Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 39



[Lust & love 👄]



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful




Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .



🥀 TEGA 🥀

” After everything we did for you ,you betrayed my husband and I . We gave you a life Tega ! “Ma’am Rosa bursted at the witness stand crying dramatically .

” I did not do anything to you and your husband madam Rosa . You both had plans for my love and non of them had a positive influence in my life “I said emotionally .

” You ungrateful piece of dirt ! “She spat pointing at me .

” Your client is going overboard my Lord “my lawyer said coming in front . Today happens to be the last day of the hearing . For almost three months my life came to stand still even my business is facing a major crises due to my inability to be consistent.

Madam Rosa succeeded in tainting my image in public , calling me a murderer and a mistress who took the life of her husband . We have been in and out of court and although I’m fully healed now ,the marks from the accident was still visible .

Pierre’s mom offered me the best of lawyers for the case , She came all the way from France to check on me few days after I left the hospital .

Her current husband had one of the leading law firms in the world and Immediately she offered to help ,I haven’t been more emotional in my life . Aunt Yemi was really emotional and Sad when she heard about my past with chief . The fact that I hid the truth and carried the burden on my own for all these years was what hurt her to the core .

” We gave her a life ! No matter what chief did to her ,she should be able to find it in her heart to forgive him . She is not the first woman to get r*ped , I don’t even think he did anything like that ,it was a mutual agreement . This girl was only a teenager when she extorted my husband of ten million naira and made him support her financially ,that’s how she bagged all her degrees “she spat angrily as she threw a glare in my direction .

The Argument Continued for almost an hour and Ma’am Rosa continued constituting nuisance in the court room . At the end of the day ,the case ended in my favour and ma’am Rosa was charged with six months in jail for going against most of the rules in court . The woman even went as far as accusing the judge if taking bribes .

” Are you Okay ? “Pierre asked as we took a walk together.

” I don’t know how to feel right now , everything seems different now . I feel like I have lost everything I worked so hard to get “I said and he shook his head negatively.

” Look at me sweetheart “he said and held my face close to his .

” You have not lost anything ,we have each other and although this might seem like one of the roughest moments in your life , I believe we can walk passed this together”he said and my eyes stung with unshed tears .

” I bless the day you came into my life Pierre . You brought in light to my dark world “I said as tears rolled down my eyes ,he kissed my forehead and then my lips . I wrapped my hand around his neck as we explored each other’s mouth sweetly .

” I’m always here “he whispered against my lips after breaking the kiss and I walked into his arms .

” I know “I muttered under my breath as I closed my eyes and listened to the beats coming from his heart .

” I love you Pierre Schmitt” I said and he chuckled.

” I love you more Tega Williams “he said and I chuckled .

He had to leave for Paris for something important and I began to miss him the minute he left the house.

” Is this the same Tega that did not want anything to do with love or marriage “Imani asked teasingly.

“Pierre happened “Avy said and they both burst out laughing.

” Has anyone told you girls just how naughty y’all are ? “I asked and they laughed .

” Oh please , you are the worse when it comes to teasing “Imani said and I chuckled.

” I’m planning on moving to France soon , including my business and everything , like a fresh start”I said and the girls stopped smiling immediately.

” Wait ,what ! “They both said in unison.

” You’re moving ? “Imani asked with eyes wide open.

” Yes , I have thought about it and my life is were Pierre belongs . Besides I don’t think I want to stay around this energy ,Not after the damage madam Rosa as cost me “I said and Avy wiped the tears that rolled out of her eyes .

” I’m so proud of you bestie “she said and I chuckled out tears .

” You guys have been more than friends to me ,infact calling you my friends feel like an insult . You guys are my sisters and we have gone through hell and back together “I said and they burst out crying.

” Heyyyyyyy”I said as I cried with them .

” Stoppit” Imani said as we chuckled out more tears .


Time flys so fast and sometimes it gets really scary .


” Trust me sir ,you have been glowing ever since miss Tega entered your life “Uriel said and I chuckled softly.

” I’m not gonna say no to that ,my girlfriend has been a blessing to me “I said and he chuckled .

” If someone told me you would remain faithful to one woman before you met miss Tega ,I would have bet my life on it “he said and I gasped.

” Wait , was I that bad ? “I asked and he gave a nod .

” You use to change girls like clothes “he said and I scratched the back of my neck .

” Tega should never hear that ,I don’t want to start apologising for my mistakes in the past , presence and ….”I trailed with a chuckle.

” You’re scared “he teased .

” Women are jealous freaks “I said and Uriel threw his head backwards as he laughs .

” What’s funny ? “I asked as he laughed.

” Indeed women are jealous “he said and I chuckled .

