MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 63 & 64

Addicted To You

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel

✮(𝓓𝓸𝓮𝓼 𝓘𝓽 𝓗𝓾𝓻𝓽)✮

Juliet slapped her again and she staggered back, holding her cheek.

“Shut up! F**king shut up!!” Juliet said with restrained anger.

“You b*tch!” Winter raised her hand in the air but the daring smirk on Juliet’s face made her to stop.

“Go on, slap me and I guarantee you your face won’t longer be the same” Juliet said.

Winter folded her fists tightly, slowly bringing down her hand.

“Now listen to me clearly… Take today as a day of grace to you coz next time you talk back or disrespect mom you’ll seriously regret it. Got that?” Juliet glared at her

Juliet glanced at her from head to toe then hissed before leaving.

Winter folded her fists tightly in anger..



One week has run down since the viral video got released, one week has gone down since the three girls went back to their real parents.

It wasn’t really easy, getting detached from those who were once family to them but to make things easier, the family came to conclusion to allow the girls sleepover at their previous parents houses during the weekend.

Inside a pink colored spacious room with luxurious and expensive stuffs, Harmony could be seen sleeping on her king sized bed.

Her long hair was scattered all over the bed as she slept, pouting her lips cutely.

The door to her room opened and Joanna walked in with a bright smile on her lips as she held Harmony’s breakfast in a tray

“Wakie Wakie Princess!” Joanna exclaimed and Harmony moved on her bed

She slowly sat up and yawned, stretching her arms before rubbing her eyes.

“Good morning mom” Harmony smiled

“I brought you your breakfast, it’s your favorite” Joanna placed it on the bed

She picked the spoon and began feeding Harmony.

“You shouldn’t really bother doing all these… I don’t want to stress you up” Harmony said, chewing on her meal.

“It makes me happy doing it” Joanna smiled as she fed her another spoon.

“Tomorrow my princess will be officially 20!” Joanna smiled and Harmony smiled too.

They’re actually planning on holding a big birthday party for her and Kaylee. Originally, Winter was supposed to be among but Winter rejected the idea of celebrating her birthday with Kaylee and Harmony.

They discussed a little before Harmony went to have her bath. She finished bathing before wearing a pair of pink cargo jeans with white crop top before leaving for school.

She got out of her home and as expected, Angelo was leaning on his car while pressing his phone

She bit her lips and couldn’t help but admire his handsome side profile. Angelo felt a gaze on him so he looked up only to see Harmony looking at her.

“I know I’m handsome but I didn’t know my handsomeness could make you go mute” Angelo smirked.

“Yeah, you wish” Harmony smirked coming closer.

If there’s one thing good in all this, is the fact that Angelo and Harmony are now neighbors.

“I missed you!” Harmony hugged Angelo tightly.

“We saw each other last night” Angelo chuckled.

“It still isn’t enough” Harmony pouted, looking up at him

Angelo pecked her lips before opening the car door for her. She went in and he did so afterwards before driving off.



“Ouch! My eyes!” Brandon hissed as he sliced the onions. His eyes were so red and watery.

Kaylee who was busy with the vegetables looked at him and laughed silently.

“Hey! I can hear you, stop laughing” Brandon frowned as tears kept coming of his eyes.

That funny look on his face made Kaylee to laugh even more. She dropped her things before walking to him.

“Here” Kaylee turned him to her then began wiping off his tears with a piece of clothing.

Brandon’s vision became clearer and he began staring at her

“There.. Is that better?” She asked but Brandon just lifted her up and placed her on the counter before pecking her lips.

“What was that for?” Kaylee chuckled, resting her arms round his neck.

“Can’t I kiss my girlfriend anymore?” Brandon raised a brow and Kaylee smiled.

“I actually have something to tell you..” Brandon said and sighed.

“A week after your birthday, I’ll be going to my mom and I want you to stay out of it no matter what happens to me. The last thing I’ll want is you getting hurt” Brandon said and Kaylee nodded.

“The mission will be very dangerous and to be honest I can’t guarantee you I’ll make it alive that’s why I wanna tell you how I feel before it too late. Kaylee, I lo-”

Kaylee placed a finger on his lips.

“Don’t say that, I trust in you and I know you’ll succeed. You can tell me how you feel after the mission, I’ll wait” Kaylee smiled.

Brandon smiled and hugged her waist..

“Thanks for coming into my life” He muttered.

“Our lectures will be starting in 30 minutes, let’s quickly finish up” Kaylee said but Brandon kissed her neck.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Kaylee giggled and Brandon licked her neck.

“Stop it, you pervert!” Kaylee laughed loudly



The annoying sound of the alarm woke Winter up. She sat up on her bed and began glaring at her surrounding.

