MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 55 & 56

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel

✮(𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓚𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓮𝓮 𝓘𝓼)✮

“No.. This can’t be possible”

That was all she said before she blacked out right there

“Mrs Anderson!”



Joanna slowly opened her eyes to find herself laying on the bed in a ward. Noah immediately sprang up from his seat when he saw her open her eyes.

“Love!” He rushed to her side and took her hand.

“How are you feeling now? The doctor said you passed out due to shock.” Noah said and Joanna stared blankly at him

Her eyes widened when she remembered what the doctor told her.. Winter isn’t her daughter?!

Joanna immediately sat up with wide eyes. That came so unexpectedly that she didn’t even know what to do..

“The doctor also told me the results… Winter isn’t our daughter” Noah said and tears immediately escaped Joanna’s eyes.

“I don’t know what to do!! How come Winter isn’t our daughter? I gave birth to Winter, so what happened? Where’s our real daughter!! Is she still alive? How will Winter react if she hears the news.. What I’m I going to do!!” Joanna began crying loudly.

Noah hugged her, rubbing her back soothingly.

“Since I’m a universal donor, I already gave my blood to Winter. Let’s hope she wakes up then after that we can start solving this mystery” Noah said as Joanna cried on his shoulder.

He tried as much as possible to act calm for his wife though deep down he was just as confused and devastated as Joanna

So many questions kept running through his mind.. So much that he feels he might go insane at this rate



“Rapîst!!” Mrs McGwire shouted out and immediately picked one of the broken pieces of the glass

Angelo quickly got off Harmony and raised his hands up in defeat, slowly backing off.

“Rapist!! How dare you touch my daughter!!” She shouted, advancing towards him with a furious look on her face.

“Ma’am, it’s not what you’re thinking… I’m Harmony’s boyfriend” Angelo said, slowly backing out

“What the hell are you spouting!!!” She yelled and Angelo flinched.

Harmony quickly stood up from the bed and came in between them, shielding Angelo.

“He’s.. He’s right mom. Angelo is my boyfriend” Harmony said slowly

“What?” Mrs McGwire’s eyes widened.

“Where’s the darn rapîst!!” Mr McGwire ran in with a gun and Angelo’s eyes widened.

What sort of family did he land himself into? A family of gangsters?!

Mr mcGwire’s eyes landed on Angelo and he furrowed his brows.

“Angelo? What are you doing here? In my daughter’s room?”

“Do you know him?” His wife asked and he nodded.

“He presented himself to me earlier” Mr McGwire said.

“We’re… We’re dating dad” Harmony took in her lips.

“What!!” Mr mcGwire’s eyes widened.


In the dining room Angelo and Harmony were both sitting next to each other with their gazes fixed down, looking like culprits.

They both looked up at once starring at each other. Angelo smiled assuredly at Harmony

“Who gave you permission to smile are my daughter!” Mr McGwire barked and Angelo’s smiled immediately fell.

“For how long have you two been dating?” Mrs McGwire asked.

“Almost a month now mom” Harmony replied.

“Have you two already kissed?” Mrs McGwire asked and Harmony bit her lips shyly before nodding.

“Have you two already… Had s*x?” Mrs McGwire asked and Harmony immediately looked up

“No!!” She said immediately, embarrassment eating her up.

“And you Angelo, I think I’ve seen you on TV before. You’re an actor and I heard rumors about you and how popular you are among ladies…”

“Well I won’t deny that I have alot of fangirls are I have been involved in a couple of girls but what I have with Harmony is really serious.. She’s my first love and,, you don’t know what she did to me” Angelo said.

“Stop talking, it’s embarrassing” Harmony whispered to him but Angelo stood up.

“This feelings I have for her isn’t something that started months ago, it was right from when we were kids. I love everything about her, the way she always wanna put other people’s happiness before hers, the way she’s just carefree and natural, even her crazy side too I love everything about her. Even if you don’t like me maybe because of my playboy past but trust me, I’m ready to fight for Harmony,I’m never going to give up on our love coz at the point where I am right now I feel like I’ll go crazy if she isn’t by my side. That’s how much I love Harmony” Angelo said.

By the time he was done talking, Harmony was hiding under the dining table in embarrassment.

“How can someone say all those embarrassing things in front of my parents while having a serious face” She thought.

Mr McGwire looked at him with a poker face for a while before he slowly smiled.

“I like your boldness, you remind me of myself when I was young” Mr McGwire said before he patted Angelo’s back.

“I approve of your relationship. Make sure you honor all those things you’ve said or else you won’t only be losing your teeth but the thing in between your leg” Mr McGwire said with a serious face and Angelo swallowed before he nodded.

“And also.. No s*x with my daughter till she turns 20, got that?” Mr McGwire whispered and Angelo nodded before smiling.

