Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 38


[Lust & love 👄]

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .





Please let me go ….! I’m begging you ! “She cried and I got to the place and pulled the guy off immediately and hit him on the face.


He staggered backwards and pointed his gun at me .


” I won’t try to act smart if I were you “he said and my eyes moved from the gun to were my woman sat looking hurt and battered.


” She belongs to me ! “He said with a sinister laughter to match .


” Pierre …” She called my name as she cried bitterly.


” Don’t you dare call his name in front of me before I fvcking loose it ! “He bursted angrily as he pointed his gun from me to Tega .


” Let her go “I said and he stared at me like I have lost it.


” You have no idea about the things I have done through for this ungrateful woman . No one deserves to touch her accept for me ” he said smirking.


” Now raise your hands in surrender …”he trailed as he stared at Tega .


” Fine ” I raised my hands and he laughed.


” Is this the Superman you are dating flower ? He asked her mockingly .


” Just look at him , raising both hands in defeat ” He said and Immediately he turned towards Tega ,I kicked his backside and he staggered in pain .


Immediately he turned I grabbed his hand and we began to struggle for his gun .


” How dare you think you can…come in here and try … to…get…her away from me “he said angrily and Tega screamed as she tried to get to me .

I noticed she was bleeding badly and as we fought for the gun he pulled the trigger .


We both froze and Tega screamed in horror .


” Fvck is he dead “Penny asked coming in ,I noticed her shirt was stained with blood .


Efe walked over to the body as he bent towards the old man and bent down .


” He’s not dead , I think we should call the police “He said standing up .


” Tegs ,baby …”I said as I gathered her in my arms ,she fell limp .


” Tega …! Baby open your eyes please “I said shaking her arms .


” We need to get her to the hospital right now “Penny said and I carried her in my arms as Efe called the police .


The police already knows about her kidnapping,at that point chiefs involvement was the last thing on my mind .


” We would take over from here sir “the Doctor said as I watched them push her into the ICU.


” She will be fine Pierre “Penny said and Efe just bowed his head . I could notice him cry in guilt.


All this would have been avoided if she had a brother who stood up for her when trouble came knocking .


” I feel like sh!t ! “He said and Penny turned to him .


” How is she ? ”

” Where is Tega ?”Imani and Avyryll said in unison as they rushed into the hospital.


” She is currently in the Intensive care unit ” Penny said and I said down with both hands on my face as you cried .


The sight of my woman covered in blood just did not sit well with me .


” Please be fine Tega ,I don’t think I can put up with everything without you . We have a lot to talk about Sweetheart “I muttered under my breath as I cried.


” She will be fine Pierre ,our girl is a fighter . She has never stopped fighting and will definitely not stop now “Avy said and Imani hugged me sideways as my body shook from the emotions that rushed my heart .


” How is she ? “I asked the doctor immediately he walked over to us .


” For now ,she is out of danger but I’m afraid she will have to undergo a number of tests . “He said and I raised my eyebrows.


” She has alot of injuries and I’m Afraid she fractured her left leg. But we have placed her on medication and it her body responds to treatment ,she will be able to use them in two weeks or even a month it all depends ” He said and I gave a nod as I heived a sigh of relief ,the girls rushed me in a bone crashing hug .


Penny had to leave for something important and I noticed her smile at Efe as he raised his eyebrows at her , definitely awed by whatever She just said .


” Penny “I said and she turned .


” I have to leave , Chief will not survive Pierre even if the animal does , I’d send one of my men in the system to end him “she said with determination.


” Your friendship is one of the things I will forever be grateful for “I said and she burst out laughing.


” Awwwn thanks but no thanks . BTW your girlfriend’s brother is hot ” she said whistling .


” Penny if what I heard is correct ,he is Trying to figure out is life right now and does not need your craziness “I said and she laughed.


” Heyyyy I’m not that bad ,how is it my fault that I find a man with a wedding band attractive “she asked with both hands tucked in the pocket of her formal pants .


” He’s married “I said and she rolled her eyes.


” One look at the man and I’ll tell you he is unhappy in that marriage take it from a certified player “she said smirking.


” That’s why you should not try to convince him into aduletry . Allow the poor man breathe” I said and her jaws dropped.


” That’s unfair”she said and I laughed.