She was now occupying Kaylee’s room and the room was so small. It had the size of her closet back in the mansion.

“So annoying” She hissed, scratching her arm that got bitten severally by mosquitoes. She stood up and grabbed her towel before heading to the only bathroom in the house.

She squeezed her face as the bathroom smelled so much.

“Ahh!!” She shrieked as the cold water came into contact with her body. On the norms, a maid would have prepared her a warm bath inside her bathtub.

She was still bathing when the water suddenly stop flowing.

“What’s happening?” Winter opened the door slightly and asked.

“We didn’t pay our water bills so…” Glen trailed slowly.

“F**k it!! I hate this house!! I hate everything here!!” Winter screamed out and the soap entered her eye.

“Argh!! My eyes!! Water!!”



Angelo’s car drove in the school and he was the first to come out. He opened the door for Harmony and she got down too.

Almost immediately, the students swoon around her. Ever since the public videos got released, she gained in popularity so much

👥 Happy birthday in advance Harmony

👥 You look so hot today

👥 Here, I made this gift for you birthday

👥 Can’t wait for the birthday party

👥 I’ve been following the survival show because of you. Next week will be the semi finals, I can’t wait!

“Thanks everyone” Harmony smiled as she kept accepting gifts and all sort of flowers.

“That’s enough already. I’m a jealous boyfriend” Angelo frowned and the crowd laughed.

They made way for them before the couple began heading to their hall.

“If someone told me I’ll one day receive all this for my birthday I’d have call the person a liar” Harmony said.

“Who won’t fall in love with a cutie like you” Angelo said then pecked her cheek.

Harmony spotted Tasha walking to the entrance of their bloc with her head down.

“Doll, just go to our hall without me I’ll be back” Harmony said and Angelo nodded

“Let me help you with this” Angelo took all the gifts and flowers from her before leaving.

Harmony walked hastily to Tasha then grabbed her hand.

“Tasha..” She called and Tasha was surprised to see it was Harmony but she still maintained a straight face.

“What?” She said coldly.

“I saw the trending video and I’m really sorry about it. I wasn’t thinking straight back then, the last thing I’ll want will be to tarnish your reputation but I still did it. I’m really sorry Tasha, I hope you can forgive me” Harmony said and bit her lips.

Tasha looked at her for a while before looking away.

“I really miss those days when we were in good terms, I know deep down you miss them too. Let’s go back to the way things are okay? I’m sorry if I did anything to you, let’s just forget about the past and go back to the way things are okay?” Harmony muttered.

Tasha gulped down, still not saying a word. Harmony sighed.

“Tomorrow is my birthday, here” Harmony placed an invitation card in her hand.

“If you come to my birthday party then I’ll take it like you’ve forgiven me and if you don’t, then our friendship was never meant to happen” Harmony muttered then turned and left.

Tasha finally looked at Harmony as she headed to their lecture Hall. She looked at the invitation card in her hand and didn’t know when a drop of tear fell from her eyes.

“You’re becoming a crybaby lately” Evan said from behind, startling her.

“Stop acting creepy would you!!” Tasha glared at him before walking away.

“I was just concerned.. Hey wait up!” Evan went after her.



The court was filled with people sitting down, awaiting for the final judgement to be said.

Marco was standing at the front, both his hands were handcuffed. The people who came to attend the procedure kept murmuring amongst them while glancing at Marco with a disgusted the look.

“The final judgement has been made and you, Marco Watkins are hereby declared guilty beyond reasonable doubts and henceforth sentenced to life imprisonment” He said and hit his hammer.

Marco gulped down hard as he gritted his teeth
Juliet who was sitting in front beside Romeo smirked at him.

The cops went and handcuffed him then they began dragging him to the exit. The moment Marco stepped foot at the exterior, the reporters began flashing their lights on him while firing him with all sorts of questions.

“Marco!” Someone called

Marco paused and turned behind to see Juliet approaching him with Romeo.

“You’ve lost all the respect I have for you as a father, I’d even prefer I was born fatherless than having someone like you in my life” Juliet sneered

“Rot well in jail, that’s where you belong.. Scumbag” Juliet spatted and Marco smirked at her.

“I will be back for you guys and trust me, nobody is safe.. You hear me? Nobody is safe!” Marco exclaimed as the cops dragged him to the car.

He was forced in before the car drove, heading to his final destination_ Jail.



“Damn I’m tired” Juliet groaned falling on Romeo’s bed.

“And I who thought you’ll cry your eyes out if you attend the trial. You’re really unpredictable” Romeo chuckled, sitting beside her.

“Why should I shed a single tear for that animal. He got what he asked for like who does that? All because of a woman who doesn’t longer have feelings for him” Juliet scoffed.