“Jeez! Just look at how handsome your boyfriend is.. Now I have no fear that my grandkids will be cuties too” Mrs McGwire pinched Angelo’s cheek.

Harmony sighed and came out from her hiding, sitting back up.

“It’s 11pm already. Think you should be heading home”

“I’ll escort him” Harmony stood up and Angelo said his goodbyes before heading to the exit with Harmony.

Harmony immediately punched his arm when she saw they were out of sight..


“How could you say all those embarrassing things in front of my father! I thought I was going to faint out of embarrassment!” Harmony frowned.

“But I just let my heart speak.” Angelo pouted.

“Your heart speaks too much! What if my dad didn’t approve of our relationship.. Why did you even come here in the first place! Why-”

Harmony immediately went mute when Angelo pushed her to the wall, pinning both her arms above her head

“You really didn’t want me to come? Just say it and I’ll stop coming” Angelo said, smiling at her.

Harmony looked at his lips which was in front of her then at his face. She gulped down..

“C’mon..” Angelo whispered, bringing his face closer.

Harmony looked away while blushing. Angelo chuckled and pecked her cheek.

“I know you like it so stop acting otherwise” Angelo said and she looked at him.

“Promise me you won’t ever leave me” Harmony suddenly said

That caught Angelo unaware but he smiled and nodded.

“I promise and even if I do… I’ll come back for you, the necklace round your neck signifies my undying love for you” Angelo said.

Harmony smiled and stood on her toe, pressing her lips on his. Angelo’s hand went to her waist as he kissed her back slowly.



Kaylee was seen sitting on the couch as she watched a movie while eating chips. She dipped her hand inside the bowl just to see her chips was finished so she went to refill her bowl

Upon coming back, Brandon already took her seat and even changed the channel.

“Hey that’s my seat” Kaylee frowned.

Brandon looked at her then smirked.

“I don’t care” He muttered and faced the TV.

“Okay, since you don’t want to get off..” Kaylee shrugged and to Brandon’s surprise, she sat down on his thigh.

“Kaylee..” He muttered.

“Shh! This movie seems interesting too” Kaylee said and her gaze went back to the TV. She began eating her chips while watching the movie

All through, Brandon couldn’t stop at her and way she laughed when a funny scene came up.

“Why?” He breathed out

“Huh? What did you you say?” Kaylee turned to him.

“Why aren’t you scared of me?” Brandon asked.

Kaylee rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Do you want me to turn it to an anthem or something. The answer is simple… I. Love. You” She smiled.

“What if you find out I kílled your family, like your father” Kaylee said.

“Well I will just feel sorry for mom who still loves that jerk but if it was left to me, I wouldn’t give a sh*t about him” Kaylee shrugged.

“What if I fall in love with another girl” Brandon asked.

“So long as you’re happy, I’m happy. It’ll hurt but,, geez I don’t even wanna think about you falling for another girl. I nearly díed when you were into Harmony” Kaylee said and Brandon chuckled.

His hands went round her slender waist as he hugged her, placing his head on her chest.

“What’s this for?” Kaylee chuckled, patting his hair.

“I just wanna feel how big they are.. Maybe after this, I can change my mind” Brandon said, snuggling against her b**bs.




Juliet made to enter Romeo’s office but the door swung open before her. Her countenance changed when she came face to face with Rosalie.

Rosalie looked at Juliet then scoffed.

“Bye Meo! Love you!” She said

“Love you too!” Romeo replied from inside.

Rosalie turned to Juliet then smirked at her face before leaving.

Juliet folded her fists tightly before walking in the office with a mug of coffee in her hand.

“Here’s your mug of coffe. Can’t believe I have to act like your secretary because you gave her a day off.” Juliet rolled her eyes and began leaving the office but Romeo was quick to grab her hand

“You’ve been giving me the cold shoulder since yesterday. What is wrong? Did I do something wrong?” Romeo asked.

“I was just wondering.. Do you go around prophesying your love to every woman you see except your actual girlfriend?” Juliet asked and Romeo blinked confusedly.

“But… Rosalie is my friend, I mean I love her as a friend” Romeo said and his eyes widened when realization hit him on why she was mad at him.

“Okay..” Juliet muttered and began leaving but Romeo grabbed her wrist again then pulled her to him.

She landed on his thigh..

“So you’re mad because of something so small and insignificant?” Romeo chuckled.

“What do you mean?” Juliet rolled her eyes but her eyes widened when Romeo pecked her lips.

“I wanted to give it to you on our next date but I guess now is the right time.” Romeo said and opened the drawer of his table before bringing out a box.

He opened it and brought out a beautiful silver ring. He took her hand then slipped the ring in her finger before kissing it.

“I saw it and I thought it would really look great on you so I bought. Don’t worry, when the time comes I’ll replace it with a real engagement ring” Romeo said and smiled.

