Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 33


[Lust & love 👄]

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .



” After the stress you put me through , you are not allowed to see anything “she said and I laughed .


” That’s unfair ” I said pouting and she kissed me in the lips.


” Everything is fair in love and war “she said and I slapped her backside making her gasp.


” Pierre ! ”


” I’ll still get it at the long run . It’s mine remember “I said and she shook her head in amusement.


” I need to use the restroom “she said and just like that she went upstairs .


My phone rang that Instant and it was Leonardo . I picked up with a naughty smile playing on my lips .


” Hey my man “I said and he chuckled.


” By the sound of your voice I can tell you guys have things under control “he said and I Chuckled.


” That woman has total control over me , I can’t stay mad at her for long ” I said and he laughed at the other end.


” So what are you planning to do now ” He said and I pinched the bridge of my nose .


” I don’t know for now , but I think I want to take things slow for now . I want something serious with Tega and rushing things might just end things before they even start . “I said and he fell silent at the other end.


” You know you have to open up about your Insecurities at some point right ? ” He asked and I sighed softly .


” I know man ” I said as I turned to see if she was coming .


” Take good care of yourself and Imani’s friend , I don’t want any trouble “he said and I laughed.


After the phone call , I went to my room and she was on my bed sleeping soundly .


” Seriosely “I muttured under my breath trying to fight the laughter that threatened to escape my lips .


I changes into something comfortable and joined her in the bed , she perceived my presence and moved closer .


I kissed her forehead and shut my eyes to get some sleep . We spent the afternoon In each other’s arms .


The sound of someone in the swimming pool woke me up from my slumber. I checked the bed and Tega was no longer with me .


” Ma fraise”I called as I got down from the bed . I was clad In a sweat pants and shirt . Wearing my room slippers I took slow strides towards the pool .


She swam out of the pool and stared at me teasingly .


” Mine you woke up already “she said playfully and my heart skipped a bit .




I loved it when she called me mine. It made me feel the possessiveness and genuineness of her feelings for me .


” I love it when you call me mine ” I said and she chuckled.


” Mine ” she said and I smiled again .


” You look so cute when you blush “she said splashing water on me .


” Angel “I called and she pulled her tongue out cutely.


” You are such a naughty girl ” I said and she smirked .


” I can be more naughty if you let me sit on your face “she said teasingly and I choked on my words .


” Angel you don’t just say things out of the blue , I’m never prepared for your raw words ” I said and she laughed .


” Get in the water ” she said while sucking on her bottom lip . I smirked when I noticed her eyes cloud with lust .


I pulled off my shirt and pants and got into the pool in my briefs .


” This bad thing you are about to do …”I said and she burst out laughing.


” Condoms ” she said immediately I kissed her lips.


” We haven’t done it for so long , we should do it without the rubber “I said and her jaws dropped.


” Nope , I haven’t popped my birth control pills yet and that’s like a one way ticket to pregnancy “She said and I laughed .


” I’m going to pull out in time ” I said and she blushed .


” Pierre …. ” She said as I kissed my way into her mind .


” This is unfair , you are seducing me “she said throwing my words back at me .


” Everything is fair In love and war “I said and she laughed .


” Fine , just shut up and kiss me ” she said and I moved close. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and she moaned into the kiss .


My hands ran over her body. It wasn’t long before I had her bent over as I took her from behind .


Her cries of pleasure and the way she felt made everything even more beautiful .


We switched positions spicing things up and I nearly lost it . I’m dating a bad girl .


” Fvck “I cursed under my breath as she moved on top of me . My hands ran over her laps pulling her into me over and over again .


Our breaths and sounds of pleasure filled the air , Making everything even more intimate.



🥀 TEGA 🥀


” I’m so tired ” I said as he rubbed my back .


” Sorry I tired you out “he said kissing my forehead and I chuckled.


” I loved it “I said and his eyes moved over to mine .


” You have such beautiful eyes “he said and I smirked.


” This is what I use to press your buttons “I said and he laughed.


” I’m so into you , I would swear it was magic ” he said and I burst into laughter.


He kissed my lips and we ate into each other sweetly .


” Dinner ? “I asked immediately he broke the kiss .


” How about we eat out ? “He asked and I smiled .