Romeo chuckled and came on top of her, grabbing her waist in the process.

“Let’s do something more fun” Romeo smirked and made to kiss her but Juliet placed her hand on her lips.

“No no no! Wait a sec, I have a surprise for you. Just give me few secs” Juliet pushed him off, standing up from the bed.

She picked her handbag before rushing into the bathroom. Romeo sighed then fell on the bed.

“I wonder what the surprise is” Romeo thought.

10 minutes passed but Juliet was still in the bathroom.

“What’s taking her so long?” He thought and made to go to the bathroom when the door of the bathroom opened.

His throat immediately ran dry when Juliet stepped out of the bathroom.

She was putting on a red lacy lingerie. The lingerie was even transparent so her n*pples could clearly be seen.

“Like my surprise?” She muttered with this s*xy voice that made Romeo to swallowed hard.

“F*ck…” Was the only word that escaped his lips at that moment.

Juliet walked s*xily to him before pushing him to the bed, straddling him afterward.

“Alvin will be sleeping over his cousin Angelo so the house is all ours. Let’s have some fun tonight” Juliet whispered to his hearing, licking his earlobe.

She slowly began unbuttoning his shirt while maintaining eye contact with him.

Juliet pulled off his shirt and ran her hands through his abs. She licked his chest and bit his n*pple as her hand unbuckled his trouser.

She pulled it off and his member sprang out, fully erected.

“I’m I that irresistible?” Juliet smirked and lowered her head.

“Juliet don’t do that… I’ll really loose it for real and_ f*ck!” Romeo groaned out when Juliet took his length inside her mouth.

She began sucking while running her tongue round his d*ck cap. He was so big and hard and that only made her more wet.

Romeo grabbed her hair and shoved his full length deeper in her mouth, making her gag and cough. Romeo began thrusting deep inside her mouth, releasing throaty groans at intervals.

“Sh*t!!” He groaned out loudly as he shot all the liquid inside her mouth.

Juliet raised her head and swallowed it, some of his c*m dropping on her full b**bs.

Romeo pushed to the bed and came on top of her.

“You’ll really regret ever teasing me” Romeo smirked and tore off the lingerie at once.

Romeo kissed her tummy, slowly going down to her p**sy. Juliet let out a cry when Romeo dipped his warm tongue inside her.

“Romeo…” She moaned out when Romeo began thrusting his tongue inside her, while sucking and nibbling on her pulsating cl*t at intervals.

He dipped two of his fingers inside her, thrusting it hard and fast. Juliet grabbed the sheets at fistful as he kept hitting her G-spot with each thrust.

“Right there.. Faster”

“Oww f*ck…” She cried out when Romeo began rotating his fingers inside her before resuming with the fast thrusts.

Soon, her body began trembling as she felt her body inching closer and closer.

Romeo felt her body trembling so he pulled out his fingers.

“Not now baby… We have a long day ahead of us, turn around s*xy” He smirked

Juliet immediately did as he commanded. She turned around, her àss facing him as she went all fours.

“Ahh!” She shrieked when Romeo spanked her àss loudly and and he held her waist before slamming his full length inside her.

“Romeo!!” She moaned out loudly.

Romeo pulled himself out of her then slammed back inside at full force as he began the hard and fast thrusts.

“Ahh!! F*ck”

“Yeah… Right there.. Right there.. Ahh!!”

“Romeo!! Ahh!!”

“F*ck me harder!!”

Romeo grabbed her hair and pulled it as he rammed her psy. He groaned out again at the feeling of her psy.

She was too sweet down there, her p**sy kept getting hotter and hotter and at each thrust he did, her walls kept tightening around his d*ck driving him nearer to insanity.

He pulled out of her then turned her around. Romeo lifted her legs and placed on his shoulder before pushing his member inside her, resuming the fast thrusts.

This was a delicacy too sweet to turn down and he will make sure he eats it all up, leaving no crumbs behind.

“Romeo… Slow down please!!”



“After this girls, let’s go out and drink till we get drunk. It’s your last day of being 19, you two need to enjoy it” Barbie winked, sipping on her drink.

“Yeah… I don’t really fancy parties but I’ll surely tag along” Cassidy smiled.

“Sure, I’m in” Kaylee smiled

“What about you Mony” Barbie turned to Harmony who seems lost in her own world

“Harmony?” Kaylee clacked her fingers in front of her, bringing her back to reality.

“Uhh girls, I wanted to ask. What is the best way of asking your boyfriend for s*x for the first time and does it hurt?” Harmony asked shyly.

Barbie’s spoon fell from her hand in shock.

“What… What did you say?”

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂

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