The Perfect One – Finale Episode 81 & 82

Lovestruck With You

( Lovestruck
with you…)

Chapter 81✰82 { FINALE }

By, Bloom H.


“You have a lot of explaining to do Adam” Chloe said shyly then got hold of his hand and dragged him to where her car was parked

Adam’s guards followed closely, she was stunned when she saw them. Chloe glared at Adam who shrugged in return

He’d tried sending them away but turns out they follow only his mom’s instructions.

“You wanna watch a man and his girlfriend have a quickie?” She glared and Adam gasped, slowly he smiled

Did she just say girlfriend?

The guards, after much thoughts, retreated. The duo quickly hopped into the car and without wasting time, Chloe hit the road at full speed

“Follow that car. sh*t, they tricked us” The escorts ran to their cars and soon drove after them

But someone has been mad right from birth, Chloe drove madly that even Adam was scared for his life. Looking at his reaction, she wondered how he’d have reacted if it was Presley behind the wheel

Presley was a devil with the wheel


“Chloe..” He called looking pleadingly at her but she still kept driving recklessly

“I..I think I like…. I think I love you too” She blushed

” Chloe please stop driving, we’re gonna die” Adam pleaded like a child and she hit the brakes causing then to jerk forward

“I just confessed!”

“I heard and I’m happy about it, but we need to stay alive to live the love right?” Adam asked breathing heavily with hand on his chest, he almost died just now. Chloe blushed embarrassingly

“I’m sorry. I just hated seeing so many escorts” She apologized and he nodded, “So?”

“So? Chloe will you be my girlfriend?” He asked and she cleared her throat before nodding

He slanted forward with his eyes on her parted lips, “Can I?” She nodded and slowly their lips met in a sweet, slow kiss

When they stopped, Chloe took in her lower lip shyly, her heart was racing a marathon

This was not expected.

“Adam?” She called and he hummed softly, he was staring admiringly at her the while, “I think I might have bypassed a few red lights”

“I know, just glad we’re not dead” He breathed and she blinked

“And I think they’ve found us!”

“Damn, yes!” He gritted when he saw the guards coming out of their cars

“And you’ve got a lot of explaining to do” She said sternly and he smiled

” I know babe. A lot!” He winked and she blushed heavily

He just called her babe!



“Sierra!!” Cherry gasped when she opened the door to the Milton’s residence. Sierra folded her arms and shrugged flashing her mom an awkward grin

“Hey momma”

Cherry chuckled softly, she stared at her daughter for a minute before engulfing her in a big hug

“My baby” She kissed her hair. They pulled apart, Cherry had tears in her eyes

“Oh my God” She finally let it out and Sierra smiled before hugging her again

“You look good baby. There’s a lot going on eyy?” Cherry asked after wiping her face, Sierra wiggled her brows funnily

“Take a guess”

“I rather not. Hey, where’s Presley and Chloe? Did you come alone?”

“I’m jealous” Sierra smirked and began going to the huge barn few meters away from the residence, Cherry followed laughing

“I didn’t mean it in a contradicting way. You girls are always together so I thought… maybe” She explained and Sierra huffed

“C’mon!!” Cherry gave her a side hug and she chuckled like a child. They soon reached the barn, her grandma was a vet and she loved keeping animals so she had a barn built

She keeps horses and cows which are sometimes sold or hired. Her grandpa is a pensioner and is into commercial farming. He farms corn and wheat which is harvested by big companies for production

Technically, Sierra’s from a well to do home, though they were a lot of downtimes

“Isn’t that my granddaughter?” Her grandpa Brent asked when he saw her. He was getting hay for the horses

“Woah… Sierra darling, it’s really you. Christ, come on over and give your grandma a big hug” Aviva gushed widening her arms and Sierra went to her embrace

“Oh goodness, why are you so dry. Haven’t you been eating properly… This is all Cherry’s fault, I’ve asked her countless times to send some food to you but she’s always wagging about” Aviva frowned eying her daughter ( Cherry )


“Yes, now go make something for my granddaughter, her statue is a disgrace to me” Aviva said seriously and Sierra burst into laughter when she saw her mom’s face

Oh, how she loves home!



Sierra and her mom had gone grocery shopping, she stopped the car in the driveway and they both scrutinized the car parked by the road in front of their house

“Whose car is that?” Cherry asked and Sierra shrugged, she’s never seen that car before and couldn’t guess vaguely

Or could it be…no way!