“I’m not a man of words but of actions because actions speaks louder than words to me… I never really thought I was going to move on from my wife but here I am… I love you, more than you actually think of” Romeo said his gaze softening.

Juliet blinked as she stared at him. Her hand went to her beating heart which kept racing crazily.

She blinked again, actually not knowing what to say

“I.. I love you too” She muttered and Romeo smiled.

“Your jealousy says it all” He chuckled before pulling her closer, pecking her lips.

“Are we okay now” He asked and Juliet wrapped her hands round his neck then nodded while grinning.

Romeo smiled and leaned in, kissing her lips

Rosalie who was standing by the door, watching everything stared at them with wide eyes.

She just lost Romeo to another woman… Again?!

“No.. This can’t be happening” She shook her head, slowly stepping back.

Her hand went to her chest and she clutched it tightly as she felt her BP rising..



Marco slowly opened his eyes and only to see darkness surrounding him. A painful groan escaped his lips when he felt the pain coming from his arm

That’s where Brandon shot him last night.

He made to move but his eyes widened when he saw he was chained down on a table.

He began struggling to free himself, the chains making noises as he did.

“It’s useless trying to break free so save your energy” A voice said.

Marco stopped moving as he heard footsteps coming in the room. The figure switched on the lights revealing none other than Brandon.

“You bàstard…” Marco sneered.

Brandon who had his hands in his pocket smirked, walking towards him.

“Let me go!! Now!!” He yelled but Brandon laughed

“You’re in no position to give orders old man so shut up” Brandon said.

Another foot steps was heard approaching and Brandon smiled.

“Finally, who I was waiting for”

The figure came in the room and the light illuminated his face, revealing none other than Angelo.

“Wassup” Angelo smiled, bumping fists with Brandon.

“This must Marco.. Kaylee’s infamous dad” Angelo said, looking at Marco who was staring at them confusedly.

Wondering what’s happening? Brandon and Angelo are friends since kids so Angelo knows everything about him and I mean everything.

Angelo on several occasions, wanted to help Brandon save his mother but Brandon declined, the last thing he would want will be to have his best friend ki*ll because of him so Brandon decided to do the dirty job while Angelo helped him in some investigation.

“The DNA results are ready” Angelo said and Marco’s eyes widened.

“I once told you there’s something fishy between this man and his love for Winter then there’s his unrivaled hatred for Kaylee. Yesterday when Winter got shot I bribed a nurse who gave me some strands of her hair and adding to Kaylee and Marco’s hairs you gave me, I ran two DNA tests. The test with Winter and Marco came out positive while that of Kaylee and Marco came out negative” Angelo smirked, sitting down on a chair.

“That means Winter is his daughter, not Kaylee” Brandon completed after he was done reading the results.

Marco looked at them with wide eyes… How did they find out?!

Brandon walked to Marco with a smirk playing on his lips.

“You really have a lot of secret you’re hidden.. For almost 20 f**king years” Brandon smirked.

“Since Winter is your real daughter and not Kaylee. Who is Kaylee’s real parents.. Start talking while I’m still nice” Brandon smiled

Marco glared at Brandon then looked away.

“Well… I warned you” Brandon said and walked out of the room then came back with an iron

The tip was bright red, signalling how hot it was.

“I’ll give you one last chance to speak before I force the words out of your mouth” Brandon said but he remained resilient.

Brandon didn’t hesitate to shove the hot iron on his chest, earning an excruciating pain from Marco.

Angelo just stared at them with an unfazed look on his face. When Brandon wants to torture, he doesn’t go easy so this is nothing new.

“Still not talking?” Brandon smirked but Marco just whimpered painfully, refusing to speaking.

“Arrrggghh!!!!!!” He screamed out when Brandon dabbed it on his face, burning and disfiguring his face like hell but he still remained stubborn.

“You’re really tough.. ” Brandon chuckled, picking his knife.

He smiled as he looked at the knife and without hesitation, he landed the knife on Marco’s hand. Two of Marco’s fingers fell off as blood began pumping out of his hand

“Arghhh!!!!!?” Marco cried out as the excruciating pain hit him at twofold.

“It’s the McGwire!! Kaylee is a McGwire!! Their daughter never díed during birth!! I stole their baby then replaced their baby with a déad baby!!” Marco shouted.

Angelo’s eyes widened

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂


  1. Hmmmmm…. this Marco is so terrible. No wonder Mr McGuire was staring at Kaylee like that.
    But come to think of it,if Kaylee is the McGuire's daughter, and Winter is Marco's real daughter, then it means Harmony is the original daughter of the Anderson's
    Next please

  2. Finally! Anoda post. D suspense was almost taken d best of me
    So Kaylee is a McGuire? Interesting!!! I jxt hope she nd Harmony r sista's bcos dat will be amazing
    Good job author! Pls let ur posts cme faster. Thank u!!!!!

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