MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 69 & 70

Addicted To You

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel

✮(𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓕𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝓡𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓭)✮


“How do you want your déath… Slow and Painful or Fast and Gruesome?”

Marco’s eyes widened. He began peeing on himself out of fear.



Inside a big room, stood Marco with his head down. His was raised up and was chained, leaving Jos body to dangle around.

Marco’s eyes immediately swung open as a gasp escaped his lips immediately. He looked around to see he was inside a room.

“I’m.. I’m alive” He muttered, breathing heavily.

“Not for long though” A voice sounded and his heart fell inside his tummy

He swiftly turned to his right to see Mamba sitting on a chair with a key in his hands.

“B.. Boss”

“Rather than waste it, use your last moment of your life to begin God for forgiveness” He said then looked at the key in his hand.

Marco looked front and he immediately shivered when he saw a lion inside a cage.

“B-Boss… I’m sorry!! I swear I just had a moment of weakness when I saw the money. I haven’t even touch a single dime in it… Just spare my life and I’ll return the money to you… Please, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do but just forgive me boss, please!!” Marco began begging.

Mamba stood up from his seat then walked to him, the sound coming from the key echoed inside the big room

“What assures me that you won’t run away if I let you go. Besides I have goons more competent than you, you’re as good as useless so why should I let you live” Mamba said then stopped in front of Marco

“Give me one… Just one thing useful in your so pathetic life then I’ll let you live” Mamba smirked.

Marco swallowed hard as beads of sweat ran down his back. His widened when he remembered something.

“It’s above your son! Boood!” Marco immediately said




Harmony just concluded a song and Barbie with Kaylee immediately began clapping loudly for her.

“Thank was perfect! How did you manage to hit such a high note” Kaylee gushed.

“Are you sure it’s okay? Gosh I’m so nervous!” Harmony said, walking up and down in her room.

The final round of the survival show will be held tonight, tonight her future in the music world will be decided

The two finalists were Harmony and Winter.

“I don’t get why you’re so stressed out. Chill you know” Barbie said.

“You can’t understand. I’ll be going against Winter! Winter is so talented and all, what if I flop” Harmony sighed.

“Just relax and practice again.. You won’t fail and even if you do, there’s still another chance. It’s not the end of the world” Harmony looked at them then sighed before nodding.

“I guess so”

“So tell me, how did it go? Was Angelo rough or slow?” Barbie wiggled her brows.

“You’ve been asking that for a week now” Harmony laughed.

“I just wanna know!!” Barbie whined.



“Soon our GPA will be out and we’ll be moving to second year” Dennis suddenly said.

“Can’t wait to go on our summer vacation. I and Harmony said we’ll be going to spend it at Miami” Angelo said

“Let the single breath!” Dennis exclaimed and Brandon laughed.

“You seem to have moved on from Kelly” Brandon said and Dennis nodded.

“Yeah, it’ll only hurt more if I dwell on the past so O decided to let go” Dennis said

“That’s it bro” Evan patted his back and Dennis glared at him.

“And whose fault is it that I broke up with my girlfriend” Dennis glared at Evan.

“C’mon is it’s in the past and beside I-”

“Shh! I don’t wanna hear your voice” Dennis scoffed before taking a sip of his drink.

“Things are already getting boring here! Let’s invite some girls over and have fun” Evan said.

“You must be crazy… Inside my place, to top it all you want me to cheat on my girl,, right” Brandon rolled his eyes.

“Allow the single to breath! Stop rubbing it on our faces!!” Evan and Dennis chorused and Angelo chuckled

He brought out his phone to look at his wallpaper which was a picture of him and Harmony.

“I hope you’re not over panicked” He thought.

“So why did you invite us over Brandon” Dennis asked.

“I just wanted us to spend time together as friends before I do something important. Too bad Chance couldn’t attend” Brandon sighed.



Cassidy walked in the school with a bright smile on her lips as she walked. They had no lectures today but the journalism club had a meeting for the members so that’s why she came.

Chance was in the same club too so he’ll be coming too.

“Can’t wait to see him.. I’ll do my best to clear off the awkward air between us” Cassidy thought and smiled.

Her brows furrowed when she noticed the disgusted look the students kept giving her.

“What’s up with them?” She thought as she walked till she bumped into a group of girls.

