MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 57 & 58

Addicted To You

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel

“It’s the McGwire!! Kaylee is a McGwire!! Their daughter never díed during birth!! I stole their baby then replaced their baby with a déad baby!!” Marco shouted.

Angelo’s eyes widened, same as Brandon. What did this man just say?

Brandon grabbed his jaw tightly and pulled him closer.

“Start spilling the beans” Brandon said and Marco gulped down.

The pain he was feeling in his fingers was second to no other but him spilling out everything will just ruin his plans

When Brandon saw he was still hesitating to speak, he immediately stabbed his thigh and Marco screamed out agonizingly

“Stop wasting my time old thing!” Brandon spatted

“21 years ago!” Marco screamed and Brandon pulled out the knife from his thigh.

“21 years ago my first love broke up with me, her name is Joanna.. Joanna broke up with me and after a year she met this man and they fell in love. I did everything I could for her to take me back but she was already with that bàstard Noah. So I decided to foil their plans, I kidnapped her on their wedding day and made to escape with her but the police found us and I was sentenced to jail and at that moment the darn woman my family forced me to marry was already pregnant, same period as Joanna. Coincidentally, they both went to labor on the same day so…



Marco could be seen sneaking in the hospital were Glen (Marco’s wife) and Joanna were to give birth. He actually bribed a cop who let him escape prison for few hours.

Marco looked around then covered his face well with the hoodie and face mask before walking to Glen’s ward.

The cries of a baby could be heard coming from Glen’s ward and not long after the midwife walked out of the ward with the baby, going to bath her.

Marco sneakily followed her behind..

“Kaylee.. What a cute name” The midwife said, bathing the baby girl.

Before she knew it, a knife was placed on her throat and she froze on her spot.

“Don’t even think of making a move…” Marco warned

“Who are you? P.. Please spare my life, I have a son to feed” The midwife began crying.

“I won’t harm you if you cooperate. I want you to exchange this baby with the baby of a certain Joanna Anderson and don’t you think of pulling a stunt on me, I know where your son schools. It’ll be bad if a certain “accident” happens to him” Marco said and the midwife reluctantly nodded in fear.

The midwife carried the baby then went to Joanna’s ward and exchanged the two babies, coming back with Joanna’s daughter.

Marco looked at the girl who was sleeping peacefully in the midwife’s hands. The baby looked so cute with a porcelain face, two beauty moles on her face. The baby opened her eyes, starring innocently at Marco with her sparkly round eyes.

“This baby is a symbol of your betrayal towards me Joanna and I’ll make sure you loose it” Marco said and looked at the midwife.

“Dispose of the baby” He said and the woman’s eyes widened


“You heard me right, kíll it and show me the evidence or else your son gets it” Marco smirked before leaving the room.

The midwife looked at the baby and couldn’t help but shed tears. How will she be able to harm such an innocent baby??

Marco went to the McGwire’s ward, he stole their baby when Mrs McGwire was sleeping then replaced it with a déad baby.

He discreetly went and placed the baby he stole in the cot next to Glen.

He looked at Glen then at Kaylee before leaving the ward, closing the door behind him


“Unfortunately that midwife couldn’t kíll Joanna’s baby, so he left her in the orphanage” Marco concluded.

Brandon placed both his hands on the table for support. He can’t believe that this man can actually scheme such a perfectly executed plan.

Angelo folded his fists tightly. He spranged up his chair and walked to Marco then landed a punch on his face

“You bàstard!!” Angelo shouted and punched him again..

“How could you do such a thing!! You monster!! Harmony is an Anderson right!! That’s why you were so hellbent on eliminating her!!” Angelo shouted at his face.

“She shouldn’t have been born!! Everytime I look at her, I’m reminded of that Noah!! If you know how much I loathe her!!” Marco shouted at his face and Angelo immediately grabbed Brandon’s gun then loaded it immediately, pointing the gun at Marco.

He almost pulled the trigger if not for Brandon’s intervention.

“Calm down Gelo.. We still can’t kíll him now because he has few things to confess.” Brandon said before facing Marco..

“You did all this with the hope that when Winter grows, with her help you two will ally and since Mrs Joanna loves Winter so much, you’ll use that love to get Mrs Joanna back to you… Right?” Brandon asked and Marco looked away.

“I’ll take that as a yes” Brandon said and smirked.

