Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 31


[Lust & love 👄]

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .

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” I’m not letting you into my house with that temper of yours . Penny is not someone you should be messing with “I said rubbing my forehead.

” Is that your way of telling me you want penny ? ” She asked and I stared at her . She looks so beautiful , I looked away and took a deep breath in and out to calm my nerves . I thought I was done with this woman .

” Okay , I get it now. I’m someone Penny should be messing with “she said and I sighed .

” Pierre I already apologized , I’m willing to give to give you time to forgive me But what I can’t bear is a third party getting in between us. She’s a rich woman why does she have to stay in your place ? ” She asked and I nearly chuckled at her jealousy .

” It’s been that way between the both of us since childhood Tega .. ” I trailed .

” You like someone else now. She should know where to cross the line ” she said and I nearly burst out laughing.

This woman’s confidence is something else.

” Tegs , I just told you I’m done with this “I said and she sucked on her bottom lip .


” We are not done until I say so “she said moving towards my car then got into the passenger seat in front .


” Let’s go to your house “she said and I pinched the bridge of my nose as took a deep breath in and out to calm my nerves.


” Tega we can talk but not in my house”I said and she stared at me camly.


” Fine let’s go to my house then . That’s if you will stay there with me “she said and I burst out laughing.


” What are you planning ? ” I asked staring at her preety face and she blushed red .


” Wait o , so a girl cannot innocently invite a guy to her house ? “She asked and I shook my head .


” There is nothing innocent about you Tega. I’m mad at you and trust me staying with you in the same space will … ” I trailed .


” Will do what ? ” She asked smirking .


” Forget it ” i said and noticed her blushing .


” I’m sorry , I can be a girlfriend material now ” she said pouting .


” I thought you said you are bedroom material ? ” I asked with eyebrows raised.


” God forbid , me oghenetega ? I cannot be bedroom material “she shook her head dramatically.


” Fvck ” I cursed under my breath as I chuckled.


“So what material are you ? “I asked and she blinked her eyes playfully.


” I can be any material you want me to be “she said and I focused on driving .


” Where are you staying ? ” I asked and she stared at me .


” So you really won’t take me to your house cause penny is there ? ” She asked and I stared at her.


” You don’t know Penny Tega , I shouldn’t tell you this but she is part of a crime family. I can’t expose my woman to Penny ” I said and shut my eyes immediately I realized what I just said.


” I didn’t mean for it…. “I trailed in embarrassment . Then looked away


” Fine , you can get mad at me for as long as you want . I’m willing to be patient, I’m going to win your heart again . “She said making my heart pound crazily against my chest .


” Good luck with that ” I said and she scrolled through her phone throughout the time I drove towards the address .


” Wait , is this where you stay ? “I asked and she gave a nod without looking at me .


” Leonardo’s ? “I asked and she raised an eyebrow.


” It’s not my fault that he ships the both of us “she said playfully.


I can’t believe leonardo . I made a mental note to talk to him later . We got to his place and she walked out of my car.


” Don’t sleep on the same bed with Penny ” she said holding my hands . Her soft hands fitting into mine perfectly.


” Are we still talking about this ? “I asked and she sighed .


” She likes you . I don’t need to compete with another woman for your attention “she said and I bit my lower lip.


” You should trust me first if we are going to do this ” I said and she opened and closed her mouth like a fish .


” Pierre …. ” She trailed off nervously .


” I can’t think of another woman the way I think if you . I can’t look at another woman the way I look at you. It’s you Tega , it has always been you . I might be mad at you right now , but the heart wants what it wants” i said in one go and tears rolled out of her eyes .


” Fine , I want to learn how to treat you right. I’m willing to try “she said and my eyes stung with tears.


” I should go “I said and she refused to let go of my hand .


” Tega ”


She walked close to me and got on her tiptoes as her lips met mine softly . My hands went around her petite waist as I kissed her sweetly . She pulled away and pecked my lips .