“Let’s go in. Grandma and Grandpa would be waiting” She said and cherry laughed

“You think? They’d be too busy dancing to notice us just so you know”

“Really?” Sierra chuckled and Cherry nodded. They got out of the car and headed to the door, both mother and daughter had stepped out in skinny jeans and jacket with brown leather thigh highs

Cherry was still a stunner in her mid forties, anyone looking at her would know where Sierra inherited her features

“We’re home!!” Cherry announced as she entered the house, Sierra was yet to enter. Cherry raised a brow with an amused smile when she saw a guy standing in front of her daughter’s portrait. In it, Sierra wore a face cap and she was winking with her arms stretched ahead, she looked really sexy doing that

“Um..” She started and Royce looked at her, he blinked when he saw the striking resemblance, apart from the hair, Sierra was a replica of Cherry

Cherry was blonde while Sierra had dark hair, courtesy of her dad

“Cherry, guess who’s here… Sierra’s fiance, isn’t he handsome?” Grandma Aviva’s voice came from the living room and that’s when Cherry’s gaze moved to her parents in the room

“Fiance?” She asked, surprised

“I don’t have any fiance” Sierra grumbled as she stomped into the house. Royce’s attention went to her immediately, his eyes pleading but she ignored and entered further

“Aww.. they’re having their first fight right in front of us. There’s just the great grand kids left and everything will be complete” Aviva gushed and Sierra gasped glaring at her grandma, she went to the kitchen

“Sure ma’am, we’re working on that” Royce chipped and picked the bouquet of flowers he brought and followed her to the kitchen

Grandpa Brent laughed heartily when he saw how desperate Royce looked, “Women make men do crazy things”

“You’re right sweetheart. I need a massage right now, my foot hurts”

” So go to the hospital or spa, why are you telling me. I meant that for younger women not an oldie like you” He retorted and Aviva gasped

” This rusty brick wants to lose a tooth. I’m still young when it comes to fighting” She grabbed a cushion and threw it at him

Cherry chuckled at her parents childishness, sometimes she feels lonely but it’s not her fault she couldn’t love again after her husband passed

She glanced over at the kitchen door and smiled, “I’m glad she’s happy”

In the kitchen, Royce followed Sierra every corner she went apologizing

“How did you find my home?” She faced him

“Staff details” He grinned and she pouted, “I hate you right now”

“You’ve always hated me babe. I’m really sorry for shutting you out. It’s just, I was trashy, like real trashy, I didn’t want you seeing me like that” He sighed and pointed the bouquet of multiple flowers to her

She chuckled and collected it, “Thanks for such a diverse choice”

“I’m sorry, I was in a hurry and couldn’t decide so… flowers of all kind” He wiggled his fingers in her face and she laughed dropping the bouquet on the counter behind her before wrapping her hands round his neck

“So I’m forgiven?” He held her waist and pulled her close

“You owe me a lot of stuff” She smirked and he mirrored the look

“I owe you everything including my d*ck”

“Royce!” She gasped and tried pulling away but he chuckled, not letting her go

“What? I’m all yours so I can say that anytime” He leaned in slowly but before he could capture her lips, she dived her head to look over his shoulder

Her eyes glistened with excitement

“Is that…snow? It’s snowing!!” She jumped and ran out still squealing. Royce pouted and looked back out of the window, it was really snowing and Sierra with her grandparents were heading to the barn to get the horses inside

He smiled, “You owe me one.”

Royce met Cherry outside the house, nervously he greeted her

“Hello ma’am”

“Please call me Cherry, not ma’am. So, what’s with you and my daughter?”

“Uh..I’m Royce Evans and I..” He exhaled deeply, “I love Sierra, I know she’s your daughter and you might be worried about her choices but be rest assured. I’ll never hurt her”

” I’m never worried about Sierra’s choices. That’s because she’s never wrong. So I know you’re not wrong either” She smiled at him and his lips parted

“Royce, nice name” She complimented, they were going to the barn, “Just treat my daughter like a princess, the way her dad always did and maybe more” She said and he nodded

” Much more” He said and she smiled then increased her pace leaving him behind

Royce stood in the open with the snow dropping on him while he watched the family struggle to keep the horses in place

He smiled



The fits of cusses from Ellen could send a man to the dead. She was damn furious, her car had just broken down and the snow was pouring heavily. What would she do, it didn’t look like a car would come by soon

She scoffed then opened the door to get in when a car passed by, her eyes flashed with hope when it reversed. Ellen smirked, the Jeep must surely belong to some big shot

When the person stepped out, she gasped with her mouth remaining agape

“We meet again, Ellen” Leo smiled when he got to where she stood still drooling. He chuckled and tilted his head to look at her car

“Are you having any problems?” He asked

“Y-yes… The engine has some issues so I’m stuck” She blushed as she spoke, Leo nodded thoughtfully

“Okay, I don’t mind giving a pretty lady a ride home, it’s my pleasure” He said and she gulped nervously, his presence was causing an effect on her in the weirdest way ever

After locking her car, he led her to his and they hopped in

“Thanks for stopping by” She said and he flashed a smile

“Like I said I don’t mind giving you a ride home. You’re pretty” He complimented and she laughed, he glanced briefly at her before continuing, “I’m Leonard Reid by the way”

“I know. Royce mentioned”

“Oh you must be close friends then, Royce hardly tell people things that personal”

“Yeah, something like that” She said and silence reigned but after a while an announcement on the radio made her panic. The road to her house had been blocked because of the snow, apparently it fell like a storm over there

“Nooo, that’s the route to my home. It can’t be blocked godamnit” She cussed frustratedly

Leo thought for a moment before speaking, strangely, seeing her worked up made him concerned

“I’d say it’s a good thing, seems the heavens have something planned for us” He looked at her

She bit her lip, blinking


“Yeah, seeing the route to my house isn’t blocked” He smirked and she smiled knowingly

He was low-key inviting her over and she would never decline for anything. She found him intriguing and felt very comfortable with that.