“Just when I thought you’re some dumbass. Turns out you’re more intelligent than you look” Brandon chuckled

“What do we do with him now?” Angelo asked, still glaring at Marco.

“He might be useful to us in the future so let’s keep him alive for the meanwhile… The problem is how on the earth are we going to tell all this to the three girls without causing havoc” Brandon ran his hands through his hair

Angelo thought for a while and slowly smirked..

“I have an idea” He said, looking at Marco.

“Why don’t we let him do the talking” Angelo said looking at Marco who’s eyes widened




Cassidy fidgeted on her spot as she waited for Chance to show up. She’s been waiting for him for an hour now yet he was nowhere to be seen.

“Did he ditch me?.” She thought, checking the time on her wristwatch then sighed.

Cassidy looked at the red card she had in her hand before she turned to leave only to bump on a hard chest.

Cassidy looked up and her heart raced when she saw it was Chance.

“Did I make you wait? Sorry, I dozed off” Chance chuckled, scratching his head.

“It’s fine” Cassidy smiled.

“So, let’s go” Chance took her hand and led the way in the cinema.

They bought popcorns before they went to their seats. Not long after, the movie began and both of them concentrated on it.

The movie was some sort of comedy romance so it got them really hooked up. They would both laugh when a funny scene came up.

“F**k!” Chance laughed when another scene came up that Cassidy turned to look at him

She couldn’t help but admire his side profile, everything about him looked so perfect… So perfect that she can’t help but wonder who will be dúmb enough to reject him

Cassidy looked at the card and then bit her lips..

“Should I just tell him I like him directly, rather than cowardly hiding behind some confession letters” She thought and sighed before facing back front.

A romantic scene was now shown and Chance couldn’t help but swallow hard as he watched it as he was being reminded of Tasha.

He looked around only to see other couples were already kissing and that only made things worse. Cassidy on the other hand was busy fidgeting on her spot nervously

They both turned and faced each other at the same time and Cassidy gulped down as she gazed at his eyes, her heart skipping several beats.

“Chance, I have something to tell you” She mumbled and bit her lips, searching for words but none came in her head.

Cassidy closed her eyes and immediately leaned towards him then pressed her lips against his. Chance’s eyes widened.

Cassidy pulled back while looking down..

“I really love you Chance… Will you-”

Cassidy’s eyes widened when Chance slammed his lips on hers. Her eyes widened but she slowly closed them and dipped her hands in his hair, kissing him back.

Chance grabbed her waist, pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss. He didn’t even know what he was doing but all he wanted was to stop thinking about Tasha

To forget her for good..

He pulled her more closer, such that she was now straddling him. Their tongue rolled against each other.

Cassidy couldn’t believe that this moment was actually happening, it felt surreal… It felt like she was dreaming

Her heartbeat kept racing more and more that she feared it might explode.

“I love you…” Cassidy whispered

Few minutes later the movie ended but they were still kissing, not minding the eyes on them.

“This movie was so good!!” Barbie stood up from her seat with Harmony.

They actually bought tickets to watch the movie.

“I must admit, it’s really interesting” Harmony smiled

“Let’s get going!” Barbie said and made to leave but her gaze went front

Her eyes widened when she saw Chance and Cassidy kissing like there was no tomorrow

Tears immediately welled up her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Harmony who noticed the sudden change of mood, turned to her line of vision only to see the two of them kissing.


Before she could mutter a word, Barbie ran off immediately in tears.

“Wait!! Barbie!!”

Harmony ran out of the of the cinema but Barbie was already gone



“One more bottle!” Dennis exclaimed, dropping his bottle of beer be just finished.

“Sir, you’ll get drunk!” The bartender said.

“I don’t care… So long as I forget about her then I’m fine.. Even if it’s for one night” He said

He ran his hands through his hair, he could feel the alcohol already working. His mind went to Kelly and he smiled bitterly.

“You b*tch! You played a fool out of me” He scoffed.

“I would like two bottle of beer please” A feminine voice said beside him and Dennis turned only to see Barbie sitting beside him

“Bar… Barbie?” He squinted his eyes since his vision was slowly getting blurry.

“It’s you” Barbie sniffed, cleaning her tears

“What’s wrong?” Dennis asked.

“I just want to forget about the scene I saw earlier… It hurts so bad to see the guy you like having no interest in you and it happens with every guy I fall for. Aren’t I good enough?” She muttered, fighting back her tears.

