sure, see you tomorrow.” Just as she was about to turn the knob, Ethan stopped her. “Wait,” he said, a hesitant question in his eyes. “Do you, uh, do you want to maybe…grab a coffee sometime?”

Amelia’s heart jumped into her throat. Was he asking her out? On a date? A flicker of something new ignited in her chest, something that felt suspiciously like hope.

“Yeah,” she finally managed, a genuine smile spreading across her face. “I’d like that.”

Ethan grinned, a genuine one this time, that reached his eyes. “Great,” he said, his voice a touch lower. “See you then, Shakespeare.” And with that, he turned and walked away, leaving Amelia with a dizzying feeling of possibility swirling in her stomach.


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