“Okay” She said and he chuckled taking a turn to his house

When they got to his penthouse, they spent time talking about themselves and aspirations, with Leo openly flirting with her



“Do you, Presley Martinez, take Brandon Campbell as your husband?”

” I do” Presley responded with a smile as she stared at the love of her life, Brandon Campbell. He might be grumpy but he’s the Perfect one for her – grumpy and spicy is the best combination and nothing would beat that

Brandon had also taken his vows, the congregation in the church cheered. Well apart from Sierra who was asleep. Presley made her plan the wedding ALONE, since she laughed the most when she’d run away with the engagement ring

That was her punishment.

Now, she’s too exhausted to even keep her eyes open. Her head was rested on Royce’s shoulder as she slept

“Priest please one minute…” Presley cut the priest off before he could ask them to kiss, everyone wondered what she wanted to do but she said nothing more, rather, she got hold of her flowy wedding gown and matched away from the aisle to where Sierra was sleeping peacefully

Chloe was laughing her a$$ out with her phone ready to make a video

Everyone watched in anticipation, even Royce held his breath, he couldn’t do anything since Presley was eyeing him

He’s damn scared of her

“Fire!!! Fire!!!” She screamed in Sierra’s ear and like magic, she jerked from her seat screeching in horror

“Nooo, I’m too young to die!!!” She panicked jumping about. By the time she realized it was a prank, everyone was a laughing mess.

She glared at Presley who blinked innocently in return

“What the..”

“So I wanted you watch when Brandon and I kiss, like, right now. Sorry” Presley said slowly retreating to where Brandon was

Sierra was embarrassed, she palmed her face and sat down, planning Presley’s death and funeral in her head

“Sorry about…” Royce started

A glare from her shut him up, he gulped and scuttled away from her

“You may now kiss the bride” The priest said laughingly and with a smile Brandon lips met with Presley’s in a passionate kiss

“They’re kissing…” Asher gushed and Chloe covered his eyes quickly

“Boy, you’re too young for such scenes” She chuckled

“I love you” Presley whispered breathlessly after they disconnected

“I love you more crazy woman” He grinned


Few days later…

Brandon, Presley and Asher had left the city to Spain for their honeymoon. Presley insisted on taking Asher actually. She was happy and that’s all that mattered

Sierra and Chloe were very happy for her, though Sierra almost killed her for the prank she pulled during the wedding

Chloe and Adam’s relationship had progressed a lot, both were literally smitten with each other. They had just one problem, distance. Adam was now the CEO of the Fletcher Group of Companies in Washington while Chloe worked in B.E.A New York. He didn’t want to force her to opt for a transfer but a surprise changed everything

“He proposed” Chloe said to Sierra over a video call

” Seriously? OMG!!” Sierra sat up gushing at the ring on Chloe’s finger but then she stopped

“I hope you didn’t run away with the ring too” She burst into laughter and Chloe joined her

” Are you ever going to forget about that?”

“Never! Never” She laughed then stared at her

“You’re happy right?”

“I am, though I wasn’t expecting this. I almost fainted” Chloe confessed and Sierra chuckled

” So I’m the last one single…ahhh! Royce!!!” She screamed causing Chloe to laugh crazily

Royce ran out of the bathroom worriedly, his hair was wet and dripping but he was dressed

His worry tripled when he saw her pouting sadly while staring at him

“Babe, what happened?”

“You don’t love me, that’s why I’m still without a ring. Yunno what? Let’s break up!” She dropped the bomb and the towel he held fell. Chloe was a laughing mess at the other end

Sierra can be such a drama queen. Even after having half of his wealth, she’s still toying with the poor guy’s feelings

“What? Wait!” Royce gasped and ran after her as she tried scurrying out of the room, he scooped her in his arms and she started laughing

“You should see your face right now” She laughed and he frowned taking her out if the room

“Put me down. Where are you taking me to?”

” To church”

” Church? why?”

” To get married!”

” What!!!”

Halfway down the stairs, Raymond entered with Alessia on his back, they are now a thing. Both guys where stunned when they saw Wren seated comfortably in the living room with Jason and Kelsey with awkward smiles on their faces, Kelsey looked shabby. They were making out when Wren walked in on them

She smiled when she saw her sons

“Oh, continue please. I don’t mind. Please girls, you can start the grandkids planning, I don’t mind that too”

Royce and Raymond swallowed as embarrassment ate them up



A heartfelt proposal came next and a grand wedding which would never be forgotten so was the Love and Friendship never to be forgotten

That’s it, there was going to be many more trials but the girls had their partners with them

Their imperfectly perfect men

The Perfect One 💓💜🖤


  1. Yeah finally, happy ending. God bless you my dear Author 💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow!

    I love happy endings.

    All of them got the men crazy enough for their craziness.

    I pity royce though, he got the craziest of them all.

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