“Well it’s better than being a fool in love for more than a year don’t you think?” Dennis chuckled.

“Maybe love isn’t meant for us” Barbie said, opening her bottle of beer.

Dennis opened his too..

“Let’s drink away our sorrow then” Dennis raised his bottle and they clinked it together before they began drinking.

In few minutes, bottles were already laying around them.

“One more!!” Barbie shouted, hitting her bottle on the table.

“Who I’m I? I’m a nobody!!” Dennis said and began laughing loudly.

Some guys who had their eyes on Barbie since she came in suddenly walked to Barbie and sat next to her.

“You look drunk.. Mind if we drop you home?” One of the guy asked, slowly caressing her exposed arm

“Don’t touch me! I want to drink more of this!” Barbie giggled, raising her glass in the air.

“Don’t worry, we’ll buy it for you… Let’s go” The other guy licked his lips as he ogled over her body.

They both lifted her up.

“Let me go… I said I wanna drink more!” Barbie whined as the two men began taking her away.

“She said you should let her go!” Dennis pushed them away..

“Mind your business!” The first guy punched Dennis who fell back on his seat.

Dennis touched his lips and glared at them with drunk eyes. He grabbed two bottles and without wasting time he crashed it on their heads.

“Argh!!” They both went down.

He grabbed Barbie’s wrist and they both staggered out of the area. They walked in a room and Dennis leaned on the door.

“They’re gone” Dennis sighed.

Barbie wrapped her arms round his neck then smiled.

“Now that I look at you closely, you’re not really that bad looking. You’re very cute! A cute mice” Barbie giggled drunkenly

“Barbie doll” Dennis said and they both began laughing as if it was funny. Barbie’s hands slowly began moving down to Dennis chest.

“Let’s have s*x… Nobody will find out” Barbie bit her lips seductively.

“It’s between us… Shh!” Dennis placed his index finger on her lips and Barbie smiled before they slammed their lips on each other.

The kiss was wild and feist from the start, the taste of alcohol on their mouth merged together, heating them up even more.

Dennis lifted Barbie up then dropped her on the bed, still not breaking the kiss. His hands tore off her gown, ripping it off her body.

“Mhm..” She moaned out when Dennis began sucking on her neck, making sure to design her neck with love bites.

His hands went behind her back and he unstrapped her bra before pulling off her thong.

Dennis plunged two of his fingers inside her and she moaned out but he shut her off with a kiss.

His hands began moving fast in and out of her that Barbie’s toe curled up.

It’s been two years she last had s*x and the pleasure that kept hitting her was overwhelming.

“I want you inside me… Now” Barbie whispered, unbuckling his belt then she pulled down his jeans. Dennis kicked the jeans off his feet

Her hands palmed his d*ck as she rubbed on his rock hard and veiny flesh earning a groan from Dennis.

Dennis pinned both of her hands above her head before pushing himself inside her and Barbie’s body shivered in pure pleasure.

“Aarhh..” She moaned out and Dennis kissed her. He began his fast and hard thrust.



“And done” Angelo smiled when he finished saving the video.

They actually made a video where they forced Marco to confess everything. All they had to do was upload the video to the public where everyone will watch it.

Brandon got a call from Mamba so he had no choice than to leave.

He heard noises coming from inside the room where Marco was locked in so he immediately became alarmed.

He quickly grabbed the gun Brandon left behind and slowly stood then began walking to the room.

He opened the door and to his greatest shock, Marco was not longer where they tied him… He vamoosed!

He looked at the window to see the window was opened. Before he could make a move, a gasp escaped his lips when a knife pierced through his lower back.

“Marco?” Angelo gasped as blood escaped his lips. He slowly turned to see Marco standing behind him

“Don’t worry, as soon as I get out of here Harmony will join you in heaven and you can live your happily ever after” Marco smirked and twisted the knife inside Angelo

“Argh!!” Angelo cried out as blood escaped this nose.

Marco pulled out the knife and Angelo dropped on the floor.

Marco held his arm that was shot and began limping to the exit

“Don’t dare…touch Harmony” Angelo said weakly, pointing the gun at Marco with shaky hands.

He pulled the trigger and the bullet hit Marco’s shoulder

“Argh!!” Marco winced but he continued limping.

Angelo made to pull the trigger again but his vision started becoming blurry and before he knew it, darkness consumed him.

Marco escaped!!

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂


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