Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 35



[Lust & love 👄]



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful




Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .







I walked to and fro in my room as the text message returned to my mind. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that chief was back to hunt me again . Suprisingly he did not call or text me through out that day or the next .


” Good morning ma’am you have a client waiting for you “my personal assistant said and I raised my eyebrows .


” A client ? ” I asked curiously .


” Yes “she said smiling . I walked into my office and gestured for her to escuse me .


” Goodevning Mr …. “I trailed and froze immediately our eyes met .


” Look who we have here , my very own Younger sister. What a happy family reunion ” he said and my heart beat crazily against my chest .


” Efe ” I muttured under my breath.


” Oghenetega “he said walking close to me .


” What do you want ? Why ….why are you here “I asked as my voice broke at the edge .


” I am here to ruin everything you have built for yourself . I promised you Tega , that a day would come when you would look at me in the eyes and fear will be the only thing you feel . ” He said and my eyes stung with tears .


” I am tired Efe , I already have a lot on my mind . You are my brother , you are supposed to defend and protect me not be against me “I spat and he raised his eyebrows in amusement.


” Defend you ? After everything you did to me and mama ! ” He bursted angrily.


” I did not do anything wrong to you and Mama. All I have ever done in my life I work my A*s out to get ro where i am today . You can’t stand there and tell me you and Mama did sh! T for me ! ” I bursted angrily.


” Tega ….” He said camly.


” Did you care to ask me for once what I have been going through ? No . All you and Mama ever cared about is the money I sent to you . For years I have lived my life without true happiness “”


” Hate , hurt agony that’s all I felt ” i said as my voice shook slightly.


” I was r*ped by uncle Dede. What did mama do ? She asked me to keep shut . Her marriage was more important to her than the fact that Dede constantly abused me and ripped me off every single bit of innocence ! ”


” I had no one to hear the words I wanted to say. I had no one to gather me in their arms and protect me from his dirty hands . Where were you Efe ! Where was mama when Tega cried herself to sleep every night ? Why do you all Insist now that I am heartless ? ” I asked and he opened and closed his mouth like a fish .


” Mama sent you to madam Rosa . It’s not our fault that you decided to seduce your way into her husband’s bed “he said and my heart squeezed in hurt.


” That’s what you think ? That I seduced my way into her husband’s bed ? ” I asked in shock .


” Mama sent me away to ma’am Rosa because she believed I was a threat to her blissful marriage with Sir Dede . Do you know what I went through in the hands of madam Rosa ? ” I asked and he rubbed his face in frustration .


” I am not exactly proud of my shenanigans with chief . I have lived my life regretting the day I signed the deal with the devil . But life gave me lemons and I made lemonade out of it. “I said and he sighed .


” I….. am so sorry ” he said and sat down with a thud.


” Mama is dead . I tried my best to save her Tega . For years I held nothing but resentment for you in my heart . I came here with the thought of putting an end to your life ” he said as his lips quivered in hurt .


” I dey feel like devil Tega . { I am feeling like the devil } “he said as he threw his head backwards.


” Mama gave the money you sent to Dede . The second time you sent us money it was used to pay of the depths Dede owed in the neighborhood ”


” Life has never been easy and I can’t believe mama played the victim card her entire life. .. ” he said crying.


‘How do I live with myself after this … how do I live with the fact that I killed my own sister slowly ….. Jeez ” he said as his voice broke at the edge.


” I’m sorry … I’m do sorry Tega … “he cried in regret .


I watched him without a definite expression on my face . At that point all I felt in my heart was nothing but emptiness . I could not wrap my head around the fact that mama was dead , chief was on his way to ruin my life and Efe was asking for my forgiveness everything felt like a bad dream.



After what transpired at the office Efe had to leave because I was not in the right state of mind for a reunion. My phone rang and it was Avyrll.


” Hey babe “I said as I walked out of my room with my car keys .


” Where are you ? “She asked and I sensed she was not okay .


” Is everything okay Avy ? “I asked and she sighed worriedly.