“Watch where you go! Plastic face!” The girl pushed her and Cassidy immediately froze.

“W-What.. What did you say?” She stuttered.

“Plastic face! No wonder Winter took pleasure in bullying you coz you’re so fake!” The girl smirked.

“Why are you-” Cassidy paused when she noticed the flyers pasted around.

The flyers had her new face and old face with some mean words written on it. Some students even wrote more mean words on the flyers with their markers.

“Yunno I really envied your beauty but all of it is just fake!! You’re so ugly that I’m sure your mom nearly threw you away..”

“I’m sure those curves and b**bs are also plastic too!!” Another girl laughed.

Cassidy took a step back as she placed her hand on her chest, breathing heavily as her heart kept beating fast.

She was slowly having a panic attack. Her worst nightmare has finally come to past.

👥 Plastic face!!

👥 You’re so useless!!

👥 Get out of this school!!

👥 Go dîe!!

“Hey I know that face. She’s the girl I told you that was crushing on Chance back in high school” A girl whispered to her friend

“She must be crazy to think Chance will date her” Her friend laughed.

The students surrounded her, booing, jeering at her. Tears slipped out of her eyes as all the cusses and awful words kept reaching her ear.

“Go away!!” She pushed the students out of their way before running.

“Cassie!!” Chance ran in the school only to see her running off.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He actually saw the news on their news blog and he couldn’t contain his shock when he recognized her as his savior.

Chance walked to the wall and began pulling off the flyers mare to mock at her. He tore it before throwing it down.

“Now listen to me… If any of you open your filthy mouth to speak bad about Cassie, I’ll have you sued for bullying and trust me my mom is a lawyer and she has never lost a case… Do I make myself clear!!” Chance threatened and the students immediately went mute.

They began rushing to their hall immediately. Chance immediately ran off in search of Cassidy.


Cassidy got to the rooftop with great difficulty as she clutched over her aching heart.

“It’s all my fault.. I shouldn’t have gone for that surgery! I should have done it!” She cried loudly.

Now the whole school knows and it won’t take long before her friends find out.

Will they leave her when they find out how she used to look? What will the school think of her now? Mostly importantly Chance, what will he think of her now?

She shook her head in tears.

“I can’t face them… I can’t” She cried even more.

She slowly began taking steps to the edge of the rooftop till she stopped at the rails.

“I’m sorry…Mom, dad, I’ll be joining you guys soon” She thought and closed her eyes then made to jump.

Her eyes opened when someone grabbed her wrists then pulled her back.

They both went down to the floor with her head landing on her chest.

“Cassie..” Chance muttered and Cassidy’s eyes widened

Chance sat up and grabbed Cassidy’s arm, checking her out.

“Are you hurt somewhere? Did they hurt you? What were you thinking!! You were just going to end your life right here then give them the satisfaction they wanted? What about your family!!” Chance shouted at her and she began tearing up again.

“I have no family! Mom and dad díed last year. They left me alone in this cruel and lonely world!!” Cassidy cried out and Chance’s eyes widened.

“I’m.. I’m sorry. But suicide isn’t the best option. What about those who actually love you for who you are. What about me huh? You were just going to leave me, without giving me the chance to thank you for saving my life?” Chance said and Cassidy just looked at him.

Chance cleaned her tears with his thumb before he cupped her cheek.

“You had a facial surgery.. So what? I fell for who you are and not for how you look or whatsoever” Chance said and Cassidy’s eyes widened.

Her eyes widened more when Chance leaned forth and pressed his lips on her for a brief moment.

“I love you… Sorry it took so long for me tell you” Chance said and tears fell from Cassidy’s eyes.



Harmony sat inside her her dressing room as the make-up artists finished doing her make-up. She opened her eyes and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw how beautiful she looked.

“Wow..” She muttered.

The door opened and Angelo walked in.

“Doll!!” She smiled and stood up. The make-up artist, left the room giving them privacy.

“You look ethereal” Angelo pecked her lips and she smiled.

“I’ll be going immediately after Winter. Jeez I’m so nervous” Harmony sighed.

Angelo smirked.

“I have a very good way of getting rid of nervousness. Wanna know how?” Angelo asked.

“How?” Harmony blinked innocently

Angelo smirked more and walked to the door then locked it.

“Turn around, bend over let me show you” Angelo smirked, unbuckling his belt.