After work at the restaurant ,I had a meeting with a few clients before deciding to call it a night . I got home exhausted from work .


” Welcome back Mr Schmitt” The guard at the door bowed in respect .

” Thank you “I said as I scrolled through my phone while walking into the house .

I stopped walking when my eyes sighted my beautiful girlfriend setting the dinning table ,clad in a red dress that enhanced her beauty .

‘” Love “I said trying to get over the shock and she smiled in my direction.


” Mine ” She called and I took fast steps towards her ,she ran into my arms and I raised her up in my arms as she laughed.


” Fvck “I cursed under my breath when I realised she was really here with me , and in my arms .

Her lips met mine in a brief kiss and I reciprocated with a smile on my face .

” I’m so happy you’re here “I said and she chuckled.

“Can you at least put me down first ,I’m not running away am I ? “She asked playfully .

” Just let me relish this moment ” I said kissed her cheeks.

” Hey I’m here , just go upstairs freshen up and come join me “I said and he smiled .

” You can join me you know , we will be saving lots of water “I said smirking..


” Bad guy “she said pointing a finger at me and I burst out laughing . Going upstairs to get a shower ,I returned to the sitting room in casual clothes.

” This is delicious “I said and she smiled.

” I’m glad you like it “She said as we ate in silence.

” Is everything okay ? ” I asked when I noticed she has been quiet for two long .

“i’m planning on moving to France “she said and my eyes widened.

” Wait what about your business ,your life and friends …” I trailed trying my best to control my self .


She held both my hands as she stared at my face with a smile on her lips .

” My life is where you are Pierre and besides I want to start my life all over ,this time in a clean slate ” she said and I gave a nod .

” I’m .. speechless but trust me I’m happy I get to have you here with me “I said and she smiled softly .

The weeks that followed was indeed hectic with Tega trying to settle down her business and our personal lives .

Mom and Tega have been trying to build a relationship ever since she moved to France. My Dad and I are now on good terms but it’s not like we have turned into best buddies. I guess something never change .

Efe moved to italy to find his path ,Tega was really worried about him but I convinced her to let him do what’s best for him .

I’m planning to propose tonight ,I’ve had the ring with for three days now but the minute I opened my mouth to say something I end up not doing it .

I’ve practiced in front of the mirror but I can’t do it .

” Have you proposed ?” I received a text from Penny and I smiled .

” Planning to propose tonight ” I replied and bit my lower lip.

” That’s what you said yesterday and the day before “I said and I sent laughing Emojis .

” I’m going to do it tonight ,I’ve made up my mind “I sent and it wasn’t long before I received a thumbs up .

” Hey sugar “Tegs waved as she walked up to me and placed a peck on my lips as she ate from the pack of snacks on her hand .

” How was work ? “She asked walking towards the sitting room.

” Work was fine , you are looking good “I said and she turned .

” Close your eyes “she said with a chuckle and I laughed.

” What are you up to ? “I asked as she sat on the couch in the sitting room.

” Netflix “she said and gestured for me to sit next to her .

I dropped my suit jacket and everything else on the table as I sat with her .

Through out the time we were seeing the movie ,I kept watching how cute she looked as I played with the ring pack in my pocket .

” Let me go and set the table”she said and I held her by the wrist and pulled her back to me .

” Heyyyyyyy”she said with a smile on her face .

” Marry me “I said and she stared at me speechlessly.

“I’ve planned to say long words to say but I don’t know how to go about this baby . All I know is how I feel , and I want to spend rest of my life with you . I see you in my future ,I want you to be the mother of my kids . I want to walk hand in hand with you in this journey of life ” I said and tears rolled out of her eyes .

” Babe “I said when I noticed she hadn’t said a word .

” Ask again …”she said smiling .

” Wait what ? “I asked and she chuckled out tears .

” Ask me again “she said smiling .

“Will you marry me ? “I asked with a smile on my face

” Yes …yes yes ! “She said in excitement as I put the ring on her finger.

I pulled her on my lap as we laughed .

This woman makes me so happy without trying hard ,our journey started with lust and

here we are in love , I know the journey ahead won’t be an easy one ,but I believe we can navigate through it as long as we have each other “I thought as I stared at her beautiful face .




  1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏……
    Thank God,it all ended well. I'm happy for the both of them, surpassing the hurdles their past wanted to bring.
    Thank you authoress, more insights.wisdom and knowledge

  2. I don't think am ready for the end yet, neither do i regret reading it..it was worth the delay and all.
    More knowledge to u authoress,more ink to your pen.
    Best happy ever after!!

  3. I'm short of words,true love superseds any obstacle, this story has taught me many lessons i'm so proud of my self to read this story . More ink to ur pen authoress ur story worth the delay , ur the best.

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