” I’m not supposed to say this over the phone but imani’s water broke . We are at the hospital right now “she said and I gasped .


” Wait what ! Text me the address I’m on my way right now ” I said and ended the call . Rushing into my car , I drove towards the hospital.


” How is she doing ? “I asked and Avy pulled me in a hug excitedly.


” She just put to bed 10 mins ago “she said excitedly and my face broke into a happy smile .


” I’m so happy “I said and Avy Laughed.


” We are going to be godmothers “she said said and I laughed .


“I don’t even know the first thing about being a god mother “I said and she Chuckled.


” That’s why I am here to put you through ” she said making me chuckle .


” Congratulations Leon ” I said and gave him a bro hug. We stayed around with the couple for a while before I decided to call Pierre.


” Hey mine “I said smiling and Avy wiggled her eyebrows at me teasingly .


” Sweetheart “he muttered under his breath .


” Leon called . I’m as excited as you are , I was even planning to call immediately I leave the resturant tonight” he said and I smiled.


” Don’t stress yourself too much ” I said and he chuckled deeply.


” It’s so sweet anytime you show me your caring side , it’s priceless you know ” he said and I smiled .


” When do you intend to leave the resturant tonight ? ” I asked and I heard the sound of his untensils.


” Soon “he said and I sighed .


” Call me okay . I miss you “I said and he fell silent on the other end .


” I miss you more baby”he said making my cheeks heat up in a blush . After a while we were allowed to see Imani personally.


” Hey babbbbbyyy girl …. “Avy said excitedly.


” No noise the baby’s ears are still fragile Avyrll “Aunt Yemi scolded her making all of us hold our laughter.


Everyone talked about random stuffs for a while before I decided to call it a night.


” How is your relationship with Adonis ? “I asked and she smiled.


” We have our moments but it’s been nothing but bliss so far . I see you and pierre are going good ” she said and I gave a nod .


” Yeah , he makes me so happy ‘ I said and she cooed loudly in the car making me laugh.


” You’re crazy Avy “i said and she shook her head .


” Oh please , you don’t even need to explain anything I can see how happy he makes you . “She said and I smiled .


” Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him Avy . What if I end up hurting him ” I said and she looked at me.


” Be intentional about this thing between the both of you Tega . And do not build a relationship on the foundation of secrets ” she said and that hit home .


Getting to my place Avy decided to make dinner. I stared at her with my jaws dropped.


” What ? “She asked and I laughed.


” You just said you wanna make dinner Avy . That’s huge “I said and she blushed red .


” It’s not a big deal ” she said and I laughed.


” Oh c’mon it’s definitely the Adonis effect . Just look at you blushing like your life depends on it” I said and she burst out laughing.


” Tega ! ” She raised her voice playfully as I teased her .





” Mom blacked out Pierre….. I’m so scared “my step sister said over the phone as her voice shook in hurt .


” Where are you guys? ” I asked and she chocked on her words as she cried.


” Calm down Mel . Tell me which hospital you guys are located “I said as I walked out of the resturant. I just closed for the day and was planning on calling my girlfriend immediately I get home .


” I will text you the address “she said as her voice broke at the edge .


I walked into the hospital not knowing exactly what to expect and how to feel . I have never been close to anyone from the new families my parents created for themselves, it has always been me against the world.


” He’s here “I heard the middle aged man in glasses say as he looked in my direction . He looked really tired and worried . The twin girls stared at me and Melissa ran into my arms as she cried .


Melissa has always been the one who tried to reach out to me no matter the number of times I shut her out .


” She’s so sick Pierre, I watched her struggling for her life I’m so scared “she said as she shook in fear . For the first time in years I wrapped my arms around Melissa and held her as she cried .


” Everything is going… To be alright”I said as I choked on my words t

oo . My eyes stung with tears as I thought of the things ahead .


” Is she going to leave again without earning my forgiveness . “My subconscious mind asked .




  1. Everyone of you should forgive and forget about your past in other to move on and face the present
    I will implore Tega to open up to Pierre so as to avoid stories that touch the heart later
    Thanks authoress, good job 👍👍

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