Harmony’s cheek immediately flushed red and she quickly turned away.

“Are you crazy? We… We can do it at home, not here!” Harmony exclaimed.

A gasp escaped her lips when Angelo bent her over the empty table in front of her before lifting her skirt.

“Doll, don’t you dare do that!! I swéar I’m going to-” Harmony bit her lips when Angelo dipped a finger inside her.

“Doll please.”


“Do.. Do..”

“Angelo!!” Harmony moaned out when Angelo buried himself inside her and began his slow thrusts.



Brandon finished wearing his hand gloves. He checked his guns to make sure it was filled and even took an extra gun with extra bullet.

“Mom, I’m going to save you.. Whether it costs me my life” Brandon thought before he walked out of the room to meet Kaylee standing in front of his room.

“Babe? I thought you went to the survival-”

Kaylee held his collar and immediately kissed him without hesitation..

“I know you’ll do it.. I believe in you” Kaylee smiled.

Brandon held her waist then reclaimed back her lips, kissing her deeply.

“I love you” Kaylee said and he smiled then pecked her lips. He smiled at her before leaving.

“Why do I feel so uneasy” She thought.

“What a romantic scene to behold. To bad it’s going to be your last” A voice said behind her and her eyes widened.

She turned and immediately fell on her butt without being touched.

“Mar… Marco”



Winter and Harmony stood in front of the judges, nervousness clearly written on their faces as they awaited for the judges to announce the winner.

Winter looked down, fighting back her tears. Her voice cracked when she was singing so she was sure they were going to eliminate her

Harmony is going to win as usual..

“Yunno if there’s anybody who deserves to win, it’s you.” Harmony said and Winter looked up.


“Yeah. You’re really good at rapping plus you have a badass stage presence. I really admire you for that and I couldn’t help but notice how hard you practiced for this” Harmony smiled.

Winter blinked as she stared at Harmony


“And the judges have finally come to a conclusion. It was really hard coming up with this decision and I think it’s the first of it’s kind” The emcee said.

“Harmony Anderson, you have a very nice voice and you have a very charming aura each time you sing. Winter Watkins, you have a beautiful voice too but rap is your domain, you have this talent of hyping up the crowd.. You both are fit each other so I think for the first time in our company’s history we’ll be debuting a duo!!” The emcee said and the crowd went in an uproar.

Harmony and Winter’s eyes widened.



“I’m here to feed the prisoner”

The guards looked at him before letting him in. He walked in the room where Matilda was kept.

Matilda who was sleeping woke up at the sound of the door opening. They feed her once per day and she ate minutes ago? What he doing here?

The man pulled off his mask, revealing Brandon and Matilda’s eyes brightened.

“Son..” She whispered.

Brandon rushed to her. With the key he stole from Mamba, he unlocked the chains binding her then brought out a disguise from the crossbag he had.

“Quick wear this” He said and Matilda quickly wore it.

“Mom I need you to trust me and do not panic okay?” Brandon said and she nodded.

They both walked to the exit and Brandon peeped out. He immediately shot down the two guards standing there and he grabbed Matilda’s hand.

They left the room and began walking while holding hands like lovers.

“The interior of the clan is really not the problem but the gate. Security are super tight and the only way out of here is through the main gate but it’s loaded with guards. That’s where I’ll have no choice than to fight.” He thought.

Matilda held her son’s hand tightly as she walked. This is the first time years she stepped out of that room.

“Mom, listen carefully… When I’ll tell you to run, you run without looking back okay?” Brandon said and Matilda bit her lips.

“I don’t want to loose you” She whispered.

Brandon looked at her then smiled.

“I love you mom” Was all he said.

Matilda’s heart skipped a beat when he saw they were approaching the main gate.

As they made to take another step..

“Who are you? I don’t think I’ve seen you two before” A female voice said behind them.

“Boss lady” The guards bowed for her.

Brandon swallowed hard without turning around.

“When the boss lady speaks you obey!” One of the men barked.

“Turn around and pull off your masks, now!”

Brandon who’s other hand was in his pocket gripped tightly on his gun. He turned back and made to pull out his gun and sh00t but his hand halted in his pocket at who he saw.

Melissa stood there with a vicious look on her face.

“Angelo’s mom… Is the boss lady?” He thought with shock written on his eyes

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂

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