” Take care “she said and pecked my Cheek .


” How is she ? ” Efe asked as he walked over to me .


” You should rest Efe ,you have been of great help to us “I said and he shook his head .


” My sister would not have been in this mess in the first place if I had listened to her ,if I had done my job as a older brother and protected her from everything and everyone when posed as a threat “he said in regret .


” You still have all the time in the world “I said and he gave a nod .


” Thanks man “he said and I smiled.


That evening mom called and it was such a relief when she asked about Tega . We talked about random stuffs before i decided to call it a night .



🥀 TEGA 🥀


” Babe are you okay ? Do you need anything ? Are you hungry ? ” Pierre bombarded me with questions the minute I opened my eyes.


” I am fine…”I managed to say before shutting my eyes for some time . My eyes burned from the light and my throat felt a bit sore.


” Mine …”I said as my voice broke at the edge .


” I’m here baby , everything is fine now . You have nothing to be scared off anymore “he said and tears rolled out of my eyes.


” I love you Pierre” I said unable to control my emotions.


” I love you more sweetheart “he said as his lips met my forehead .


Later in the afternoon The girls and his guys came over to visit me and I couldn’t have been more grateful when I heard Penny helped them locate me .


” Babe someone is here to see you “Pierre said as he sat next to me . It’s been a few days since I regained consciousness.


Aside from the fact that I couldn’t use my left leg yet , I was healing gradually .


We got the news about chiefs death the next day and the police have been in and out of the hospital investigating Pierre and I .


His wife madam Rosa is everywhere on the news laying accusations on me for the death other her husband.


” Who is it ? “I asked and he stared at me .


” Efe “he said and I gave a nod .


” Hey “Efe said softly as he walked over to me .


” How are you doing ? “I asked and he stared at me in shock .


” I… should be asking you that question “he said and I smiled.


” I am fine Efe , I have Pierre and I’m privileged to be alive after everything . I am fine “I said and he gave a nod as he stared at me calmly.


” I’m glad you are fine “he said and I gave a nod .


” You should let go of the past now Efe . Life is too short to live it in regret ,I hold no grudge against you . Infact I look forward to having a relationship with you as family”I said and he burst out crying .


” Hey …”I said as tears rolled out of my eyes .


” God ,I feel so terrible Tega “he said and I opened my arms and gestured for him to hug me .


As he pulled me in his arms we both cried to our satisfaction.


” How are you ? I asked gesturing towards his wedding band .


” Life is a bit messed up at this point but I will get on my feet soon “he said and I didn’t need a suitsayer to tell me mom’s death had an hand in everything Efe was going through at the moment.


” Wanna talk about it ? “I asked holding his hand .


” We should talk about you , and the case with ma’am Rosa “he said and I laughed.


” That’s a minor issue Bro “I said and he stared at me emotionally.


” You have such a big heart Tega and trust me ,you deserve all the good things life has to offer”he said and I stared at him smiling .


” Thanks ,but can we talk about this now ? “I asked gesturing towards his wedding band .


” I will be taking it off soon . “He muttered under his breath.


” Why ? “I asked and he rubbed his face .


” She wants a divorce . I losed everything and I’m not worth it anymore Tega ,she won’t even let me see our Kids . At this point I just want to be away from the energy and find my path ” he said and my heart went out to him .


” How many years ? “I asked and he breath in and out .


” It’s been Eight years since we got married . We have two kids . They’re both aged 6 and 4 “he said and looked away.


” Did you sign the papers already ? “I asked and he gave a nod .


” Around February this year “he said and I gave a nod .


” We can fight for the custody of the kids after all of this is over “I said and he gave a nod .


Pierre walked in Immediately Efe left .


” I guess that went well “he said and I laughed.


” Yeah it did ” I said as he kissed my forehead .


” Mine “I called and he raised his eyes.


” Hmmn “he muttered under his breath.


” I’ve been wondering why you haven’t asked about my past ,about chief and…”I trailed and he stared at me.


” I know already “he said and I froze .


“And you’re not angry ? “I asked and he shook his head .


” That’s in the past ,I’m in love with you and all I care about is our future together ,not the broken pieces that come with your past “he said and tears rolled out of my eyes .

I fvcking love this man

I swear .



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