” Sure , I’ll be honoured “I said and got down from the bed . He whistled naughtily at the sight of my behind and I turned to him .


” Close your eyes “I said playfully.


” What exactly do you wanna hide , I have seen everything . I have eaten everything …. “he trailed and I threw a pillow at him as my cheeks heated up .


” You are a bad boy ! “I said pointing at him .


” Angel you had me on my toes a while ago , I can proudly call you a bad girl “he said and I strolled towards the bathroom .


” Mind if I join you !” I heard his playful voice .


” So you can bend me over in the bathroom and probably shift the location of my womb ” I said and he burst out laughing.


” I already did that ! ” He said and I shut the bathroom door as I laughed .


It was late when Pierre and I pulled of at one the biggest clubs in the city after having quick dinner at the restaurant .


It reminded me of the first time we met in this type of setting .


‘ you look so beautiful ” He said and I smiled .


” You say that Everytime” I said and he pulled my hair behind my ear .


” I can’t get over it , I can’t ignore it either . You are an epitome of beauty ” he said and I blushed .


” Let’s dance ” I said and he chuckled.


” I like the sound of that ” he said and just like that we were on the dance floor . My body against his as we danced intimately.


He whispered sweet things in my ear making me laugh.


” Tonight was fun” I said as we walked out of the club together . I knew I was a bit tipsy but the drinks had not gotten the better of me at that point .


” I want ice-cream “I said as we walked together and he kissed my forehead .


” You’ll get some when we get to the house “he said and I smiled .


We arrived at his place and after hitting the bathroom together , I lay tired on the bed .


” Heyyyyyy “he said and I moved my eyes in his direction. There he was looking every bit of the hot specimen that be was .


He was shirtless with only his sweatpants which lay dangerously below his waist.


” Is that ice-cream ! “I asked sitting up in excitement . I was clad in his big Polo shirt .


” Yup , you said you were craving some “he said and I gestured towards the cup .


” I need that immediately. Now be the romantic boyfriend that you are and come over here “I said and he walked over to me while Laughing.


” Let’s play a game ” he said and I stared at him .


” As long as it won’t involve me naked in your arms again , I’m in” I said and his jaws literally dropped.


” Chill , I don’t even have that in mind yet “he said with a deep chuckle that made his chest vibrate Sexily.


” You can’t blame me , you have this touchy habit “I said and he smiled.


” It’s only with you ” he said teasingly.


” That doesn’t change the fact that I feel your hands all around my Bts and bbs “I said and he threw his head backwards in full blown laughter.


” You are something else Angel “he said and our eyes locked for a moment.


” Angel eyes “he muttered under his breath and I stared at my hands . It’s so strange that I suddenly find my hands more interesting.


“Angel eyes ”


” Queen of my heart “he said again and my heart beat crazily against my chest .


“My life “he said and my eyes stung with tears .


” Are you crying “he asked as I blinked over and over again while trying to fight the tears that threatened to escape.


” You’re so sweet I can’t handle it “I said and he chuckled.


” You make me like this Cherie “he said and I haven’t felt more loved in my life .


” I’m not perfect … I come with a lot of insecurities ,I don’t even know the first thing about loving right . “I said as my voice broke in between.


” I don’t know how to love either , but I want to be the one responsible for your every smile and laughter . I want to love you in the way you deserve ” he said and tears rolled out of my eyes as I cried .


We had the icecream together and fell asleep while watching an episode of his favorite show .


The next morning when I woke up he was still fast asleep on the bed. I got down wore my room slippers and decided to make him breakfast . When I got downstairs I noticed the table was already set for breakfast , reminding me he had servants at his beck and call .


I turned to leave but my eyes fell on a woman on the opposite couch in his sitting room.


” Good morning ma’am “I said as my eyes scanned her outfit . It was quiet evident that she was rich . She seem to be in her middle fifties .


” Good morning ma’am “I said again .


” I heard you the first time “she said as her eyes scanned me in disgust . Making me feel uncomfortable. Another thing I noticed was her ey

es , she had the exact color Pierre has . Her thick french accent gave away her origin .


” Where is my son ! ”


” He is still asleep in his room”I said and she frowned .


” And who are you ! “She asked rudely.




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