Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 54

(One Night Changed Everything)

Chapter 54
Babe’s POV
Placing a call through my mum is the best I could do after holding on to everything from the past few days. I needed words of advice. I didn’t mean to keep distance from Luciano, I know how much I mean to him, but I won’t go into anything with him until I have figured out myself.

“You need to come home dear, it’s better we discuss this physically than over the phone” mum had said earlier on the call. We agreed on me going home, I can’t wait to take permission. I wanted to be five month gone before quiting this job, but after signing that contract, and the strange feelings I began to feel for my boss, I decided to wait a bit longer, thinking I would cope with all.

A message popped up my phone, from Morris. “I miss you” It stated. Oh God, I haven’t given his proposal a thought, goodness, we even planned to meet up and discuss, but here I am thinking of myself. The poor guy has been waiting, I will rather come out clean, and end this once and for all. His call came in almost immediately.

“Hello” I managed to speak, feeling guilty. “Hey Babe… what’s up” he muttered softly, reminding me of the way he spoke to me the first day we met. Gosh, why do I find myself in such dilemma as this.

“I’m fine…I…Morris..”

“Can you come out please…to the garden..please Babe” he asked, making my heart pound faster, don’t tell me he is in the mansion.f**k.

“Oh… okay” I stammered. “Fine..I will be waiting” he hung up. I bit my lips, checking out my dress perhaps I should cover up. But on another thought, I decided to let out my baby bump, perhaps it would be a better explanation. I just pray he doesn’t get the wrong message.

Looking down my window, which is opposite the garden, I sighted him in his well ironed white shirt on grey pant, with his hands tucked into each pockets. He stood restlessly, checking his time at intervals. Perhaps I should be fast, he might have left work to come here.

I checked out my face in the mirror, to be sure of my looks before stepping out of the room. I don’t know why I feel uneasy doing this. I don’t wanna lose our friendship, I hope he understands and let go of any feelings he has for me.

He wasn’t looking my direction when I entered the garden, only for my legs to step on a dry leaf which signalled my presence. He turned slowly to face me, with a sad smile on.

“Hey” he muttered, as I drew closer, gulping in my saliva, not knowing if I’m to smile or keep a straight face. One would notice his smile just lasting for a second, as it fell drastically, on sighting my belly. It became a confused look, as a scrawl appeared on his forehead.

“Babe… what’s… you’re..what’s in your stomach?” He asked. Now, this is the moment. I didn’t reply until after making myself comfortable on one of the benches, breathing out.

“Yes ..I’m pregnant…but there are a lot to it” I muttered, leaving him shocked.
Luciano watched from the balcony of the location he choose to meet up with Harry. He wanted a fair deal between the both of them, knowing fully that that bas***d, if truly is the one to impregnate Babe, would want to have her back, else, he wouldn’t had tried having a thing with her in the restroom. He thought.

A black Cadillac SRX parked in the parking lot as Harry stepped out of it, in his well fitted suit. He wondered why a young rich man like him would settle for a growing company in Canada, after owning the billionaire title in The States.

Harry on the other hand was directed by Luciano’s body guard up the story building to the fourth floor which is considered empty. He frowned on sighting Luciano, alone with a glass of champagne in his hand, waiting like a Mafia lord expecting his victim.

“You can go Hugh” he spoke to his body guard, who bowed and left.

“You are welcome Mr. Harry Pierce, if I’m right with the name..have your seat” Luciano muttered, pointing to the seat opposite his.

Harry scoffed, sitting on it, reluctantly. He only wanted Luciano to go straight to the point.

“So Harry, I don’t wanna sound formal now, cos, as you can see, we ain’t in a office or formal setting. I got a proposal from your company, concerning a partnership with my company. Is that true?” He asked, sipping from his glass

Harry hesitated before speaking, playing along. “Yes” he replied grudgingly
“Now what’s with the angry voice” Luciano chuckled, clearing his throat. This angered Harry more.

“Ok..back to the discussion, pardon my manners. I was having this thought of why a billionaire from the states would come down here just to start up a new company, leaving the other one to someone else..or was the title not truly yours. Are you truly the daddy’s boy..huhn?” He smirked

“Are you here to insult me..or pick on me. Why the hell, have you forgotten how you punch me back at the restroom..huhn.. you almost destroyed my face just because of my woman” he blurted out before he could hold it in.

Luciano spit out the drink he was sipping. He scoffed

“Did I just hear you well…your woman… woman. Ok fine let’s get this straight, do you know why exact I called you you think it’s for some stupid proposal?

You ain’t even worth collaborating with, with the act you put on at the could have been jailed for harassment…trying to assault someone’s fiancee in the restroom.” He flared, yelling out at him. Harry fumed, folding his fist, he just hope all Luciano said is not true. He would be a loser if she is truly his fiancee.

In order to cover his face from shame, he laughed out, pretending not to be hurt by his words.

“What..what fiancee…a woman that is pregnant for me..Babe is my girlfriend, she ran away from the states with my money after conceiving that child, it’s mine and she is mine.” He snapped, hitting his chest, happy with the look on Luciano’s face.

The bas***d would believe him after all, Babe has lost her memory, she won’t remember anything, so he could easily manipulate that. And if a DNA is required, he would surely be the father of the child, so he isn’t going to lose.

He doesn’t care about collaborating with his company anymore, he would get another company to do that with, whereas, there are a lot in Canada that share same idea product with his.

Luciano frown, now he knows who her baby papa is; no doubt, the guy is trying to play smart on him, but he would give it back just the same way. He just hope what he said isn’t true, that Babe stole his money. She doesn’t look like someone that could do that, cos she claimed she have amnesia, meaning she wouldn’t remember a thing. He would need to visit her mother, she has the answer to all.

“What sweetheart isn’t pregnant?” Luciano gritted, confusing Harry. Harry hoped the worse hasn’t happened. Babe wouldn’t have aborted the baby, that’s his only hope of getting her back. And that he would find out.


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