“Goodnight handsome “she said playfully and my heart warmed up as I watched her catwalked towards the door . She turned around and blew me a kiss .


I thought I was mad at this woman ? Why the fvck am I smiling like a fool .


The drive back to my place had me smiling like I won a lottery .


” Goodevning Mr Schmitt “the guard greeted and I smiled at them before walking in .


” Hey ” Penny said smiling at me from the couch where she was sitted .


” Hey babe . What’s up ? Have you had dinner yet ? “I asked and she Chuckled.


” Yup . I ordered something the minute i heard you left the office with a woman ” she said and i frowned .


” You called my office ? ” I asked frowning .


” So , who is the woman ? I thought you had strong feelings for Tega ? ” She asked with both hands on her waist.


” I was with Tega “i said and she raised her eyebrows.


” Are you serious ? She came all the way from South Africa. God , that girl is inlove hey ” she said and I laughed .


” You’re crazy Penny ” I said and she chuckled.


” Girl doesn’t want me fvcking her man even for one night . We should have done it the night you came from Capetown ” she said and I shook my head .


” Tega is a jealous freak trust me , don’t go ahead saying those crazy things in front of her ” i said and she laughed .


” I enjoy doing crazy things. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgiving her for the way she hurt you , nah . I told her how much you meant to me , I was willing to back out , that’s how much I want you be happy . ” She said emotionally.


” She can’t just walk in and out of your life like she pleases. I’m not leaving your house , I am expecting her presence Tommorow morning . I might be on your bed when she comes over. ” She said laughing .


” Penny don’t ruin my love life before it even starts ” I said and she shook her butts crazily .


” Beg me “she said making me facepalm myself .


” Penny go to Italy “I said walking into my room .


” Awwwwwwwwn,love is making him send me away !” She raised her voice and I laughed .





” How was it ? “Imani asked teasingly as I tied my robs .


” Imani my guy dey vex . Pierre did not want to sleep at my place , I nearly cried . See let me not lie ,I cried “I said in my Nigerian accent and she burst out laughing .


” My babe Is inlove “She said teasingly as she laughed .


” Call it whatever you want . Tease me ,I don’t care ” I said and she raised both hands in surrender.


” So when are you coming back ? ” She asked and I raised both hands.


” I have nothing to do with Capetown until I set things right with him . Thank God I don’t have anyone’s wedding to plan yet” I said and she gave a nod .


” It feels so good to see you like this you know ,you my dear friend deserve all the happiness in the world “She said and i smiled .


We talked about random stuffs before sge decided to go for check-up . I scrolled my social media accounts and decided to send him a message .


” Mine “I texted with a smile on my lips .


” My name is Pierre “he texted back and I chuckled.


” You’re mine “i texted again and he paused for a while.


” Since when did you become like this ”


” Since you forced your way into my heart 😘”I texted back with a smile playing on my lips.


” Tega ”


” I miss it 🥺”


” Miss what ? “He asked.


” I love it when you call me strawberry “I sent and bit my lower lip.


” Ma fraise ” he sent and I lay on the bed squiling at the top of my voice .


” I can see you forgiving me soon. I can’t wait ” i muttured under my breath while staring at the last text .


” Where are you right now ? “I asked .


“In my house “he replied.


” I know you are in your house , I’m trying to find out if you are anywhere close to the Spanish woman ” I texted him .


” 😂”


” I asked a question Pierre and you are sending me emojis ” I texted him .


” Pierre ”


” Pierre ” I texted and there was no reply.


” Fine I guess I should just go and link up with any guy I find at the club ” i texted back .


” Tegs ”


” Tega ”


” Oghenetega answer me in Jesus name ” he texted and I burst out laughing immediately .


It wasn’t up to 30 s

econds when my phone rang .


” Jesus “I muttured under my breath as I laughed crazily .


” Tega “he called and I laughed.

” Sir , I have answered you in Jesus name “I said laughing .




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