Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 53

(One Night Changed Everything)
Chapter 53
Harry’s POV

Wiping the blood stain from my lips, I groan remembering how that bas***d punched me hard. Why will he just barge in, launching blows at me like I’m a criminal. Who the hell is he to her? I have made my research on who he is before the party, he doesn’t look like someone that would go for low class like Babe.

Though, his life activity isn’t much online, he seems to be the quiet type when it comes to social media. Only talks about his company and other business relating to him is on the Internet. F**k

Drawing out more wipes, I use the soft substance to clean the bloody cut I have on my temple, hissing at the pain. Gosh, I will need to get treated. A thought came into my mind, making me think towards it. I will need to make my research on who Babe is to him, getting a private investigator will do.

Few Days Later
Luciano’s POV
I typed into my computer, checking out details of the company to make sure all is intact. The thought of calling Babe came into my mind, but I turned it out, just before dialing the call. F**k, I cussed, driving my fingers into my hair.

Babe had been kinda avoiding me ever since the night of our confession. We haven’t really gotten along like before, and it’s making me mad. I don’t know why she wouldn’t get the message. I love her, and that’s all that matters….she cares about having the baby first before getting into any relationship which I don’t think I can wait for. I know I can but sometimes, I get so frustrated not being able to talk to her, touch her….

A knock came on the door, jolting me off my thought. “Come in” I muttered, returning to the work I was doing before getting distracted. The door slowly opened as Tessa came in.

“Good morning sir” she greeted. “Morning are you” I asked, not sparing her a glance. But with my side eye, I felt she was trying to make me look at her. Did she dress this well to please me again…hmm .women

“Erm.. I’m fine sir” she giggled. “Uhnn, someone is actually here to see you sir…” This time around, I looked up to her face. “Who?”

“He claimed to be Mr. Robins” “Oh…let him in” I ordered. She bow and left. Phew, at last, perhaps he has what I asked of. Mr. Robins is actually the private investigator I hired to check out Babe’s background.

“Good morning sir” he greeted on entering into the office. I let out a brief smile. “You are welcome Mr. robins, please have a seat” I requested, just after we exchanged handshakes.

“Thank you sir…so let’s get into business” he noted, brining out a file, he handed it over to me, as I skimmed through.

“I only found out few details about her, and erm the jobs she did back at the states. That’s her record; she’s a lady of 22years, fatherless, but has a mother and sister.”

I sighed dropping the file. “I know about all these, I need more details, vital details about her” I noted. He nodded

“If only you will allow me finish sir. According to my research, she once worked as a waitress in a certain five star restaurant at L.A, after dropping out from the university in her second year at age 20, perhaps for financial reasons..I can’t really say ” he added. Hmm, I muttered, relaxing into the swivel. I was expecting him to tell me about her relationship status, but perhaps I have to ask him first.

“Has she ever had a boyfriend?” I asked. He furrowed his brow.

“She doesn’t seem like a social person, but a little information showed that she once dated the son of a popular politician/business tycoon in the states, a billionaire who runs the Harry Cosmetics Company as the CEO, known as Harry Pierce.

This information might not really be true, due to the fact that there ain’t much confirmation about it, only rumours that he dated a poor waitress. But the rumour only lasted for a few days on social media, there ain’t much photo of them together, except the ones taken by his fans.” He explained. This name sound familiar, but I think making a research on him myself would do.

“Well, thanks for this information sir, I will get back to you when I need to know more..” I stood up to give a handshake which he received.
“No problem Sir, you are welcome” he replied, walking out of the office afterwards. Phew, now who is Harry Pierce.
Harry’s POV
I walked hastenly into my office, followed by my secretary. “Sir…sir” she called out, annoying me which such annoying calls “what” I snapped, facing her, she froze on the spot, perhaps not expecting me to react that way.

But damn, I’m quite pissed right now. The fact that Babe works as nothing but a nanny to Luciano Pavarotti’s daughter, and still be the face of his company’s product, also his date during the party, is not giving me a straight forward answer.

I have paid private investigators to check out who she really is to him, but all keep giving the same answer; his daughter’s nanny. They didn’t even notice the fact that she had acted in place of a model by becoming the face of a product. She looked so different and more beautiful in those pictures taken. He wouldn’t have beaten me to pulp it she were to be his mere worker.

“Go on..speak or leave” I snapped at the stunned looking b***h. She cleared her throat.

“Erm..sir you have a message from the CEO of Green Lotion company, Mr. Luciano Pavarotti, asking you to meet up with him at a certain address, to discuss the contract you stated.

My heart beat increased on hearing that. Doesn’t this man know me as the person he almost killed at the restroom. I don’t know if am to be happy or angry, this is really complicated. His company was my target, it would have help blossom mine if we had partnered, but he also have my flower with him, bringing in complications.

I know he wouldn’t accept my proposal anymore after what went wrong the first time we met, but still, I can’t lose two things to him..might not get the partnership, but I must get my woman.


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